"Bye my daughter, I love you." Haruhi Fujioka's father waves to her as she walks up to the Souh Mansion. "Bye dad." She waves and a butler answers the door. "Welcome Miss Fujioka, Milord is this way please." He says as she follows him. "Please dress in the uniform given to you in here before you meet milord."He opens a door and an old maid grabs her. "Pitiful girl getting tangled up here." The maid shakes her head at Haruhi.

She walks out in a French maids dress, with a silver emblem on the apron. "Proceed this way with me." The butler says. He opens a big door and stands to the side to let her enter. "Hello, miss Fujioka." A blonde boy smiles at her. 'Oh wow he's soo hot!' She thinks looking at him. "H-hello." She forces her face to smile. "My, you are very adorable." He stands and walks to her with grace, and she can't help but flush a little. "Look at me." He pulls her chin up causing more heat to rush to her face. "Very good."

He lets go and the door opens. Amazingly beautiful boys walk in. "This here is Kyoya Ohtori he is the third son of his family, he is my right hand." The blond smiles as the black haired boy with a clip board pushes his glasses up. "These two are the Hitachin twins Hikaru and Kaoru." He says to identical twins, both the same height with fiery hair. "Later you can play our game!" They smile at her. "This here is Mitsukuni Haninozuka or as we call him Hunny." He says and an adorable blonde boy holding a pink stuffed bunny smiles adoringly at her. "And this is Bun-bun!" He holds the bunny up for her to see. "And this here is Takashi Morinozuka or Mori." The blonde says to a tall black haired boy who is expressionless but extremely hot doing it. "And finally I am Tamaki Suoh." He says.

"You're father couldn't keep you huh? Well this is now your home Haruhi...but specifically you answer to us alone." Kyoya says. "Now, now mother, don't frighten the girl." Tamaki says to Kyoya. "Sorry Father." He turns back to his clip board. "Ummm..." Haruhi raises a brow. "Tama-chan and Kyo-chan are the mom and dad of the house!" Hunny says cutely. "I see." Haruhi says. "Haruhi we are only the children of our families, we don't live in the same homes as they do." Tamaki smiles at her making her blush. "We live here because we'd get in the way of their profits." The twins say together. "That doesn't seem logical." Haruhi says then covers her mouth. "Watch your tongue Haruhi I won't tolerate you saying things out of order." Tamaki says crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm sorry." Haruhi bows.

"Tamaki we have sessions in a few minutes the maidens will be here." Kyoya says pushing his glasses up. "Alright, Haruhi while we tend to our customers I will ask you serve them for us."Tamaki smiles again making her heart speed up. "Alright Milord." She says bowing. "Hikaru, Kaoru explain as we go to the host room." Tamaki snaps. "SIR!" They salute him. "We run a very good host club here we entertain many beautiful girls such as you. We created this a few years ago, Tamaki is the founder of it so is the president, Kyoya is the vice president. Since your father begged for you to serve us, you will aid us in this as well." They explain taking turns for each sentence. "So I serve the ladies you entertain as well as your wishes?" Haruhi asks. "Yes you do." They say in unison. "Very well I will do my best." Haruhi smiles, making Tamaki flush a little and no one notices.

Haruhi looks in the big beautifully decorated room. "We have our own stations my dear, mine is over there by the window, and Kyoya's is there next to that window, the twins work the station near the pillars, Hunny and Mori work there near the kitchen. You will be inside the kitchen. Inside there is a panel with lights we each have a button to push if we are in need of you, our light will go off and you will come to our station." Tamaki says. "Alright." Haruhi fixes her apron and bonnet, and then grabs a silver tray. "Very good." The twins inspect. "They are the sons of a talented designer." Tamaki says.

Haruhi smiles, and then walks into the enormous kitchen. "Hello you must be Miss Fujioka...well I hear your talents are quite good im Toru Suzushima." The boy says in a chef's outfit. "Pleased to meet you." Haruhi bows. "I'll be making what they want." He goes back to what he was doing. "Those carts of cakes take that one to Hunny." He says. "Wow." Haruhi looks at one of the three shelf carts filled with strawberry cakes. "He may be small but he can eat a lot of those, oh before you say something dumb I'll tell you each of their ages, Hunny and Mori are 18, Tamaki and Kyoya are 17, and the twins are 16." He says. "B-but Hunny looks like a grade schooler!" Haruhi covers her mouth again. "Shh Tamaki would punish you if you were heard speaking out of order, but yes he is." Toru says. "Oops so this entire cart goes to Hunny and Mori's station?" Haruhi asks. "Yes." Toru says busying himself again.

