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This is the "M" version of Part 22. It's the same as the previous chapter, just with a little more description. Enjoy!

Part 22

Booth's mouth hungrily devoured her own, taking the opportunity to stroke her tongue with his as her lips parted in response. He suckled on her lower lip briefly before paying equal attention to her upper lip, sending a wave of desire coursing through her body, making her knees weaken. He pressed into her further against the counter, helping to inadvertently hold her up as his hips connected with hers more intimately than they had ever interacted before. His mind was equally hazed and alert, buzzing with the sensations flowing through him as he gave in to all of the feelings that he'd harboured for her all these years.

Brennan too was equally mesmerized; the sensation of Booth ravaging her mouth, then moving eagerly down her neck to her collarbone as he pushed aside the fabric of her shirt to get better access invoked a plethora of feelings and surprising emotions. She was used to giving in to her primal urges when with a man, but what she was experiencing now was so much more. Her skin was sensitized to his every touch, but her heart was hammering in a way it never had with any other.

Booth moved his hands back down to her waist, grazing his fingers against her soft skin under her shirt. Brennan couldn't wait to feel more of his hands on her, so she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head in one swift move, revealing her creamy skin and lacy soft pink demi-cup bra.

Her move surprised Booth. He was stymied for a moment, gazing dazedly at her lovely skin and even lovelier breasts. He had had many a fantasy about seeing her like this. Her skin seemed to almost glow in the low lights of the apartment, and now having her in front of him like this, he wondered again how he had ever been able to resist touching her before.

"Woah, Bones, I thought we were going to ease into this…I want to enjoy every second of it."

He stroked his fingers gently down her arm as he continued to appreciate her revealed torso.

"What?" she smiled coyly as she started to pull his tucked shirt out. "I'm eager to continue so I thought I'd facilitate the process by removing my shirt so you could have better access."

He stilled her hands from their actions, then kissed her jawline tenderly before caressing her face.

"We're making love Bones, not having a quick romp in the sack."

She smiled ruefully in that adorably disarming way that got him every time.

"I'm impatient to feel your hands on me Booth. We've waited a long time for this. Going gently is taking too long."

He nearly laughed at the pout on her face, but he managed to retain his composure though grinning from ear to ear. He ran his arms down the sides of her arms as he caressed her waist once more.

"That's kind of the point, Bones."

They were nose to nose as Brennan leaned in just a hair closer, completely filling his personal space as she teased him with one more taunt.

"Didn't I tell you once that I usually go for passionate and uninhibited rather than gentle?"

For emphasis, she looked up at him through her eyelashes and nipped at his lower lip.

In a split second, Booth pushed forward and simultaneously lifted Brennan up over his shoulder in a fireman hold. He started to stride purposefully toward the corridor to her bedroom.

A triumphant smirk spread across his face as she struggled against him from behind.

"Booth! Put me down!"

"Oh, I thought we were doing passionate and uninhibited, Bones. This is how real men do passionate and uninhibited!"

He couldn't keep the mirth from his voice as he made his announcement.

When he got to her bedroom he made a move to dump her unceremoniously on the bed, but at her yelp of protest he yielded and let her down properly in front of him instead.

Brennan leaned into him, tugged on his tie, and whispered huskily, "You'll pay for that."

Booth kissed her hard, letting his well-trained mouth take advantage of her open one, then pulled back briefly to remark, "I'm counting on it."

Her eyes twinkled at his remark as she ran her fingers along the edges of his silk tie. She had a thing for his ties. This one was black with a dark red geometric pattern forming a triangle pointing downwards to his equally provocative "cocky" belt buckle. How many times had she fantasized about removing it slowly and revealing what lay below it? She had no doubts he lived up to his claim.

As she moved her hands up to loosen his tie, Booth's pupils visibly dilated. So, it affects him too, does it? She might have known…after all, this would be the third time she'd either played with or removed his tie in the last year. He had a similar response every time, she just had denied the implications before.

"Have I ever told you how much I like your ties, Booth?" Brennan whispered huskily as she gently tugged to loosen his tie. She let the fabric glide smoothly under his lapel as she pulled it off.

Booth forced himself to keep still as she removed the tie, then slowly worked to unbutton his shirt. As she unfastened the last button, she remarked coyly, "They're very Boothy, just like this," as she tapped his belt buckle, sending a thrill right to his groin.

Booth groaned at the contact of her fingers at his waist. Unable to stand still any longer, he grabbed her by the hips and yanked her closer to him, capturing her lips with his as he sought out the zipper of her skirt.

The zipper gave way easily, her skirt sliding smoothly down her legs, falling to a black pool on the floor. He brushed his hands down over her hips, a thrill running through him at the sensation of her matching pink lace panties passing under his fingertips. Unable to resist, he pulled away to look at her, holding her in place by the waist as he openly scanned her from head to foot.

She literally took his breath away.

