"Full stop, Lieutenant Paris." Captain Janeway commanded as they approached an unusual spacial anomaly. The ship's instruments had earlier picked up high energy readings from only three parsecs away. Impulse thrusters would normally be enough, but Janeway, feeling eager to pursue solutions to reduce their 70 year journey home, commanded her crew, bright and chipper from a few good weeks of uneventful travel, to investigate. Even if there weren't any potential uses for the anomaly as a way to get home, as it was presumed to be a wormhole of some kind, then they could very well expand he knowledge of how wormholes emerged in the first place.

"Aye captain." Lieutenant Paris responded, dialing down the warp engines. It took only a minute before they broke out of the warp barrier and started propelling through space with their impulse drives. "Gee. That looks inviting."

Janeway was at a loss for words momentarily, from what "What are the gravitational readings? Are we at a safe distance?"

Across the room, the Vulcan tactician Tuvok scanned the data and inputted new data. "The gravitational field is a fraction of that of a red dwarf, at this distance we are not in danger. Scanners are picking up traces of debris made up of an unknown, high density material. What's more is that the reading are picking up energy fluctuations within what appears to be a temporal rift."

"Temporal." Janeway repeated, contemplating the significance. Of course that meant it had something to do with space time, and that was almost never a positive experience, if not always dangerous. "Ensign Kim, how close do you estimate we can get to the rift without being drawn in?"

Harry pressed his fingers against the console, typing quickly in hopes to get a result. "Optimum safe distance is twenty thousand kilometers from the event horizon, with the low gravitational readings we could get close enough to get a more accurate reading."

Janeway pulled some of her hair out of her eyes and carefully considered their circumstances. There have been so few opportunities to study, but there was the safety of Voyager's crew to take into consideration. "Maintain an orbital range of thirty thousand kilometers Lieutenant, and Tuvok, have sensors continue monitoring the rift. The last thing we need is to slip into the next century."

A small chuckle came from Paris as he did what was ordered. "Or the last. We might get to earth and they've only just invented space travel."

Tuvok raised a brow, glancing at the Lieutenant before continuing his work.

"It'll give you a chance to reconnect with your hobby... Reconstructing old cars?" quipped Commander Chakotay in a jovial tone, adding into the conversation to hopefully keep the bridge crew at ease.

Janeway glanced at her first officer with a wry smirk, knowing full well she instigated this segway into good humor. Perhaps Paris is correct? Would they arrive at Earth in time to meet Leonardo Da vinci? Perhaps in time to see the Declaration of Independence signed? It would be fulfilling from an intellectual standpoint but it wouldn't exactly be home, now would it. Janeway watched as her crew continued to playfully bicker for a moment, just before a few tonal blips interrupted them. "Tuvok, report." She said as she peered onto the screen, hoping to spot any fluctuation herself as they made their orbit around the face of the rift.

"I am detecting a fluctuation in the anomaly." Tuvok responded, reconfiguring the sensors to track their movements.

"What kind if fluctuation? A ship?" Janeway inquired. Given that they had investigated this area for that reason, to find out if the singularity had any potential for transporting them anywhere closer to home,

"I am picking up warp signature and as well as a large power source," Kim reported. "Based on this we'll have visual in fifteen seconds."

"Red alert. Lieutenant Paris, prepare impulse engines to retreat if we have to." Her goal here was to study the anomaly and she had no interest to engage in a conflict with an unknown alien species. The captain took a step down from her seat to stand at the ready, and considering what they have been through for the past few years, she considered that she may have been prepared for anything, at this point. She stepped forward away from the captains seat, hesitating as the ambiance in her bridge changed from the bright working conditions to the grave, dim light, enabling her crew to focus on the task ahead. "On screen."

"I don't know, but we can rule "Borg probe" out... I'm picking up a audio frequency." Ensign Kim reported, filtering the noise out and putting it on que to play for the bridge in anticipation for his captains next instruction. Given the situation at hand, they may not even get themselves involved, depending on what came out of the vortex, which seemed to be shrinking. What's more is that Tuvok's calculation seemed to be off, the ships still haven't appeared on screen, yet.

Tuvok was the first to supply an explanation for the phenomenon. "The energy within the anomaly appears to be dissipating. I calculate that it will be closed within five minutes, the ship may have been deterred by spacial turbulence or instrument failure."

"Here it comes, Captain." Ensign alerted, still filtering out new transmissions as a small glowing capsule appeared from the shrinking portal.

"One life sign detected, in what appears to be a self propelled conductive sphere. It may be what caused the anomaly." Considering the energy readings were spiraling upwards, it was clear that it would become stable within moments. The sphere rocketed past the Voyager as the crew watched on screen, seeing flashes and bursts of energy. In one such burst, the figure was seen in side. "Life signs are fading." Tuvok reported after a secondary scan.

"Can you get a lock with the transporter?"


"Do it."

Harry worked quickly, looking up to confirm on screen to what his console reported to him. "Transportation is complete. I... " The console, along with most of the instruments in the bridge powered down for a moment before rebooting itself in only moments. "That wasn't me."

"What about the orb?" Janeway asked, one thing at a time, as long as their instruments were working for the time being, they needed to be completely certain that they would not be regretting this decision later.

"The orb is continuing it's trajectory, bit it appears to be reaching critical speeds. It is not the source of the warp signature."

A ship shot into view, a white, sleek ship with circular arms coming out from the hull, with smooth and rounded features. It had a distinguishing emblem on the bow, a circle with what appeared to be the latin letter L, along with a star to the right.

"You don't think that's an Earth vessel, do you?" Lieutenant Paris wondered, looking upon the ship with a sense of wonder.

"We're about to find out." replied Chakotay, moving to stand with the captain.

"Before you hail them I want to know what was the cause of that power outage. Janeway to sickbay." She said, not missing a beat.

"If you want to know the cause of our little black out, you can thank our new friend here. He's had a rather electrifying experience." The doctor replied, the faint sound of a tricorder in the background.

"What is his condition?" Janeway asked,

"He's unconscious but he seems to be stirring. No internal damage detected- otherwise I think you'll need to see for yourself." The doctor snipped, seemingly impatient with the situation that they had dropped on him.

How odd. Janeway tilted her head, mildly perturbed by the docter's response, especially regarding the fact that they had a ship wide power surge from beaming this fellow onto their ship. She apprehensivly stared into the screen, watching as the other vessel approached.