"Here you go Master." Haruhi bows as Hunny sparkles looking at the cakes. "Manners." Mori says. "Oh right thank you!" Hunny grins adoringly at Haruhi. "You're welcome master-um?" She breaks off blushing not knowing what to call him. "Master Hunny!" He smiles softly at her. "Master Hunny." She bows. "And for further name calling reference Master Mori for Mori." Tamaki says. "Thank you master." Haruhi bows to Tamaki. "Sir your guests have arrived." The butler says. "Very good let them in." Tamaki says. Haruhi goes to the kitchen rather fast.

"Ah Milord is having an effect on you?" Toru grins. "W-well..." Haruhi shakes her head then smiles. "No." The light for Kyoya's table blinks. Haruhi walks out with her silver tray. "Oh Kyouya what an adorable creature you have to serve you." One of the girls giggles. "Though my dearest you have a charm like no other." Kyoya says making the girls squeal around him. "What may I get for you milady?" Haruhi smiles. "What a cutie we will just have tea and some strawberry cakes." Another girl answers as the others who are sitting with Kyoya nod. "Yes and for master? "Haruhi asks. "The tea my fair maidens love so much will do." Kyouya says making the girls sigh and blush as Haruhi tries hard not to. "Yes." She bows then leaves as he starts an explanation about the origin of the tea. She returns with what they asked for on her silver tray then floats to Tamaki's station.

"T-Tamaki..." A girl whispers as he takes her face in his hands whispering her beauty. "Oh Tamaki she's adorable!" one of the girls sitting around him says. "Ah yes my new maid, she completes our world my dears. You all are the moon and sun, the two most precious things to the world, us the earth and sky, than she the live beings." The girls sigh at his charm. "Please my Haruhi fetch these princesses some tea." Tamaki says seductively. Haruhi blushes slightly but bows and walks back to the kitchen.

"There we are maladies, enjoy." Haruhi smiles then bows. She heads over to the twins. "That reminds me so much of Kaoru, he got lost while we were out one day." "Hey!" Kaoru frowns at his twin. "I searched for hours for my little brother." "Hikaru I was so scared..." Kaoru tears. "Don't, you look too adorable when you cry." Hikaru holds his brothers face inches from his own. "KYAAAAHHH!!" The girls they are entertaining squeal with delight at the sappy performance. "Hikaru not here people are watching!" Kaoru turns away blushing. "That doesn't matter." Hikaru pulls his chin back to his. Haruhi blushes at the adorable scene.

"Oh it looks as though we have the maid." Hikaru glances over wiping the tears from his brother's eyes. "Huh?" The girls who were blushing and squealing look up at Haruhi who smiles and shifts her tray. "What may I serve you maladies?" She asks. "Awwwwwee! She is the cutest thing!" three girls get up and hug her. "We don't want anything sweetheart." One says to her. "Yes we're perfectly content." Another says to her. "Masters?" Haruhi turns to the twins. "No Hikaru will feed me later." Kaoru says. Haruhi bows then walks to Hunny and Mori's station.

"Awe what a cute maid!" One girl says. "Haru-chan is new here and she's doing great!" Hunny says chomping on the cake. "Oh..." He says tears welling in his eyes as he looks at the empty cart. "There's no more...cake." Hunny whimpers, and takes refuge in Mori's lap which the girls giggle and bubble about. "Shall I fetch another cart master?" Haruhi asks sweetly. Mori nods as Hunny spaces out. "While I'm at that may I please you ladies as well?" Haruhi asks the girls who nod. "Tea and cakes as well." "Alright." She bows then returns with the cart full of cakes and then with a tray of tea.

"Very good Haruhi that was well done." Tamaki says to Haruhi as she tidies up their room. "Oh thank you Master." She smiles. "Kyoya what have you gotten in sales?" Tamaki asks not in curiosity but as a distraction. "We have 400 people wishing to attend the ball." He says pushing up his glasses. "Very good." Tamaki says. "Haru!!" Hunny runs up to her and grins making her blush. "Haru can you tell me a bed time story." He asks. "Of course." Haruhi bows. "Yay!" He climbs up on to Mori's shoulders. "Bun-Bun we get to hear a story!" He says to his bunny. "Anything more to be finished Master Tamaki?" Haruhi asks. "No but before you go to sleep please come up to my room, I wish to speak with you." He says as he walks up the stairs everyone else following.

