Lindsey woke up the next morning yawning. She automatically headed for her coffee pot, swearing up and down that she would never go out drinking with Candace again. The little black-haired woman had dragged the entire team out to a bar where they had all gotten wasted.

By the end of the night, Walter kept repeating that his son had called him a Power Ranger, Alex was trying to bum a free drink off of the girls next to their table, Tyler was singing kereoke and Candace and Lindsey were laughing hysterically at some joke neither could remember.

Stepping into her living room, Lindsey stopped dead. Candace and Tyler were fast asleep, trying to kick one another off the couch. Lindsey continued toward the kitchen, trying to be quiet. She accidentally stepped on a squeaky floorboard and froze. Tyler let out a snort and Candace shifted so that she was splayed across his chest.

Breathing a sigh of relief that the two youngest members of the team were still asleep, Lindsey stepped into her kitchen - and over Walter, who was asleep on the kitchen floor. He was cuddling with a pot holder and had his legs resting on a chair. Her coffee forgotten. Lindsey set out on a frantic search for Alex. After all, if the rest of them were here, Alex was too.

She tore apart the downstairs before heading up. She finally found him, snoring loud enough to bring the house down, in her guest bedroom. The door creaked when she went to close it and Alex woke up.

"Where 'm I?" He muttered, reaching up to rub his eyes.

"My house, Alex, we all ended up here after going to the bar last night, remember?" Lindsey asked.

"Kinda." He admitted. "Coffee?"

"Downstairs." Alex perked up and rolled out of bed. "Quiet," Lindsey warned, and Alex nodded.

There was silence in the house except for Walter's occasional snore and sounds from the living room as Tyler and Candace battled for the couch. Eventually the smell of brewed coffee had Walter wrenching his eyes open.

"Time?" He wondered, accepting a pink mug from Lindsey.

Lindsey glanced at the clock. "Two." She answered, surprised at the time, sliding Alex a mug.

Walter nearly spit out his coffee. "Cassie!" He cried loudly, running outside, fishing for his cell phone.

In the living room, Walter's yell stirred Candace and Tyler. They opened their eyes, saw each other, and, half panicking, checked to make sure they were still clothed. Then, simultaneously, screeched, "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

There were two loud thuds as they both fell off the couch.

"Someday," Alex murmured.

"They'll be together," Lindsey finished. Louder, she said, "Coffee guys?"

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