-Mikan's P.O.V-

My's eyes widened before I relaxed into the kiss. It felt so good. So, right. I felt her arms and legs being moved, but this didn't strike me as weird until the kiss ended. I lay there panting, the kiss was so intense and I loved every minute of it. I tried to get up, but found my wrists and ankles tied to the bed. my eyes widened. So this is what was happening when he kissed me. Holy crap. "L-let me go." I said stuttering almost panicking, what was he going to do?

Natsume shook his head "Not until you forget." He said as he ran his hands over my body, I groaned. His hand pulled down my tight uniform collar, exposing my breasts to him. I blushed and looked away. He grabbed my head "Watch me do this to you, If you don't you'll be punished after." I whimpered in response. He took a perk nipple in his mouth and lightly bit and sucked on it. Meanwhile his hands were pulling off the bottom half of my uniform, he threw them and they disappeared from my sight. It wasn't long until his disappeared also.

I found myself panting, it was getting really hot in the room, but felt a little panicked as he spread my legs for him, welcoming him to enter. I tried to struggle but instead of his cock he slipped a finger into my wet pussy. He rubbed my clit with his thumb. First it was just one finger but then he added another, and another. I almost screamed in pleasure, I felt something building up inside my tummy, ready to explode at any moment but just before that he pulled his hand away.

"Can't allow you to cum yet, you need to be punished." With that said, he quickly thrust into me, his back arched and I gasped, my voice was stuck unable to make a noise. He slowly pulled out and thrust back in it quickly went away and I found my voice.

"Oh god!" I yelled as he started to pound inside me. I screamed more, and this seemed to make him go harder than before. I couldn't take it anymore, the coiling feeling inside me returned, I closed my eyes moaning loudly as I felt it. I arched her back towards him as pleasure overtook my body. The more he thrust the longer the feeling seemed to last.

He seemed to pick up the pace a bit. and he grunted as he thrust in for the last time, emptying his seed into me. He collapsed over my body. His arms holding himself up from crushing my body.

Natsume and I layed there for a moment catching our breath, he leaned over and kissed me again. I was too dazed to move, my body felt the weakest it's ever been before. He slowly got up form my body and looked at me.

He seemed to smirk at my reactions. "You looked away." He said looking at me I groaned "Please no, I don't think I can take iiit. I'll do anything." I begged. Apparently begging him wasn't enough. Although he did seem to think about it. "For now I won't but meanwhile..." He untied my arms and legs before flipping me onto my tummy. I kneeled in front of him, I noticed his cock was right near my lips.

"Maybe I won't do it again if you're good enough. You know what to do." I looked at him shocked. Then I sighed, knowing I wasn't going to get away from it this time. I took his cock in my hand rubbing it. It didn't take long before it was fully erect again. "Suck it." He commanded. So I did. I slowly slid it in my mouth and it was only three-fourths in before I started gagging.

"All the way." He said as I looked at him begging him with my eyes not to. He just grabbed my hair and started thrusting into my mouth. Each time I gagged, sometimes harder than the last. I almost couldn't breath before he pulled out and let me catch my breath. It was only for a few seconds before he thrust back in my mouth again. As it continued I found that I seemed to like it. I started sucking and licking it all around. I was rewarded with a groan from him.

It seemed to swell a little more in my mouth as I continued, tasting his pre-cum. It was a bit salty. Then suddenly he pulled out and found myself being flipped around onto my hands and knees facing away from him. I looked back at him just as he thrust back into me. I moaned loud. His thrusts were hard and wild. I fucking loved it.

I couldn't restrain myself as I yelled "More, please more! It feels soo good." I was shocked at myself but didn't regret saying that because that's just what he did. It almost felt like he was going to tear me open at any minute, but it felt sooo good. I started panting running out of breath. The coiling once again returned to my tummy. Then he pulled out.

I almost screamed my displeasure. "Let's change this up a bit he said as he layed down and forced me on top of him back onto his cock. I groaned loud as I rode him, thrusting my hip as he did the same. It was going so deep, it felt amazing. I still felt like I was about to cum but when he reached down between us and pinched my clit lightly, I screamed and came hard throwing my head moaning.

He smirked as me continued to make me ride him, soon I felt him once again cum inside me. I collapsed on top of him. He didn't seem to mind. We were both breathing hard as he ran his hands over my sweaty body. "I don't think we've done enough. You didn't forget did you?" He said looking at me.

I looked back at him nervously "N-n-no I forgot. I have no idea what you're talking about." The picture... I whispered in my mind. "I don't believe you." Crap, I don't think my body can take any more of this. I saw him reach into a nightstand and pulled out...lubricant. Oh my god what the fucking hell was he going to do with that.

"Bend over." He commanded. "Oh hell no." I said getting up quickly but ended up falling on the floor, too weak to stand. "Oh yes you are." He said as he grabbed my arms and tied them to the head board once again. I felt him grab my ass as he slowly rubbed some on it and looked back seeing him put it on his dick. Oh shit... I should have forgot... I should've forgot...damn ittt

Then I felt the tip of his head go against my tiny asshole. He was already hard again, how can he keep doing that? I closed my eyes and braced myself as he slowly pushed in. I bit my lip hard as my ass felt like it was on fire, I held back a few painful tears as he managed to fully go in and when he did I sighed in relief. But now came the worsts parts, he slowly pulled out then pushed back in, it hurt for a while but then it started to feel really good. Too good.

I moaned loud as he slowly fucked my ass. As he did he reached around and pinched my nipple. I moaned louder tilting my head back. He thrust harder and faster when he knew he wasn't hurting me. Then for some reason, the coiling in my tummy was there. I didn't think it would feel this good. As he fucked my he undid the rope from my wrists enough for me to relax and have enough room for him to reach around and rub my clit. I I gasped and moaned really loud as I felt ready to explode.

It wasn't long until I did, I collapsed on the bed, my ass still up as he trust in a couple more times before cumming. He pulled out and fell besides me, pulling the blanket over both of us then I passed out.

Wow It's almost been a year since I updated this story, Holy crap! Sorry to all my fans out there. After this story is finished, I will be retiring from FF. Possibly forever. I hate to say it, and it's something I thought I would never say, my heart's just not into Fanfic's no more. It's weird. I remember 4 years ago I was writing and writing a LOT. From MDNGHTRS, HellsBlackButterfly and Silentgurl4Eva to KuroYuukiTenshi.