"My room is this way!" Hunny pulls Haruhi like he's her little son. "Alright Master." She smiles running after him. Mori picks both of them up making Haruhi blush. "Kyoya she seems to be getting along quite well, it seems as though she fits right in to our world." Tamaki says to Kyoya as they watch her giggle with Hunny. "All is well...her father was worried about her, he couldn't afford to keep her." Kyoya says his back to the railing. "Yes he felt terrible to have to sell her to us, even for only the little amount he asked for." Tamaki says leaning his cheek on his hand, as his elbows rest on the railing. "This girl brings promise to profits; I wasn't sure how the customers would react." Kyoya says looking over the railing to catch a glimpse of Hunny pulling Haruhi to his and Mori's room. "Are you sure it was because of profit or does Mother have a heart in that body?" Tamaki looks at Kyoya who looks up at the ceiling in silence. "She will learn to fit in with our world. Good night Father." Kyoya says walking away to his room. "Good night mom." Tamaki grins.

"Okay Master Hunny what shall I tell you?" Haruhi asks him as he jumps up on his bed. "I want you to make up a story!" Hunny says as he curls up in his blanket and Mori pulls the covers up. "Alright." Haruhi sits down on the bed beside him as Mori offers her to sit. "Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden, she had eyes that could capture a man's heart with a glance, hair that flowed soft and brown, and her skin was pale but smooth and clear. This beautiful maiden had a daughter who was in every way like her. Every day the maiden promised fortune for her and her family, she worked hard for it to happen.

The maiden's husband loved her for her determination and would comfort the maiden when she didn't succeed. The daughter year after year prayed her mother would triumph and give her everything she wished for, like cakes and stuffed animals." Haruhi says making a tired looking Hunny smile. "One day the maiden came home and said she couldn't go on, she couldn't build up her daughters dreams each day and shatter them afterwards. The daughter's dreams were never shattered she was just dreaming more with each failed attempt of her mother.

Two days after the maiden had a terrible accident and never came home; the maiden's husband was devastated but thought of his daughter. His daughter was sad yes but she learned from the maiden's determination and dreamed to be just like her. She did everything her mother had done when she was there and eventually she made what her mother dreamed come true. Her father was so proud of her. The daughter felt happy the maiden had been her mother otherwise she would not have learned patience and determination to make your dreams come true, the end." Haruhi looks at Hunny who is fast asleep.

"Good night Master." She fixes his blanket and puts his Bun-bun back in his arms, and then brushes a few of his bangs from his eyes. "Oh!" She turns to see the amazingly quiet and hot Mori watching her. "Sorry." He says standing from his perch on the windowsill. "Please Master Mori I am sorry." Haruhi bows. "Mitsukuni needs a mother figure, he chose you without even knowing it." Mori says looking at the slumbering sweet little blonde. "If you could, please excuse my asking why you are so close to him?" Haruhi asks then bows ready to be struck.

"I don't mind you asking, my family has served his for years I am like his father you might say or older brother, since we were little I have always served him." Mori says still expressionless. "Wow a family legacy kind of?" Haruhi asks. "You could say that." Mori says. "Well I am pleased to be of service but I must excuse myself to go to Milord's chamber." Haruhi bows and then walks towards the door. "Thank you Haruhi." Mori turns to look at her then a slight smile appears on his face making Haruhi blush slightly, she shuts the door behind her then makes sure her face is cooled down as she heads up the stairs.

'A mother figure, I never would have thought I could be like that, it must be because of my mother never being around I had to be her.' Haruhi thinks as she reaches Tamaki's room. She knocks before entering. "Come in Haruhi." Tamaki says.

"Good evening Milord you wished to speak with me?" Haruhi bows to him as she enters his sun lit room. "Yes, I did." Tamaki says sitting in a chair with his white shirt, un tucked and his tie loose. His hair is a little tousled from him running his fingers through it, making him look like a sleepy god. "May I ask what about?" Haruhi blushes slightly. "I wanted to know Haruhi if you are happy being here?" Tamaki asks. "I am very happy milord." Haruhi smiles and she could have sworn she seen him blush a little but the only light is from the moon leaking in the open window. "Kyoya thinks you will be of aid in profits." Tamaki says sitting at his desk slightly slouched. "I'm pleased I can help out in more ways than one." Haruhi answers.

