A/N: Missing scene from "Faith"

"Abby! Conference Room. NOW!" Gibbs barked. "You too, McGee!"

Once they were both seated in the conference room; and squirming. Gibbs entered the room."McGee! wait outside." he barked.

As soon as his agent took a seat outside the room; Gibbs closed the door; making sure it slammed behind him.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" Gibbs barked. "If you need something done that meansbending the rules; you're supposed to come to me!"

"I know, Gibbs!"

"You think the rules don't apply to you? Gibbs was still roaring.

"No. Course not, Gibbs!

Really? You sure have a damn funny way of showin it! Why the hell do you put him in this position over and over again? "

"Because he never says no to me, Gibbs. Well, not without giving in in the end, anyway."

"Yeah, Abby, I know; you take advantage of him. You wanna see him get fired?"


"I repeat; you sure gotta hellova way of showin it!" Gibbs barked.


"Abby; you've left me no choice, this time. Serious lines have been crossed here; serious regs broken . You've asked for consequences" although his fury was diffusing; Gibbs' bark was still not to be trifled with.

"What consequences, Gibbs?" Abby asked with actual fear.

"I'll let you know. Go back to work!" Gibbs ordered. "And this will not happen again!"

"Yes, Gibbs."

As Abby left; Gibbs barked: "McGee; get in here!"

Once his agent had sat down; Gibbs; closed the door hard.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Gibbs roared. "You know better than to pull a stunt like this! You don't lie and make up things to get satellite time because a little boy wants to see his mom for Christmas! I don't give a damn what Abby said to you!

McGee squirmed and didn't even try to apologise; knowing it would just piss Gibbs off worse. He'd known this was coming. Hell, his job was probably down the tubes, too.

"Why the hell do you give in to her manipulations like this? Why don't you tell her to come to me with her rule bending requests?" Gibbs was still roaring; with no sign of calming down.


"You can't even justify it."

"No, Boss. I can't. I am sorry. I know how you feel about them; but, I am sorry. I just get this "backed in a corner suffocating feeling when she asks me for stuff like this; like I'm dirt if I don't deliver." McGee tried to explain; knowing it wasn't even close to good enough.

'McGee! Be dirt!" Gibbs demanded. "This won't happen again!"

"No, Boss. I promise, it won't."

"I know it won't because the next time it does; you won't have a job! Do I need to say any more?" Gibbs demanded.

"No, Boss. I understand." McGee said; now totally miserable. Now, he'd never get Gibbs' trust or respect back.

"Get back to work." GIbbs snapped.

A/N : Will Abby and McGee's friendship survive this? Will Gibbs and McGee's working relationship survive?