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A/N: A series of drabbles/one-shots

Pairing: ?/Kagome

Higurashi Kagome was pretty much stunned into silence.

Okay, she was a war hero, a time traveller, the one who defeated Naraku, the Shikon-no-frikin'-Miko, and a simple girl who attended high school now. She had seen many strange and weird things, but this just took the cake.

"And who are you again?" She asked, squinting her blue eyes towards the person to see if she could possibly recognise him, or if she had seen him somewhere – but, absolutely nothing came up. However, she felt like she did know this male, and she simply had no idea why, "And you want me to do what?"

The male, whom had introduced himself as Honda Kiku, simply sighed quietly over the cup of tea that Kagome had offered him, giving her an apathetic look, "Kagome-sama, I would not normally ask for such a large favour, especially from one as special as yourself, but it is because you are special that I am asking you of this favour."

Kagome blinked stunned widened blue eyes as she pointed towards him lightly, reacting as if she didn't even hear his last sentence, "And you say that you're the country of Japan? Like, the country-country?" The miko simply sat there, staring rather intently towards her.... nation, as he had so claimed.

"You are reacting better than most people when they find out," Japan said with a small tiny smile, "But, I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising to me because of who you are...."

"Yeah," Kagome said faintly, lazily stirring her tea, "I've seen a lot of weird stuff, I guess," The miko played with her long hair, "But do you mind explaining that to me again?" She asked, glancing into Japan's deep brown eyes.

"I.... wish for a vacation of sorts," Kiku explained, trying his best to explain things, "However, nations are never allowed to do as such. Someone must always be representing Japan to the world, and I think it would work if we are able to switch places for a small amount of time. I would become a regular human while you would become the nation of Japan."

Kagome blinked again, and even though she had seen a lot of strange things in the past year, the idea of a country having a human form was still really odd to her, "How would that work?" She blurted out before she could even think of how to decline. All she wanted right now was to just focus on her school work, and actually pass the grade without failing it this time, "I don't think we can just switch like that." She vaguely gestured with her hands, mentally berating herself for even considering an idea.

What the hell did a country do anyway?

"The Shikon no Tama is in your possession," Japan explained calmly, "It would not be difficult to do such things with the Shikon's power." The Japanese male sighed, hoping to Kami-sama that this girl would consider his idea because he wasn't sure how much longer he could take those chaotic gatherings that went under the name of 'World Conferences.'

A simple little break is what he really needed. And badly at that.

Kagome stayed silent for a moment, ready to decline, but it seemed that something had different ideas, "Yeah, sure. I guess I'll do it," She shrugged before she even realised what she was saying. The miko widened her blue eyes after a second, glaring at nothing in particular and feeling a bit guilty when Japan looked at her with obvious appreciation in his deep eyes, 'Damn Shikon! Influencing my decision like that!' The miko thought harshly, her hand unconsciously rubbing at the scar on her hip where the Shikon had first been ripped from. It didn't exactly exist as a physical object anymore, but, more or less, existed as a part of her soul.

"I thank you greatly for this," Japan bowed deeply from his spot, causing Kagome to look away uncomfortably, having always been rather modest, "If we may start now?" Kiku asked, eying his citizen as she nodded a bit miserably.

"Sure..." Kagome sighed, closing her eyes so she could converse with the damned souls of the jewel. The girl rolled her blue eyes as she could finally hear Midoriko respond to her, 'I'm sure that you heard everything,' Kagome's tone was irritated, 'And I know that you probably want me to go through with this for some unexplainable reason, but just get on with it!' The miko frowned as she could feel Midoriko's amusement, and closed her eyes as a deep flash of white blinded the two.

The white light disappeared a moment later, and Kagome could immediately tell the difference, 'Damn, this is going to suck if this is what it is like to feel as a country.' The miko sighed, quickly feeling minor pains and itches and aches tingle all through her body. It was rather uncomfortable because she could no longer feel her holy magic flow through her blood like a calm river.

They were completely gone.

"Feel like a human?" Kagome asked as Kiku looked down at his body with slightly widened brown eyes, obviously shocked at the probably new feeling. Kagome gave a strained smile when Kiku looked at her with the up-most appreciation.

"I will never forget this, Kagome-sama!" Kiku stood up to bow even deeper than before, "It is not permanent, but will only last for two weeks," The Japanese man watched as Kagome nodded, a slightly worried look to her pretty face, "I will take care of the Higure Shrine in your absence."

"Thanks," Kagome sighed, running her fingers through blue-black hair, still wondering what the hell nations even did in the first place, but didn't bother to question Kiku on it because she was sure that she would figure it out herself, "I guess I should go now." She stated, blinking when she realised where exactly she needed to be.

Well, she had never felt the need to go report to the Prime Minister of Japan before.....

And she instantly knew that representing the country of Japan would be even stranger than her little feudal fairytale...

A few days later

"I don't like this – aru," The representation of China, Wang Yao, muttered, feeling rather restless for some odd reason. He wasn't even sure what was causing his restlessness either, "The other Asians say that they can feel it too." He said, finally leaning back as a few other nations at the table looked at with a variety of emotions.

"I'm sure it's nothing," The representation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Arthur Kirkland, muttered as he calmly sipped his cup of tea, not looking too concerned at China's worries, "Where is Japan anyway? It's very unlike him to be late."

"I could, perhaps, examine you to see what the problem might be," The representation of France, Francis Bonnefoy, stated with a leer towards China, watching as Yao grimaced at his attentions, "I would not mind to do so."

"No thanks – aru," China shivered as he could also feel Russia's rather intent stare directed to his person, "I have not seen Kiku for a while, now." Yao stated quietly, worrying that not seeing Japan was probably the cause for his restlessness.

"This will make you feel better! It's impossible for it not to!" The presentation of the United States of America, Alfred Jones, grinned his usual bright smile as he waved around a hamburger, throwing it at China, whom only caught it due to his lightening-quick reflexes. The Chinese-man looked at the hamburger with a look of disdain, and threw it over his shoulder while ignoring America's offended noises. He sometimes regretted his decision of accepting being one of the G8's guests.

"We cannot get the meeting started if Japan is missing," The representation of Germany, Ludwig Beilschmidt, sighed with annoyance, wondering what could be taking Japan so long. He was usually early to these types of things, "Keep it quiet!" The German snapped as the nations got a bit loud.

"Ve ~ want some pasta?" The representation of Italy, Feliciano Vargas, stated blissfully as he offered Germany a plate of pasta that seemed to come out of thin air, "It will make you happy!"

The representation of Canada, Matthew Williams, sighed when America grabbed at his arm, shaking him desperately while asking if it was possible to even dislike hamburgers. The Canadian didn't bother to respond to the question.

All of the nations stiffened when the door abruptly slammed open, causing some of the countries to jump in their seats. They all expected to see Japan, Honda Kiku, standing there while offering his deepest apologies for being so late.

Of course, none of them expected for a small and rather beautiful girl to be standing there, panting and looking slightly out of breath as she finally looked up to glance at them.

"Due to some circumstances, Honda Kiku is temporarily not the representation of Japan." The girl stated quickly, very uncomfortable with the stares directed at her person.

"I apologise for my lateness. My name is Higurashi Kagome. I am the new and temporary representation of Japan....!"

And that's when the chaos broke out....

Eh.... what'd you think?