"Miss Fujioka, I am pleased you have been hired on as our personal maid. So many have fallen at our feet, but that is a given we have undeniable looks plus money in which they wish to get. The backwards hours don't bother you?" Tamaki says. "Money is no concern to me as long as my father is well I don't care where I am. No master sleeping during the day will take some getting used to but I can manage" Haruhi says. "I don't think Kyoya only hired you for profit he felt the need to help a desperate father." Tamaki smiles again. "I am eternally grateful for all of you accepting me here, my mother dreamed of becoming a member of the mansion." Haruhi says. "Well off to bed my dear tomorrow we will have more work to do." Tamaki says pulling his tie off then running a hand through his hair. Haruhi bows to hide her blush then exits.

"Tamaki doesn't understand what he talks about sometimes." Kyoya startles Haruhi as she makes her way down the stair case. "What do you mean?" Haruhi asks. "I only wish to profit from my decisions, I am the third son of my family if I make profitable choices I can impress my father." He says pushing his glasses up. "Excuse me if I seem rude Master but helping a poor girls father doesn't seem profitable and you master are the element to drawing in those maidens." Haruhi says to him. "I am not like Tamaki; I think of what can be gained he thinks of how he can help others." Kyoya turns around looking at her. "Good night Master I have been rude to speak out without permission." she bows low. "Please Miss Fujioka you aren't a robot I am not bothered by the comment just watch yourself around milord." He turns and walks away.

Haruhi sighs then makes her way to her room. "Wow!" She says as it's bigger than her room with her father. "Many different maids have been here." Hikaru says. "Oh Masters you startled me." Haruhi says as the twins lean on her door frame. "Sorry." Kaoru says. "So please tell me what this game of yours is?" Haruhi asks. "First you must get to know us before you can play." They say. "Alright then." Haruhi says. "So you heard Hunny and Mori's story," "and even Kyoya and Tamaki's" Kaoru finishes for Hikaru. "Not much mostly Master Hunny and Master Mori." Haruhi says.

"We are the eldest sons of the Hitachin family well known for their mastery in clothing design and makeup artists. We are the models for my mother's shows, even as boys we were models, for everything from dresses to what we wear now." They say together. "Dresses?" Haruhi blushes covering her mouth. "I am very sorry for my outburst." "Don't worry about it." Hikaru says. "Yes we even model dresses." Kaoru says. "Where do you think you got that one it was specially made just for you, Tamaki had it ordered special." Hikaru says. "Milord ordered this?" Haruhi blushes slightly. "Yes he did he said that you needed to look different from the other maids." Kaoru says. "Well good night!" They chant together. "Good night Masters." Haruhi bows as they walk away.

"Amazing what you learn all in one night from the most amazing group of boys I have ever seen." Haruhi says under her breath as she pulls the apron off then goes to close her door. "What am I to these men, a poor girl sold to them by her father? I also am pitiful as a girl." Haruhi sighs as she pulls off her dress, standing looking down at her small chest. "I am not even attractive A-cup...these boys entertain beautiful maidens with riches and jewels and gold." She pulls on her night gown, a light pink tank top that flows from her small bust to a few centimetres over her shorts. "I wish I had my mother's beauty." She draws her curtains to blank out the sun, and then crawls into her oversized bed.

Later that day she wakes up from a clattering outside her door. "W-what?" She stumbles to her door. She opens it and can see a light coming from down the stairs. "Who is up this late?" She rubs an eye and makes her way down the hall to the stairs. "Sht c'mon I didn't work my ass off to get us into this mansion for you to blow our cover as maids!" She hears a voice. "Sorry." Another voice mumbles back. Haruhi hides behind the wall to listen. "Wait aw damn I forgot the code on Master Tamaki's desk." The voice says. "Hurry up lets go get it...god you're useless!" The first voice says. Haruhi dashes for Tamaki's room.

