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Without Sight

Fuji Syusuke sat in his Chemistry class. Through strands of light brown colored hair, he watched his lab partner place chemicals into the glass beaker. Even though it looked as if he was paying close attention to what was going on, his mind wasn't focusing on the things happening around him.

"Fuji-san, I'm going to throw this out. Could you please add the next thing to the mixture?" the blonde boy who sat next to him stood up and walked away from the table.

"Sure…" Fuji smiled and grabbed for a clear liquid. As he slowly poured it into the mixture, the chemicals began to bubble and fizz together. The reaction wasn't right, and he had known at that moment that he picked the wrong substance.

From the front of the room, his partner turned to see what was happening. "Fuji-san! Get down!" His warning was too late. By the time the words flowed from his mouth, the beaker had cracked and shards of glass flung everywhere.

Not being able to protect himself, the pieces of glass from the beaker flew into Fuji's eyes. Right on impact, he let out a painful scream and blacked out from the pain. It wasn't like Fuji to forget important things, but that day he wasn't wearing his protector goggles. This would be a mistake that he would soon regret.

"Nn!" Fuji slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room. It was all so pointless; everything was just a blur. "Where…?"

A young nurse with long, black hair walked into the room. "Oh, Fuji-san…you've woken up. How are you feeling?"

"Why is everything so blurry? I remember being in Chemistry class and something happened."

"You weren't wearing your goggles. Glass got into your eyes. I'm sorry to say this, but, Fuji-san, you are more than likely going to be permanently blind in your left eye."

"And my right?"

"It is unknown at this point of time if it will become any better than it is."

There was an ache that throbbed in Fuji's heart. It felt as if everything he once loved to do would no longer be in his reach. As the pain grew deeper, he had realized he couldn't continue to think about the worst possibilities. If he did, he would only continue to fall deeper in despair.

"It's fine," Fuji put a smile on his face. He turned to a figure that he hoped was the nurse.

"Fuji-san, I'll let your parents know that you're awake," the nurse left him alone in the room.

Fuji rose his hands up in front of his face and sighed. "How am I going to play tennis in this condition?" He quickly shook his head. "I won't let Tezuka and the others know. I'll figure out a way to play even like this."

After his family talked with the doctor, they were told what would happen. Fuji was given medication for the pain, and had to follow up with another doctor in a week. It was said that it would be best for him to stay at home for that week, but he instantly refused to do such a thing. The last thing he wanted was his sight to hold him back. Though, no matter how much he argued, he was forced to stay at home until the following Monday came.

"Fuji isn't here again," Kikumaru Eiji pouted as he swung his racket around his right wrist. "Where could he be?"

"Aren't you in his class, Kikumaru-senpai?" the young freshman, Echizen Ryoma, pulled at his white cap and snickered. "Wouldn't you know better than any of us why he isn't here?"

"I was sick last week. You know, the day before he stopped coming to school."

"Fuji-senpai might have gotten sick."

"He couldn't have! That's not possible!" Eiji turned away from the shorter boy. Looking up, he noticed a familiar figure walking towards them. Instantaneously, he ran up to his friend and wrapped his arms around the boy. "Fuji~!"

"Uh!" Fuji slightly cringed, but quickly put a smile on his face. "Miss me?"

"Where were you? I was gone one day and then you go off and disappear!"

"I was sick," he managed to wiggle out of Eiji's grip. "I'm better now though."

Ryoma slowly made his way up to the two older boys. He quickly scanned Fuji and shook his head. "Are you sure you're okay, senpai?"

"I'm fine," he avoided his gaze. Even though those who were in front of him were nothing but a blur in his right eye, he could feel Ryoma's eyes piercing through him. "Lets get to practice."

"Right!" Eiji grabbed both Ryoma's and Fuji's wrists and dragged them towards the tennis court.

On the courts Tezuka Kunimitsu and Oishi Shuichiro stood next to each other. Noticing Fuji, they began to whisper things to each other and writing notes in a small notebook. Oishi nodded as he counted the Regulars.

"Today, we'll have practice matches," Tezuka crossed his arms as he firmly stared at the boys in front of him through his glasses. "I will sit out this time around."

"On the first court will be Kawamura and Momoshiro. The second court will be Kikumaru and Inui. For the third court we'll have Kaidou and myself. Finally, on the fourth court will be Fuji and Echizen," Oishi closed the notebook and handed it over to Tezuka. "Please go to your court and begin your match."

"There will be no slacking off either. I will be watching and marking your performance," the captain's clutch grew tighter around the notebook. "Now, go!"