"You're beautiful, Bones," Booth voiced gruffly, suddenly caught up in the magic of having his dreams come into reality. "Better than I ever imagined…"

His intense scrutiny of her body caused her to flush in both excitement and sudden nervousness. He had never seen her this way, so exposed. She was glad she at least lived up to his expectations.

"Really?" she asked tentatively, needing affirmation that he really felt that way.

Sensing her vulnerability, he looked straight into her sparkling blue eyes, then lifted her wholly by the waist and laid her back on the bed as he pressed himself into her, leaving no doubt about how his body was reacting to her. He never broke eye contact.

"Really…" he replied, just before he kissed her deeply once more, his tongue plunging into her mouth, dancing with hers in a passionate kiss that left them both breathless.

Booth broke away from her mouth, placing tender, wet kisses along her neck and collarbone as his fingers began to gently caress the skin on the underside of her breasts, making her shiver and gasp at the touch.

"What's this bone called again?" he asked as he swirled his tongue in the divot along her shoulder.

Brennan closed her eyes at the sensation. All of the hairs on her body were standing on end, her skin practically humming under his touch.

"The clavicle…" she whispered, unconsciously arching her body closer too him in response to his ministrations.

"I love your clavicles," he smiled wickedly as he nipped the skin across her collarbone playfully in response.

He turned his attention next to her lustrous skin below as he slowly kissed his way down to her lace-covered breasts. Her arching back had allowed him to slip one hand underneath her, allowing him to push her up towards him with one hand as he gently passed his thumb over her breast with the other.

Brennan audibly gasped as his fingers made contact with her nipple, her heightened senses bringing her to a new high in anticipation of his next touch.

She had been right…his hands were masterful at evoking a response in her…

Booth carefully unclasped her bra with the hand that was behind her, then carefully pulled the fabric away to fully reveal her ample breasts to him. Suddenly overcome at how precious this moment was, he too gasped as she was unveiled to him. He took a moment to appreciate the view, before reverently placing a gentle kiss on her chest. He brought his head down to nuzzle the sensitive skin along the side of her breast with his nose, continuing a soft trail with his lips until he came to one peak, then carefully took a taste of her skin as his tongue passed delightfully over one nipple.

Brennan cried out in pleasure, unconsciously twisting under him as he focused his attention completely on her soft and supple chest. The sensation was astounding. She instinctively moved her hands to caress his ribs, trailing her fingers down to his waistband, where it brushed against his belt and ever-present cocky belt-buckle. She grasped it and tugged, trying to get it loose, but it wouldn't yield.

Her tug on his belt caused Booth to unanchor his mouth from where he was suckling at her breast. Amused by her aggressiveness, he reached down to grab one of her hands away, but he underestimated her strength as she took advantage of his unbalanced position and flipped him onto his back, as she landed with her straddling him.

He stared up at her in surprise as she smiled triumphantly from her perch on top of him.

She leaned into him to whisper, "these pants have got to go," before she grasped his belt-buckle and tugged to unlatch it. He lifted his hips slightly to allow her to slide the belt off his pants, then helped her as she expertly undid his fly and together they slid his dress pants off, leaving him only in his boxers.

Brennan leaned forward and kissed his chest, starting at his waist and gradually moving up his torso, luxuriating in the sensation of his smooth skin under her mouth. Lost completely in the sensation, Booth closed his eyes and revelled in the sensation of her soft lips placing feather-light kisses against his skin. As she made her way up his neck, she thrilled at the 5 o'clock shadow that grazed against her skin along his jawline. She met his lips, and once more they kissed deeply, as Booth grasped her face with both of his hands, tangling his fingers into her silky soft hair.

He pressed one of his hands against her back as he hooked his leg around hers to flip them so he was once again on top. Quickly disposing of their remaining clothing, their hands roamed freely as they explored each others bodies, both gasping and moaning at each new thrilling sensation.

Just as their bodies were about to join, their eyes met in a piercing gaze, all emotions pouring out from within. Brennan nodded slightly, and it was all the confirmation Booth needed as he moved forward to finally bring their bodies together.

All of the passion and emotion they had suppressed over the past five years coursed through them as they moved together in unison, climbing higher and higher into an ecstasy that neither had ever experienced with another.

This was the ultimate dance – the dance of lovers, a dance that joined two complementary individuals as one entity, forever linked.

Slowly, they came back to earth, him holding her as she rested her head against his shoulder, her body draped over his possessively, both physically and emotionally spent.

As they drifted off to sleep, Brennan murmured softly, "Is it odd that I don't want to let you go?"

Booth stroked her skin as he replied, "I plan on never letting you go. That's what love feels like Bones."

She replied "I love the way love feels."

"Me too," he replied as he grasped her closer and kissed her hair.


"Yeah Bones…" he replied sleepily.

"I have to say, I stand corrected. You're definitely not a prude." She smiled against his skin. "I look forward to dancing that dance with you again."

He smirked happily as they drifted off into a restful slumber, the first of many to come.


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