She puts her ear to the door and can't hear him moving so she quietly opens the door. He stirs in his sleep as she shuts it with a click. Haruhi is amazed at him, he has no shirt and his hair is tousled, and the candlelight is littering his bare skin. She stumbles and he wakes up. "H-Haruhi?" He looks up at her and then rubs an eye. "What are you doing in here?" He frowns at her sitting up. "Shh, there isn't much time..."He grabs her and frowns. "You came in without permission!" He says a little mad. "Wait please Milord let me explain!" She kneels down.

"There are two maids coming up here to get a combination for something, we don't have much time before they-" She freezes as she hears the voices outside the door. "Get under the covers." Tamaki pulls her up on his bed and then turns on his side to look like he's sleeping. "If they check over here look asleep." He whispers then closes his eyes as the door opens. "Idiot I told you not to forget the code!" They hear. "I'm sorry!" The second voice says. "Let's check him first." The first voice says quietly. Haruhi closes her eyes. "Look isn't she that new maid they hired?" The second voice asks as they peer at Tamaki and Haruhi. "Don't matter c'mon their asleep, weird people they are sleeping through the day." The first voice says. "Got it." The second one says. "Okay let's go before they wake up." The first voice says then they hear the click of the door.

Tamaki is up in a flash and he pulls up Haruhi. "Follow me." He says as he opens his door and checks for them. They quietly make their way down the stairs. "Okay open the door." Orders the first voice. "Okay." The second voice says. "Hold it right there." Tamaki walks out towards them. "M-master T-Tamaki!" One girl gasps. "M-milord!" The other one squeaks. "Just what were you planning on doing?" Tamaki asks. "U-ummm..." "W-well...." They don't know what to say. "Haruhi get Mori." Tamaki says. "Yes Master." Haruhi bows then runs off in the direction of Mori's room.

"Master please wake up Milord is in need of your assistance." Haruhi shakes the slumbering giant. Mori opens his eyes then picks her up and races to Tamaki. He put her down a little dizzy. "Mori these two were posing as maids to get into our valuables." Tamaki says. Mori picks up the two girls and they squawk trying to break free. "Tamaki what are you doing?" Kyoya asks drowsily walking down the stairs. "Thieves." Tamaki points at the girls. Kyoya pulls out his phone and mumbles a few words into it. "My squad is on their way." He says. "NO!!" The girl who was taking orders bursts into tears.

"Master Kyoya." A man in a black suit says. "Arrest these girls." He says as they take them from Mori. "Please no..." The one still cries. "You people think you're so great with your richness." The one says glaring. "That's all you ever think about, what you can profit from." She spits. "You use us like dogs, using money as a bone!" They one who was bawling says. "Stop it!" Haruhi says to them darkly. "What uses are you to that, just for his entertainment in bed like I saw, and that's all you'll ever be-" The girl gasps as Haruhi slaps her. "Take them away." Kyoya says and his men file out and drive away.

"Entertainment in bed?" Kyoya questions. Haruhi goes crimson. "Haruhi was coming to warn me about them!" Tamaki blushes. "So she was in your bed?" Mori asks. "NO-YES!!! I was hiding so they didn't run!" Haruhi babbles. Kyoya nods then yawns. "I get it I didn't think Tamaki would do that anyways." He walks up the stairs. "M-Mori...I had a bad dream, and you were gone!" An adorably crying Hunny walks out rubbing an eye dragging his blanket and holding his Bun-bun. Mori scoops him up and turns to Haruhi. "Haruhi and Milord were saving that vault." He says. "D-did you catch them and keep Haru safe?" Hunny asks looking at Haruhi. "Yes Master Hunny, Master Mori kept me safe." Haruhi smiles at him. "Okay good." He sighs leaning into Mori's broad chest.

Haruhi walks up to Mori and Hunny looks up to her. "You go on back to sleep, mommy and Tamaki need to talk." Haruhi smiles. "Okay mommy." Hunny grins at the permission to call her mommy. Mori smiles at Haruhi who blushes slightly. What he does next surprise both her and Tamaki; he kisses the top of her head. "Thank you." Mori says. Haruhi nods her face red. Mori turns and walks away with Hunny in his arms. Tamaki is glaring sideways when she turns to face him. "It's good Hunny feels better that I'm around, Master Mori only wants the best for him. He really cares about him, more than anything else in this world, and since I am to serve him I will help him as much as possible." She says. Tamaki is surprised at her comment and looks at her smiling face then smirks. "Thank you for what you did." Tamaki says sweetly. "I couldn't just let them walk out on you." Haruhi says. "I meant for defending us." Tamaki says. Haruhi gapes at him. "I-I just..." She doesn't know what to say.

