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Chapter 19

Adrian POV

"You call this shit fun?" I asked Minion Two.

"You won't get rid of us this time." Minion Two said. The other one was standing off to the side and I couldn't help but stare at him. He looked familiar…

"Oh shit! Mike?" I couldn't help but ask him. I got a nod in return. "Then that means…Tyler." I stated as I slowly turned my head to look at him.

"Hello Sunshine!" Tyler said sarcastically. "You finally caught on."

"What…but…you two got turned too…" I was at a loss for words. I couldn't wrap my head around this; I was never told that they were turned.

"No shit Sherlock. Cat got your tongue?" Tyler asked with a smirk.

"This can't be happening. This is the worst fucking nightmare ever!" I finally could speak.

"You're telling me!" Mike yelled, making me and Christian back up a little. "I didn't want this!"

"And yet, here you are." Christian mumbled.

"You got something to say, Ozera?" Mike asked him.

That caught Christian off guard but he didn't let it show, "How the hell do you know my name?"

"We know everything, why don't you go get your buddies, Castile and Hathaway." Mike said. Tyler was just looking around; like this was bright sunny day and we were all good friends chit chatting.

At the mention of Rose's name, I froze. I looked behind me to see that she and Eddie weren't there. Where the hell were they and why in the fuck did they leave us!?

"Please tell your friends that it would be useless to try and attack us." Tyler stated.

"I don't know where they are." I said truthfully. I started to look around, hoping I could spot them, but I couldn't see them anywhere.

"I know you don't. But, he probably knows." Tyler said while pointing to Christian. How would he know?

"I don't think-" Tyler gave me a look that said shut the fuck up and I wasn't about to test him. I looked over at Christian and gave him a look, silently telling him to be quiet.

"What? I don-"

Tyler cut him off, "Let's not lie now, it'll cost you." Mike took a step towards us, we took one back.

This isn't good, this is really bad. Don't say a word Ozera! Keep your mouth shut. I keep saying this over and over in my head. Christian is staring at them; I can tell he's debating on what to do. I know what he's thinking and I really hope he doesn't light them on fire. There are more Strigoi, no way in hell it's these two and Brandon.

"Chris, don't you dare say anything." I tell him.

"Shut up Ivashkov!" He tells me, while glaring at me. He obviously knows where they are and now these two dumbasses will know.

"I'm getting tired of waiting…let's speed this up shall we?" Before I know what is happening, there's a hand around my neck and I'm being pulled back. "Now, that I have your undivided attention Lord Ozera, where are your two friends?" Tyler asks. Shit! We have a huge problem!

I try to pry Tyler's hand away but it's useless, it's like a steel trap. I'm not leaving anytime soon. "Don't you…" Tyler squeezes harder, causing me to cough and sound hoarse. My chest starts to get tight and hurt. I start fighting against him, but it's just making me tired. "…dare…s-say anythi-nng." I finally spitted out.

I have no idea where Mike went, but it's just the three of us. I know Rose and Eddie where here somewhere, there is no way in hell they would just leave Christian out here by himself. But now is Christian's only chance of getting out of here alive.

"Chris…run…burn…" It's was the only three words, I could get out. And I saw that Christian understood the plan.

The hand around my throat instantly disappeared and I fell to the ground, gasping for air and coughing. There was a blood curling scream coming from behind me. Christian ran towards me and helped me up. "Come on. He's only wounded; he'll be on us in a minute."

"Where are Rose and Eddie?" I asked him, sounding really rough, it hurt to talk.

"They were right behind us. I swear, I have no idea where they are." He said, turning in circles looking for them.

"This can't be happening! I was told they died! We have to find them…we have to. Belikov. Shit! "I have a feeling I wasn't making any sense right now, but fuck! I have to make sure everyone is safe. I started to walk around, looking for a path or something to take me out of this fucking hellhole. After a couple of seconds, I realized I stopped walking and was just looking around. Everything started to look the same.

"Ivashkov!" I looked towards Ozera; he was standing in front of me, shaking my shoulders. "What in the hell is going on?"

"They have them! I know they do!"

"Who had them?"

"The Strigoi!" I said running my hand through my hair. Where are you Little Dhampir?!

"You're not making any sense! Why them and not us?" I put my hand up, signaling him to stop talking. He had a valid point, where is Tyler? I turn to look behind us, and don't see him where we left him. He wasn't there. Christian realized the same thing.

"We need to go. NOW!" I grabbed his arm and pulled him in the opposite direction that I had originally came from.

"Are you going to explain what's going on?" he asked out of breath.

"Once we find Rose and the guys. We have to find them first!" I'm running out of options here. I have no idea what I'm going to do once I find them…

For the second time tonight, I wasn't paying attention to where I was running, and it didn't help that Christian was behind me.

"Fuck me!" I looked up to see the one person I was hoping to avoid. "Shit!"

"Run." He stated.

"What?" I asked stupidly, what he said caught me completely off guard. Christian on the other hand didn't need to be told a second time. He grabbed my arm and jerked me away.

"10…9…8…" was all I heard Brandon saying.

"What kind of friends did you have growing up? They all royally suck, no pun intended." He huffed out.

"No shit! I already know they suck, they are fucking chasing us for FUN!"

Christian and I were pulled to the side of some tall trees. Christian was ready for a fight, hands were lit up. How he could manage to fight after all this running beats me.

My mind wasn't registering who was in front of me, but at this point in time I really don't care, my throat is on fire, I managed to barely stand up, bracing myself against the tree.

I gradually look up, "Little Dhampir?" I asked moments later. She was covered in dirt and blood from head to toe.

In the distance, we heard, "Ready or not, here we come." What the hell! Round two of this sick and twisted hide and seek game. I never said I wanted to play!

"Adrian, what going on?" She hissed out.

"That's exactly what I want to know!" Christian says a little too loud.

"Better start running Ivashkov." Brandon says and he sounded really close.

"Christian, shut the hell up, right now! Rose, please! I'll explain everything later. Right now we have to go. There are some Strigoi that want me dead."

"Adrian, of course they want you dead, you royal."

"ROSE! Now's not the time to be talking about this. Please, I'm trying to save you, RUN!" I grab both here and Christian and pull them when Christian says, "Wait! Where's Eddie?"

"He's – was right behind me." Rose said looking for him.

"Okay. New plan, find Eddie, get Belikov and then find help. Easy, right."

"No." said the voice in front of us. I knew we should have ran…