Sam asks Dean to make a run to the nearest Blockbuster; Dean knows perfectly well it's to get him out of the way for a bit while Sam raids Bobby's library again, but they're pretty much stuck at Bobby's till Sam's shoulder heals and therefore the library raids will happen regardless, and anyway Dean's bored, so it's not a problem. Dean scoffs when he passes the Star Wars Special Edition DVD and spends a cheerful ten minutes arguing with a nearby customer over same (in conclusion, Han shot first; anybody who thinks otherwise was apparently watching the shortest movie trilogy in history instead of the movies Dean saw), then stops next to the movies with titles beginning in P. "It's not a lot of money in revenge" and "never get involved in a land war in Asia; never go up against a [Winchester] when [the life of another Winchester] is on the line" and "I want my father back, you son of a bitch": Dean grins bright and broad (it's only been six weeks; yeah, he's got other things to worry about, but he's entitled to still be riding that high) and grabs the box off the shelf.