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WARNING: This chapter is kind of gory so it you're one of those people who have weak stomachs, pull a trashcan next to you so you don't puke all over the floor. Lol that sounded gross.

Jim was sitting on his bed with the door locked. He covered his ears with his hands as he squinted his eyes shut. He didn't want to listen anymore. He didn't want to be part of this family anymore. At least not while he was here.

"You can never do anything right, you stupid bitch!"

He could hear his father's voice no matter how hard he tried to tune it out.

"Please don't!" his mother begged.

But of course, he didn't. He went and smacked her anyway. You could hear the echo and they were downstairs.

Please stop, Jim begged. Please stop hitting my mom.

Another shriek came from downstairs.

Jim opened his eyes and breathed heavily. He wasn't going to sit back and watch his mother get abused. He had to stand up and stand up to him. It was the only way he would stop.

He ran downstairs and realized he was too late. It had already happened. His mother was on the floor motionless. He actually crossed the line. He killed her.

Jim was frozen. He stared wide-eyed at the corpse. He wanted to run and cry and scream; anything to get away from this scene. But he also wanted to kick his father's ass. But his body chose not to cooperate with him.

The Australian let out a gust of air. He had been holding his breath. "What have you done?" he whispered.

"I killed her," he said.

"Why?!" he screamed. Now his body was able to move.

"Are you getting smart with me?"

"Why did you kill my mother?!" He didn't care that he was putting himself into danger. He wanted answers and he wanted them now.

"I can kill you too if you'd like," his father growled.

"Try me you sick bastard."

Suddenly, his father looked like a monster. He charged toward his son and caught him by the arm.

Jim gasped. He was sure his life was about to end. He just wished it would be quick an easy.

His father pulled out a pocket knife and jabbed it into his right eye.

"AAAAAH!!" the boy groaned in pain. He stretched his arm and felt a piece of furniture that felt like wood. It was the desk. He opened the drawer and pulled out the gun.

His mother got it when she found out that her unlovable husband wouldn't stop abusing her. She kept it in that same place for almost three years but it was never used.

Jim pulled it out, his left hand covering his eye socket.

The man just laughed. "You don't have the balls to shoot me."

"Yes I do," the Australian hissed.

"Prove it."

He pulled the trigger three times. Three!

Jim watched in horror as his father fell to his knees and coughed up blood. Then he fell on his stomach. He wasn't breathing anymore.

The gun slipped through Jim's hands and fell to the floor with a clang.

A voice inside Jim's head told him that he needed to do something. But what?

The voices just got louder.

What are you trying to tell me?! Jim thought angrily.

And three seconds before the cops busted through the door, he realized what they were saying.


Jim sprinted up the steps and into his room and locked the door again.

He finally pulled his hand away from his eye. It dripped blood down his cheek and then falling to the floor.

Clamping his hand over his mouth, he pulled his trashcan over to him and started to puke. It came out so fast, he barely had time to breathe. When he could handle himself, he stood up and looked at it again.

He shuddered. He needed something to be there to replace his eye. He couldn't stand to look at it that way or else he'd be sick again.

Then he noticed his mother's necklace. It had a big red diamond on it. Just about the size of his eye. He snatched the stone off of the necklace and put it in his eye. It would have to take some time to get used to it being there but other than that, it was perfect.

And so no one could laugh at him, he grabbed some cloth and wrapped it around his head, covering his bad eye.

He could hear the cops' feet trampling around the stairs so he put his jacket on and jumped out his window. Thankfully, he landed safely on his feet.

He ran as far away from home as possible, not once looking back.

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