"Every other person would have agreed with what they said." Tamaki shrugs. "I don't believe that you all are just after profit, and I don't think rich men hire maids for bed entertainment." Haruhi says a soft smile on her face. "Well of course not!" Tamaki chuckles. "We are civilized beings my dear." Tamaki smiles. "I am glad for that." Haruhi says as she makes her way to the stairs. Tamaki shuts the door with the code then grabs a candle turning off the lights.

"Hunny views you as his mother now?" Tamaki muses catching up with her. "Mori said that he chose me, I have always been like this. My mother died when I was little so someone had to cook, clean, and take care of the family." Haruhi looks up at Tamaki making him blush slightly. "Well here you go good night." Tamaki says as she walks into her room. "Those pyjamas look cute on you, I wasn't sure the twins were choosing things right." He shuts the door as she turns around shocked at his comment.

"Miss Fujioka." Another maid shakes her. "What?" She asks sleepily. "Time to get up." She smiles. "Okay thank you." Haruhi says to the older maid. "Master Tamaki will be in the diner." She says then closes the door behind her as she leaves. Haruhi quickly puts her outfit on the checks in the mirror. "Good." She says to herself then runs out her door. Master Kyoya told me to escort you to the diner." The butler says. Haruhi follows him and he opens the door. "Ah Haruhi." Tamaki holds out his hand to her.

"Master." She bows. "Please tell me if day sleep is throwing you off." Tamaki smiles to her. "It will take some getting used to master but I'm fine, I think night is so much prettier to be awake in." She says looking out an open curtain. "Very good." Kyoya says pushing his glasses up. "Our theme for tonight is medieval era." The twins say together. "A theme?" Haruhi tilts her head. "Yes Tamaki likes to use themes to help with our customers; they like to marvel at our choices." Kyoya says.

"Oh I find that rather fascinating!" She smiles. "Right now I have the host room being prepped for the occasion." Kyoya says. "Mother has our costumes ready." Hikaru says. "Ya they'll be here in an hour." Kaoru says. "Very well then let's eat." Tamaki says. "Oh!" Haruhi dashes into the kitchen. "Hey Haruhi! Here this one goes to master Tamaki and Kyoya, this one is for Hunny and that one for Mori. Those dishes are for the twins." Toru says, pointing to different dishes on Haruhi's new cart. "Alright." She smiles then pushes it out the door.

"Thank you Haruhi." Tamaki smiles as she puts his plate in front of him. "You're welcome Master." She smiles then goes to Kyoya. "Thank you." He smiles. "Here you are Master Hunny, and Master Mori." She sets down their plates. "Mmm, thank you mommy!" Hunny says. Mori smiles at Haruhi then ruffles her hair. Tamaki looks mad but hides his anger. "Here you go Hikaru." Haruhi sets his plate down. "I'm Kaoru." He says. "No you're not." She smiles putting a plate down in front of Kaoru. "You may change your hair parts but you can't change habits." She smiles. "You can tell them apart?" Tamaki looks at her questioningly. "Yes Master I can." She says. "But no one can tell them apart." Hunny says. "I thought..." She trails off.

"OW!" She says as she cuts her finger on the tray. Kyoya looks at Hunny who shivers. The twins dash out the door. Tamaki grabs her and brings her out of the room rather harshly. "Clean that up then bandage it." He says. "Yes sir, as you wish." She says confused. "There all done." She grins making Tamaki smile gently. "The twins are skittish with blood; they can handle each other's but anyone else no." Tamaki says to her, and she nods in understanding. "Hunny doesn't like it either." He says as they walk back to the diner. "I was careless master it won't happen again." Haruhi blushes. "It will be fine." Tamaki says patting her head. Haruhi blushes more and then smiles up at him, making him blush slightly.

She puts the cart away and sits with Toru as they eat in the kitchen. "Ah so he seems to have taken a liking to you." Toru muses as he eats. "Well...I don't think so." Haruhi says. She finishes up then takes there dishes to the sink. "Better see if they're done." She walks out of the kitchen. "C'mon Haru, we get to put on our costumes and make preparations for later." Hunny pulls her. (More drags her)

They walk into the hosting room which is now a medieval castle room made of stone. "Wow!" Haruhi marvels the antique furniture. "In there is your costume put it on so we can see if alterations are needed. By the way you will be playing the slave girl to the King." The twins say as she walks into the curtain. Her costume is a peasants dress but she has hand cuffs with a chain attached to it. "Still a very intriguing outfit." She says as she pulls her maid outfit off and puts the dress on it has a few tears. She walks out and everyone has aristocratic outfits on. Tamaki has a Kings outfit with many jewels and gold. Kyouya looks like his advisor.

