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"So, when you say his head has to be supported. Like what does that mean? I mean do I have to hold him all the time, or can I lay him down? When he lays down do I have to hold his head up still? What if I don't? Or what if he starts crying and I have to get something for him? Like a bottle? What do I do about support then? Should I get someone to help me? Or can I call you-" Harry was cut off by Andromeda who laughed a bit melancholy as she put a hand over his overexcited mouth.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, dear. He's such an easy baby to take care of."

"But, he's still a baby! I mean he has a lot of problems right?" There was a slight flash in Andromeda's eyes at Harry's words and he backtracked, "No! I just mean he has problems like dirty diapers and hunger and stuff! I don't know if I know exactly what to do in most of those situations!"

They were standing outside of his new godsons' room, Harry clutching a new bag full of diapers, bottles, formula, and onesies. He had bought a crib and decorated one of the rooms at Grimmuald Place with as much color as he could find. He hoped that his godson would like it. He was currently visiting his new charge, trying to learn everything about living with a baby. Teddy would be staying with him at Grimmuald Place while his grandmother moved out of her house, which was now too big for the widow. She would be taking a room in Harry's house until she could get back on her feet. But until then Harry would be the sole provider for the baby that was on the other side of the door.

"Harry, I know that you know what to do. It's really instinct and we've all seen that your instincts are normally the right ones.
Now, I've left a telephone number for my house if you need me on your kitchen table. I've also added my address and the weasley's in case you need to floo. Oh and underneath is the St. Mungo's hotline and address- just in case."

"In case? Of what? Like an emergency?! If we have one of those do I call you or St. Mungo's??" He was beginning to panic, wishing that she could stay with him to take care of Teddy. Speaking of his little godson he heard the baby begin to stir on the other side of the door. His weak murmurs were slowly growing louder, and Harry knew that he would soon be crying loudly.

"Look. I've got to go! I'll be back by tomorrow but if I'm ever going to move in then I'm going to have to finish packing."

"You're leaving now?" He knew that Andromeda was exhausted but he didn't feel comfortable with Teddy yet.

"Harry I am confident that you can do this! You're just going to have to work at it. I'm not going to be able to hold you or Teddy's hand through this. I know you'll be a great godfather. My Nymphadora trusted you with all her heart, and Remus thought so highly of you- you were like his son." She paused for a moment the grief brimming in her eyes, "Teddy will love you."
She hugged Harry, who wrapped his arms around her small shaking frame. When she pulled back she had a vivid look of determination that was different but the same as her sisters', Bellatrix."

"Now go get him," Harry knew that there was no arguing with her and slowly made his way into his godson's room, knowing that he was crossing a threshold in his life that he would never forget.
He was becoming a father.

The weak cries could be heard from the slightly cracked window from the street outside Number 12 Grimmuald Place. Andromeda hurried out of the house and shut the large black door behind her, knowing that Harry would take good care of her grandson. She walked a few paces into the muggle world, and the house began to disappear behind her. She paused for a moment listening to the sounds of her Teddy crying. Just as she turned to apparate she swore she hear a shriek of laughter emanate from the house, and felt the tears fall from her eyes as the mourning and joy clamored in her heart.

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