Mikan bit her lip looking at the newspaper circling every 'Help Wanted' job in any section that she could find. Yes, she needed a job THAT badly. Her apartment rent was WAY past due and on the income she was receiving currently, she could only eat a meal a day, now if that didn't kill her sooner than later, she'd think she's immortal.

She groaned as she flipped to the last page circling another few until one caught her eye.

-Crimson Days Hotel-
-Help Wanted-

-Personal Maid/Room Service(depending)-

-200$ an hour, free board/rooming included.-
-Please set an interview- (Random #)

Mikan's eyes bulged. She just got her big break! She quickly picked up her phone a dialed. A minute later she was met with a dull and tired voice. "Hello~" it exaggerated. Mikan shivered. Cross that, dull and ghostly. She hoped it wasn't a real ghost. To many bad memories of her old house, which had an intelligent type haunting. That was the reason she moved to this small apartment.

"Ah, yes, I'd like to set an interview for the…" She looked quickly to the paper "Room Service/Maid position." she said not really wanting to say Personal Maid. She knew what happened often to maids, especially if they were in the French Maid uniform. Bad things REALLY BAD things.

"Uhuh. Yea, you and the rest of the female population." the guy said really not liking the fact, where as Mikan was confused and caught off guard by this. The rest? Like...as in...every other girl?

"What do you mean the rest of the female population? Why do so many want a job like this? Personally, yea, it pays high but…it's really a last ditch effort." Mikan never really liked the idea of people bossing her around, and in reality to her, she only wants this job because it pays high, and she means HIGH

"I mean what I said, and it's only because of the person who you'll be working for, you know, Natsume Hyuuga?" he said the name like he was readying for an atomic bomb to go off.

Mikan blinked questioningly. "Who?" she asked out loud. The sound of a chair falling over and a body hitting the ground along with the rest of the phone was heard over the other line. "Oh my God! Are you okay?"

"Are you daft woman!? You know, Natsume Hyuuga!? The God with the Bod!?" The guy practically yelled as Mikan was still wondering who, and what the big deal was over him.

"I'm…sorry, but I still have no clue what you're talking about." she said honestly. It seemed as though he sensed this because no more noise was heard over the line. "Hello?" Mikan asked wondering if he hung up on her or something.

"You're interview is at One, don't be late." he said before it got quiet again, Mikan looked up to her clock. Her eyes widened. NO! Not enough time! It was twelve forty-five!

"WHAT!? I only have fifteen Minutes to get there! I won't make it! Plus it's SNOWING!" she yelled fretfully as she looked out the window as he gave her a simple airy chuckle. Maybe he WANTED her to not make it. After all he DID have THE REST of the female population to interview.

"Then I suggest you stop wasting time and move fast. Which means stop talking and hang up right now." he said as he hung up the phone himself. Mikan looked at the phone in shock as she then realized…

"Shit!" she yelled before running out of her room grabbing her coat to the outside where she kept her bike chained. She had to ride her fuckin' bike down to the Crimson Days Hotel IN SNOW. Mikan had started hating snow from there on out.


The guy from the other line smirked and leaned back, his hands behind his head. He wondered what his brother-in-law was going to think about this one. He chuckled. Man, if he got a kick out of her like he did, they were going to be perfect for each other.

"Yoichi!" yelled a female voice from the other side of the door in which he sat. The said man turned around in his swivel chair. Yoichi Hijiri. Aged twenty-one.

"Come in Aoi." he said as the door opened and in popped a cheerful Aoi Hyuuga. Or rather…Aoi Hijiri. Also twenty-one years old. Yoichi smiled at his wife as he stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist despite the large bump she called her stomach. Her kissed her head and she giggled before letting out a surprised noise, bring her hand to her stomach.

"He kicked again?" Yoichi asked as he also placed a hand on her 8-9 month pregnant belly. Aoi's smile grew wider nodding, she was due any day now, and she hopped it wouldn't interfere with Yoichi's plans.

"How's the help wanted thing going? Have you had a chance to take a break from the influx of calls?" Yoichi shook his head as the phone(s) rang in the background. That in itself kinda gave it away that he did not have a chance to take a break.

"Too many wanting the job because of your brother." Aoi sighed, as he mood went to disappointed. She wished there was someone… "But," he said cupping her chin making her look up at him. "There was this one girl who I just got off the phone with, she was…interesting."

Aoi looked up at him wanting more details. Yoichi bet he knew what she wanted to hear. "I think she'll spark Natsume's interest too. Although her perkiness may get to him a bit, he doesn't exactly like to play around, so basically, I'm taking a chance."

Aoi kept looking at him "You'd think you were trying to get Natsume a wife instead of a maid for the hotel."