"Wow it fits...take off your shoes slaves don't wear shoes." Hikaru says. "And we will put extensions in your hair." Kaoru says. Haruhi smiles as they work. She finally gets a chance to look in a mirror and she looks like a slave girl her hair is long and in a low messy ponytail, her dress is brown with masterful tears. She clips on the chain cuffs and funds the inside of them are padded. "Very cute." Hunny bubbles.

"Okay tonight will be done differently, as you can see our stations aren't there this will be done as though it is a grand dinner...except not with as much food." Tamaki says as he sits in what looks to be the throne. "You are his servant, he will treat you harshly tonight but remember everyone knows we are acting so play along complain a little to guests and try breaking out of the chains. Oh yes this is for the climax of our night fake tears." Kyoya says giving her a little droplet bottle with a tear drop on it. "Okay sounds easy enough." Haruhi smiles. "Master your guests have arrived." The butler says. "Very well send them in." He says and takes hold of the other end of Haruhi's chain as she slumps to the floor at his feet.

"Welcome my most deserving guests!" Tamaki says as girls flutter in and marvel the place and them. "Please be seated." Kyoya says. "Look at Haruhi isn't she cute!" A girl giggles. "Tonight is the courting of my sons!" Tamaki says as the twins, Hunny and Mori stand near him. "Kyoya please assist them in their search." He says to Kyoya. "Yes your majesty we will begin with a dance!" He says as they all step forward. "Move girl." Tamaki stands and pulls her chains to get her up on her feet. "Yes sir!" Haruhi says as she stumbles after him.

"My fair lady to what must I pay you for becoming my mistress?" Tamaki leans over the table to hold a girls chin. "M-mistress!" She blushes madly. "Yes love and you as well." He looks at another girl. She blushes and giggles. Haruhi hangs her head to show she's like his pet. "You have an adorable slave girl." One girl says. "this wretched thing!" Tamaki pulls her close to him and grabs her chin forcing her to look at him. "I merely found it playing in my fields."He pushes her away. "A thing I am most apologetic for My great lord!" Haruhi bows on the floor as the girls awe at her pitiful display. "Alas I could not kill the poor thing, so I made her my slave." Tamaki says.

"But she is no match to the beauty of you young fair maidens." Tamaki says making them all blush. "Haruhi fetch some tea for these ladies." Tamaki says to her. She scurries off to the kitchen. "Interesting outfit Haruhi!" Toru chuckles at her dragging chains. "It's fun!" Haruhi grins picking up her tray with tea on it. "Sir the tea for your fair mistresses." Haruhi keeps her eyes lowered. "Slow!" Tamaki says as he swishes his hand for her to hand out the tea. "please fair maiden do not fall into milord's grasp he is no gentleman." Haruhi says to one of the girls who giggles at her then nods. "Assist my sons will you." He waves her away. Haruhi nods then looks at the girl she warned, the girl giggles then she runs to the twins.

"Young princes may I be of any assistance?" Haruhi asks her eyes lowered. "No use slave girl stand and be silent!" Hikaru says. "Brother I love it when you are commanding!" Kaoru says. "Kaoru you know the consequences Shh!" Hikaru caresses his brother cheek. "Then why do you still insist on touching me in public and now in front of these maidens?" Kaoru holds Hikaru's hand to his cheek. "No amount of people can stop me even if we are to be put to death it will be together." Hikaru pulls Kaoru so close their lips almost touch. The girls around them squeal in delight. "Forbidden brotherly love!" They squeal. "Hikaru father is near." Kaoru says in a strained voice. "He is preoccupied we can do as we wish." Hikaru says about a whisper. Many girls burst with overexcitement and cover their eyes at the adorable scene.

