The sun was shining like a fireball over the region of Sinnoh. Everywhere you went, it was scorching. Many wild Pokemon were snoozing under trees and in long grass, not even willing to bother passing trainers.
Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu and Piplup were slowly making their way forwards. The group was travelling towards Dawn's next contest and Sunyshore City for Ash's final gym battle. They should have been training, but it was too hot to do anything.
"There is a Pokemon Centre up ahead." Brock said, looking at his PokeGear. "We should be there soon."
"Finally!" Ash groaned.
"I don't think I can take another step." Dawn whimpered. She then looked down at Piplup. "I have an idea! Piplup, use BubbleBeam on us!" She exclaimed. Piplup nodded, and leapt in front of the group. He opened his mouth, and fired four bubbles from his yellow beak. Ash and Brock sighed, but Dawn didn't lose hope.
"Ok Piplup, try Whirlpool!"
"Pip Piplup!" Piplup said, and tried to create a whirlpool, but nothing came out.
"I think Piplup may be too hot to make any water." Brock said. Dawn sighed.
"I guess you're right, thanks anyway Piplup." She said, and Piplup smiled. Suddenly, Ash gasped and grinned.
"I can see the Pokemon Centre!" He yelled. He grabbed Pikachu and quickly ran forwards. Dawn did the same with Piplup, and the three friends and two Pokemon raced into the centre.

As soon as they got in, the trio found the place to be crowded.
"Why is it so crowded here?" Ash groaned.
"I don't know, but let's find some water." Brock suggested. They pushed through the crowd, looking for some sort of water fountain, or a Nurse Joy to talk to. It was difficult to move through, and the crowd seemed to be crushing them.
"Pika Pika!" Pikachu groaned. It was very annoyed about the crowd.
"Don't worry, we'll get out in a minute." Ash said, smiling. But the Mouse Pokemon couldn't handle that. Someone leant backwards, knocking their elbows into Pikachu's face. The little yellow Pokemon glared at the person, and sparks arose around his cheeks.
"Oh no." Ash gasped, and lifted his Pokemon over his head.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu cried, and released electricity from its body, frying his owner. Dawn gasped, and quickly rushed forwards as Ash collapsed.
"Oh my goodness, are you alright!" She asked. Pikachu and Brock chuckled, and the crowd moved away to avoid any more attacks.
"I am alright." Ash croaked. "This used to happen all the time." Dawn smiled warmly, and smoothed down some of his electrocuted hair. Suddenly, a shadow appeared over them. Dawn looked up, to see a girl standing there. She looked about the same age as her, maybe a bit older, with orange hair and pale skin. She was wearing a pale blue jacket, with blue cuffs and a blue lining and zip. Underneath, she was wearing matching shirt and pants. They were both white with dark blue lining. The look was finished with plain white sandals.
"Was that some sort of signal?" The girl said, chuckling. Ash, Brock and Pikachu's faces all lit up, but Dawn and Piplup were quite confused.
"Misty, it's so great to see you again!" Ash exclaimed. Misty bent down and hugged Ash, and Brock and Pikachu joined in. Dawn moved aside, smiling nervously as the friends reunited.