Yoichi shrugged kissing the top of her head again. "It's be a two for one deal." he said walking them both out of the room. "Then maybe little Shiro would have a playmate later. He smiled thinking of his unborn child and another small kid which he wanted to be Natsumes' playing with one another.


Natsume rubbed his temples as another applicant for the job left. You'd swear they were whores that were looking for a different type of room service, "I give up!" he finally yelled aloud throwing applications practically out the window. It hasn't even been a day after he out the ad in the paper and he was already giving up.

He got up abruptly just as Yoichi and Aoi walked into the room apparently hearing him. "Quit your temper tantrum Natsume! You're twenty-eight for gods sakes!" his sister bravely stood up to him…either that or it was the mood swings again.

Natsume glared at her stuffing his hands in his pockets and looked at the door like he was ready to bolt any second. "If that's all for today Yoichi, then I'm leaving." he said not taking his eyes of the door while trying to walk out.

"Ah, actually Natsume, You have a one o'clock appointment too." Yoichi pointed out though this didn't stop Natsume. Natsume just kept walking. He didn't want anything to with any more woman that THINK they are fit for the job. In reality they just wanted to wear a slutty maid outfit and play maid and master. Natsume in reality had no problem with that, but there was a big even coming up that make or break him and he needed the Crimson Days Hotel to be SPOTLESS. Meaning: another maid.

"Well where's the whore so I can tell her to leave and come back tomorrow…you know what, I'm just gonna take the next one home I need to calm my nerves some how." he glowered taking his leather jacket off the coat-rack throwing on over himself.

"Natsume, I don't think that would be a very good Ide-" a crash from outside was heard as they looked to each other and walked to the door that led to the outside in the lobby. "Ah?" Youichi finished as he looked at the girl that collided with a street lamp and lay under a heap of metal that used to be a bike.

"Iieya." She groaned as Yoichi held out his hand, which she gratefully took, and helped her out from under the bike. "Ah, thanks." she said smiling at him letting go of his hand. Yoichi picked up the bike also…er what WAS a bike, it kinda sorta fell apart in his grasp.

Yoichi kicked the parts to the side hoping she wouldn't notice, "Are you okay miss?" he asked. As he looked at her as if surveying her. She wore plain blue jeans and a short blue jean jacket in which she must have been freezing in. He noted that she hand a couple band aids here and there on her hands. He could tell right now, she, was a clutz.

She nodded "I've been through worst." she admitted looking at her…er what was her bike. She sighed rubbing the back of her neck. "Though I think my bike kinda ah... bit the dust." Yoichi nodded before realization struck him, her voice, it was from the person over the phone.

"Are you our one o'clock?" Yoichi asked hopefully as she blinked her eyes widened in realization. You could tell her thoughts from the look on her face. 'Oh shit.'

"Ah oh no, am I late? I'm sorry." she said bowing quickly. "But it was as I said I'd never make it in fifteen minutes…and now I have no way of getting home." she said whispering the last part. She sighed looking at the three figures around her.

"Ah, I don't believe I introduced myself did I? Hehe. I'm Mikan, Mikan Sakura." she extended her hand to Yoichi, who was in front of her, as he also introduced himself nodding his head.

"I'm Yoichi Hijiri and this is my wonderful wife, Aoi Hijiri." she said stepping over to Aoi's side wrapping his arm around what used to be her petite waist. Mikan looked at her and smiled. Yes, she noticed the HUGE thing on her stomach, she wasn't that much of a dunce... anymore at least.

"Nice to meet you Mikan-chan." Aoi said giving her a bright smile as Mikan gave one back. "You too Aoi-chan."

"And that over there is... hey Natsume! Don't go yet!!" Yoichi yelled as he finally looked over to his brother-in-law getting in his Lexus LS460. "You're supposed to be interviewing her! Not leaving her on the street, in the cold, with no bike." he said the last three word giltily like he had a part in braking her bike.

"I don't like her already, she too friendly. Damn it, I need someone who'll actually work! No socialize with everyone she comes across without even knowing them first." Natsume said hanging onto his door, not quite leaving but as if he was waiting for what she would say.

Mikan scrutinized "Well if he truly fells that way I don't think I want a boss who's a controlling jerk and thinks that everyone is just trash by looking at them." Mikan said looking at him directly in the eyes, neither flinched, blinked, or even moved as their eyes connected.

Natsume's crimson red clashed against Mikan's greenish-brown in an inward battle of wills. Finally after what seemed like an hour Natsume huffed, but he was smirking as he did as if keeping in a snicker. Natsume closed his car door and looked over at Mikan only a couple yards away from were he stood.

"Fine, you win, but I'm not discussing this out here in the snow." Natsume's smirk didn't last long, but Mikan's smile came back as they both went inside the Hotel.

Yoichi watched them and sighed and looked over at his wife. "Come on we should get home before it starts storming." he said as hooked his arm over her back leading her away to their car to go home.

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