"The slave!" Kaoru says as they both look at Haruhi who averts her eyes like she should. "Speak a word slave and we'll have you punished!" They say to her. "I promise I haven't seen a thing young princes." Haruhi bows low. "Move along go see to Mori!" They say. Haruhi dashes away to Mori but looks at one of the girls with the twins who giggles and waves. "May I be of assistance prince?" Haruhi asks looking at Mori. "Are you okay?" He asks her making her blush. 'Is he going to be the nice guy in this?' Haruhi asks herself. "Young prince I am your slave." Haruhi says. "Big brother is she coming back to our room again?" Hunny asks. "Yes." Mori says pulling Haruhi's chain to bring her closer.

"Master!" She gasps as he shields her in his arms. "Your father will see us!" Haruhi says pushing away as girls giggle and blush at this forbidden scene. "You aren't dirt." Hunny says to her. "B-but...Young princes please you are to be married, I am a slave!" Haruhi blushes looking around her to make it more dramatic. "But Haru Mori don't want you to suffer." Hunny says cutely making the girls giggle and squeal. "If I am caught with you, your father will have me punished." Haruhi says. "Girl!" Kyoya orders not looking up from his writing. "I will see you." Haruhi smiles as the girls giggle.

"Master Kyoya?" Haruhi bows low. Kyoya grabs her chains and pulls her towards Tamaki who is flattering a crimson girl. "Your highness I caught her with your sons." Kyoya says. Haruhi looks frightened as the room goes silent. "Is that so?" Tamaki grabs her chains then winks at her unnoticed by others and makes it look like he's thrown her to the floor. "What have you to say slave." He growls to her as she pitifully lies on the floor. "I-I am innocent milord!" She cries then looks up tears streaking her face. Girls whisper and murmur how cute she is. "Lies!" Kyoya points at her. "No you must believe me!" Haruhi cries begging for Tamaki to listen.

"Silence!" Tamaki hollers. "You entice my sons to gain status you wretched girl, I should have killed you the first day I saw you!" Tamaki says pulling her up on her feet to gaze at her. "Milord I have done nothing but serve you for all these long years." Haruhi whispers to him as his face is close to hers making her blush. "That you have," He caresses her cheek and girls squeal all around them."But you dishonour my decision!" he pushes her back to the floor where she squeezes more tears into her eyes. "Please Milord have mercy yet again on a poor girls soul!" She raises her head new tears in her eyes. "Have mercy!" A few girls chant.

"Be still!" He walks to his throne and Haruhi crawls after him as his 'sons' stand beside him and Kyoya smiles at Haruhi. "People I ask you this what should be done with this girl?" Tamaki asks the crowd. "Shall we rid of her, or give mercy to her?" Tamaki asks grabbing her hair to make her face the crowd. "Look into their eyes girl, see their anger at your sins." Tamaki whispers into her ear as girls whisper among themselves. "You miss what do you say? "Kyoya asks a girl who blushes. "I say sir that the slave should be banished but not killed she is too cute for death!" The girl says. "And you?" Kyoya asks another. "Let her be freed, give her mercy for I know it is hard to resist your sons your highness!" Another girl tries to keep a serious composure but smiles part of the way through. "I agree with her no woman on earth could resist them!" A few girls say.

"She should be banished!" One says. "No let go!" Another says. "Quiet!" Tamaki says as he lets Haruhi go who put more tears in her eyes. "My sons which of you has been with the slave?" Tamaki eyes them. "I can answer that one!" Kyoya smirks. "Please your highness Master Mori had nothing to do with it, it's not what it seems!" Haruhi says looking up at him making him blush slightly. "It was you!' Tamaki says to the expressionless Mori holding Hunny. "I am disappointed in you, son!" He says. "But she is the best story teller, and Mori kept her in his bed for safekeeping." Hunny says. Tamaki looks from Mori and Hunny to Haruhi.

"Very well she will stay here as our slave, however she will no longer be in your room!" Tamaki says. The entire room bursts into applause and some girls are crying from the performance before them. "Stand up Haruhi and bow for improvising you did great." Tamaki helps her up and wipes away a fake tear. She smiles and blushes. "Wow that was a beautiful performance!" Girls say. "Please remember dear ladies Haruhi was not hurt in this." Tamaki says. Girls flow around them and hug them to death.

"Very well done Haruhi." The twins say. "Thank you masters." Haruhi smiles at them. "You are an amazing actress." Kyoya says in his normal suit. "I agree the princesses were astonished by the performance." Tamaki smiles at her. "I am very thankful for your compliments." Haruhi bows to them.