The Three Tasks

It was a small town that the girl was passing through that day, the population scarcely above a few thousand. Cars, though few, puttered down the streets with rich men inside, paying the young child no mind. Most people were more intereted in parties these days; secret gatherings where alcohol, illegal or not would be consumed and jazz would be played.

The year was 1927. The girl, her clothes a simple kneehigh dress and jacket, weaved her way through crowds of chatting old women, gossiping teens, and rough men, giving not a single glance to any about her.

One of the buildings she passed had posters for lost and missing things. Posters for the white dog that ran away, for the purse that had been stolen and would likely not be returned. There was one that a young couple was looking at, covering their mouths as they spoke to each other.

"That poor boy, running away at such a young age, his parents must be worried stiff," cried the woman, her gloved hands covering reaching for her husbands. "What kind of child would do such a thing??"

The man shook his head, arms around the woman's waist. "I think this is all baloney, thats what! A kid runs away like that, I tell yah, there's somethin' wrong with the kid's folks!"

And the pair continued to talk about the missing boy with 'longer than usual' brown hair and grey eyes, the girl ahead continued to walk, ignoring them completely with a somewhat blank expression on her face.

Continuing to walk, she passed another group of people, these ones aged and holding books that had come in from Britain (or so she heard.) "Can you believe it Miriam...? I managed to get this book, I did. I bet you that there aren't many who can say they have the final collection of Holmes cases hmm?"

One of the other old women in the group merely tittered and frowned. "Honestly Ethel, I can't see how you can stand those tales... The man is horribly vain from what I read."

"But he's smart... And I tell you this, in a few years, this book will be worth as much as a small treasure it will! Did I tell you about the latest case? 'The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place', it's very chilling, but has such a nice ending, let me tell you..."

While the others in the group merely groaned and allowed the woman to continue, the girl passing them hazarded a glance at the book, before going on her way once more. Her pace was slow and controled, extremely controled for a girl of her age, brown hair scarcely moving from her back as she walked, her grey eyes turning to the roads in front of her again. Hands at her sides, she eventually turned down a backstreet road, heading for the edges of the town she was in.

It was not until later that, on the outskirts of town, in the wooded area where no one stood, she sighed, before taking a seat against the tree and staring at the sky. For a girl, she looked awfully unisexual. The expression, though similar to a typical girl, seemed more like it belonged on a boy's, or even a man's face. Her hands seemed slightly calused, clearly used to activity that young girls simply did not do. Still staring at the sky, the girl sat there for a fairly long time before speaking.

"Doyle... You could never remember a case properly, now could you...." The wind seemed to blow around her, as though to answer before she chuckled. "Then again, I suppose if they knew she was murdered by someone outside the family, it would cause a bit of a ruckus now wouldn't it. Fiction is fiction after all..." The girl sighed again, before standing up to leave the wood, wiping the dirt off her dress and dusting her hands off. "If it weren't, there would never be non-fiction..."


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