"Yes!" the group of young boys ran off.

Being familiar with the courts, Fuji didn't find it that hard to get to his assigned one. Though, he was still having second thoughts on how well this match really could go. Maybe if was put against one of the weaker members of the group it would turn out fine. He knew all too well that Ryoma would be difficult to win against with his vision.

"You can serve first, Fuji-senpai," Ryoma held his racket up and pointed it towards the upperclassmen. "Don't think I'll go easy on your."

"I didn't expect you to…" Fuji smiled and tossed the tennis ball up into the air. Swinging his racket forward, he smacked the ball with it. He knew he could do this without fail only because he knew the way he threw the ball and how it would fall.

Ryoma dashed to the ball and hit it back over the net. The rally went on for a few minutes, but Fuji managed to win the first point and even his service round. When Ryoma served, Fuji could see the fuzziness of the tennis ball coming his way. Trying his hardest, he reached out his racket and missed. Over and over again he continued to miss. For his next serve, he failed to win anymore points. It seemed that his lack of vision was getting to him, and he knew he could no longer continue. The victory would go to Ryoma, and it did.

"Good game," Fuji stumbled his way to the net with his arm extended.

Ryoma ignored the hand he was to shake and instead tilted his head to the side. "Are you sure you're not still sick?"

"I told you, I'm fine," the slightly taller of the two pushed his arm even closer to the younger boy.

"Fuji-senpai," Ryoma waved his hand in front of Fuji's face. "What happened?"

"What are you talking about?" his eyes darted back and forth trying their hardest to see.

"You can't see me, can you?"

"Echizen," Fuji was shocked that Ryoma had easily figured out what was wrong. "It's not like that. I can see you…but you're nothing more than a blur."

"I didn't think you were stupid," Ryoma paused as his hand that held his racket began to shake. "That is until now."

"I guess it is kind of my fault that this happened. Lets keep this our little secret, okay?"

"You really are an idiot!" his voice was overly loud and the attitude he was giving Fuji was unlike him. "You shouldn't even be playing tennis right now if you can't see."


"You're going home right now," Ryoma fumbled to get over the net and grabbed the older boy's arm. "I'll walk with you so you don't get hit by a car or something."

"This isn't necessary, Echizen," Fuji giggled as he was being dragged off. "Are you kidnapping me?"

Tezuka noticed the two boys walking away from their court. "Echizen, Fuji, where are you going?"

"Fuji-senpai still isn't feeling that well. I'm going to walk him home so he doesn't pass out on his way there," Ryoma didn't even bother looking at his captain.

"Is that so?"

"Apparently," Fuji continued his laughing and didn't even both breaking free of Ryoma's grip. He found this a little amusing.

In the clubhouse, Ryoma grabbed for his school uniform and flailed around as he put it on. Fuji just sat there listening to the younger boy moving around. When Ryoma finally noticed that Fuji wasn't changing he sat down next him.

"Why aren't you getting out of your tennis outfit? Do you need help changing?" Ryoma held his racket in his lap.

"I didn't go to school today. I just wore this outfit and came to practice," without turning to see Ryoma, he grabbed for the racket. "You're acting odd. It's not like you to worry so much over such trivial things."

"You'd be worried if this happened to one of your teammates…right, Fuji-senpai?"

"But that's me. I care for the tennis team."

"Are you saying I don't?"

"No…it's just not like you."

Ryoma stood up and grabbed for his bag. "Maybe you just don't know me as well as you thought you did."

"That's true. I can only know as much as I can see," Fuji got onto his feet and somehow managed to place his hand on Ryoma's shoulder. "Now you're only a blur, so maybe you can teach me things about you that I won't be able to see."

"Lets go…" there was a slight red tint to Ryoma's cheeks. He was relieved that the older boy would more than likely not be able to see the shade difference with his vision the way it was.

Taking hold of the back of Ryoma's shirt, Fuji let a small grin form on his face. "Lead the way, Echizen."

"Yes," he opened the door and headed outside.

The two boys continued down the road towards the Fuji residence. Whenever a street came that they had to cross, Ryoma double checked to make sure no cars were coming before they raced across the road. After making it to Fuji's house, the stood outside the door for a few minutes. Softly, Fuji asked that Ryoma kept it a secret about his vision. If Tezuka were to figure out, he knew he would be placed off of the tennis team. That was the last thing he wanted at this point of time. Ryoma agreed to this only because Fuji said he'd allow the younger boy to help him around when he needed it. Though, even though this relieved him a little, Ryoma still felt as if something could go terribly wrong. He could only hope that he was wrong.

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