Fuji sat in the red car of his sister's. He rocked slightly as he waited for her to tell him what was so important.

"Mom told me to come pick you up because we have to bring you to this doctor right away," Yumiko smiled as they drove off. "Apparently there might be a way to correct your vision."

"You're lying!" Fuji attempted to stare at his sister despite the fact that she was blurry. "How?"

"There's an optometrist Mom got in contact with who said that there is some sort of laser surgery that should be able to heal the wounds to your eyes and correct your vision. She made an appointment, but she didn't want you to know about it."

"If my sight is corrected…then…" he blinked a few times and smiled. "I will get the chance to see Echizen's face."

"Echizen? You have a girlfriend, Syusuke?" Yumiko's mysterious tone returned.

"He's my teammate," the boy found him actually feeling a little shy about the conversation at hand. "He's the one that's been helping me since my vision has become nothing more than a blur."

"Boyfriend," she bluntly said as she parked the car.

"Are we here?" Fuji avoided what his sister had said. "I'm getting out."

In the building, Yumiko and Fuji met with their mother. Fuji went through a series of procedures before going in for the laser surgery on his eyes. It was quickly done, but there was a stinging sensation in his eyes afterwards. The doctor told him that he would feel better after a good night's rest but suggested staying out of school for a week. Walking out of the building, Fuji clung onto Yumiko with his eyes squeezed shut. Water formed on the bridges of them and it felt uncomfortable, but Fuji felt as if it would be worth it in the end.

Returning home, Fuji called Ryoma on the phone and apologized for running off like he did. He explained that he wouldn't be at school for the next few days. Ryoma instantly asked why, but Fuji avoided telling him that he had the surgery to improve his sight. Disappointment could be heard in the young boy's voice, and it almost made Fuji tell him everything he wanted to say right there on the phone. Holding his feelings inside, they said their goodbyes and hung up.

As the week past, Fuji found his sight improving more and more. Returning to the eye doctor's, he was given a pair of black framed glasses to help with the blurriness that was left. There was a childish feeling that rushed into his body as he swung his head around looking at the details of everything that was caught in his vision. With glasses placed on his face, Fuji knew what the next day would bring. He would return to school and see the face he's been wanting to since this incident happened.

At school, Fuji didn't tell Ryoma that he was coming. He wanted to catch the boy by surprise after school right before he would leave the clubhouse. Fuji didn't go to tennis practice that day, and as he noticed everyone leaving, he entered the small room to see Ryoma sitting there fumbling to button his white shirt.

Fuji quickly kneeled down in front of him to help slip the clear buttons into their holes. "Don't tell me that you've lost your vision now."

"Fuji-senpai," Ryoma quickly jerked back and almost fell to the ground. "If you were here, why didn't you tell me so I could help you around?"

"There's no need for you to anymore, Echizen. You see, I was gone because I had to let my eyes heal from the laser surgery," Fuji didn't realize how insensitive his words came out to sound.

"Oh, I see," the young boy grabbed for his bag. Avoiding looking up, he headed for the door. "You shouldn't skip practice."

Fuji grabbed for Ryoma's arm forcing him to stop in his tracks. "What was it that you needed to talk about before I rushed away last week?"

"It's nothing…it's not important," his cheeks began to glow from being touched. He tried to pull away, but Fuji wasn't going to loosen his grip.

"Then will you at least wait a minute so I can tell you something important?"

"Why? You're the one who ran off while I had something important to say to you. I should just do the same…"


"Would you let go of me?"

Fuji let the slender arm he held slip from his hand. He watched as Ryoma began to walk forward. "It's nice being able to see you blushing instead of having to guess if you were."

His words caused Ryoma to turn around on his heels and stare up at the taller boy. He covered his red face with his hands as if trying to hide himself. "It's embarrassing."

"It's ok, Echizen," Fuji gently pulled Ryoma's small hands away. He lightly brushed his fingers up against Ryoma's pale lips. "You don't have to be embarrassed about falling in love."

"I…" he slightly flinched before building his cocky attitude back up. "I'm not falling in love."

"Is that so?" Fuji titled his head to the side with his usually smile planted on his face. "And to think I waited this whole time to get my sight back before admitting that I liked you. If I knew it was going to end in rejection, I would have done it while I couldn't see you're cute, blushing cheeks."

Ryoma slightly waved back and forth. "I guess if it's you that I fell in love with, it's alright."

"Don't think that just because I have my sight back that I don't want you by my side."


Fuji softly chuckled as he placed his hand under Ryoma's chin. Bending down to be at Ryoma's level, their lips barely brushed up against the others. Just from the light contact they hand, Ryoma's heart began to beat rapidly. There was no doubt in either of their minds that right there is where they wanted to be…by the side of the one they loved.


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