Later the next day, Dawn stood at the desk, smirking proudly. Through the crowds of people preparing to leave, she could see Misty hugging Ash and Brock, tears streaking down her face. Dawn had not been unable to stop grinning since a phone call earlier that morning

After only about three hours sleep, Dawn awoke to find several dresses on top of her bed.
"Oh, so sorry Dawn, I didn't mean to wake you." Misty was standing in front of the mirror, wearing a long blue dress. "I am just trying on some stuff for my date tonight."
"I see." Dawn grumbled, and kicked the dresses off. Misty chuckled, walked over and put them back on the bed. Dawn pushed her sheets off, and ferreted through her bag by her bed and pulled out a PokeBall. She sent Cyndaquil out, who was still a bit injured from the battle last night, but was still standing.
"Cyndaquil, use Flame Wheel on those dresses." Dawn said. Cyndaquil was about to curl up, but Misty grabbed the dresses up.
"Excuse me Dawn, but in case you have forgotten, I won the battle, meaning I won Ash." She snapped.
"Sorry, but I must have forgot the part where you could put your hideous dresses on my bed." Dawn replied.
"Maybe we should sort that bit out then." Misty growled, and sent out Starmie.
"Cyndaquil, use Flame Wheel." Dawn commanded.
"Counter with Rapid Spin." Misty ordered. The two Pokemon approached each other, tearing and scorching the carpet. As they moved, Dawn suddenly remembered a strategy.
"Use Swift, make a Counter Shield!" She yelled. Yellow stars began to emerge from the flames, smashing into the walls and bunk bed, even shattering the mirror. Misty was shocked, but an idea quickly formed in her mind.
"Use Swift as well, counter that Counter Shield!" She boomed. Starmie began to release stars as well, and they all smashed into one another. The room was quickly becoming full of stars, and Cyndaquil's fire and holes made by Starmie's limbs weren't helping. The two girls went to duck under the bunk bed, but it suddenly burst into flames as Cyndaquil rolled past. Starmie smashed through the door, and the battle began to spread into the hallway. The two Swift attacks quickly filled up the hallway, smashing lights and breaking several doors. Misty and Dawn began to follow, but were both blasted back by their own Pokemon's attacks.
"I think we should return them." Dawn suggested.
"Scared?" Misty chuckled. Dawn shook her head, and they looked back to the battle. They were shocked to see Ash at the end of the hallway. The two girls gasped and ran forwards, dodging broken doors, shards of glass and astray stars. They both tackled him to the ground, saving him from the attacks. Meanwhile, Cyndaquil and Starmie bounced off opposite walls, and they collided into each other. There was an explosion, and hundreds of stars appeared, practically destroying the entire hallway. The two Pokemon landed on the floor, unconscious. The three trainers looked up, covered in ash. Misty and Dawn brought their Pokemon back, but not before Nurse Joy arrived.
"I saw that ladies!" She said huffily.
"We're really sorry..." Dawn began.
"It got a bit out of hand." Misty added.
"I know it may be a mistake, but I want your vouchers back. I can return them to pay for the damage." The nurse said, holding her hand out. Reluctantly, the two handed them over, and the nurse turned to leave, but stopped. "Oh, there is a call for you." She said to Misty. Perplexed, Misty rushed over to one of the video phones. She tapped a code in, and saw a message left behind by Daisy.
"We need you back urgently, this trainer came by and they knocked out all our Pokemon. We even had to use Horsea. Please Misty, your Pokemon are probably the only ones we can use."

So that was that. Misty packed her tattered items up, and was ready to go within minutes. Dawn watched as she hugged Ash and Brock, and turned around, looking at Piplup, who was fully cured.
"At least we'll finally be rid of her." She said, smiling.
"Pip Pip." Piplup said, nodding. Dawn turned back, and saw Misty approaching her.
"Yes?" She said, eyebrows raised.
"Can't I say goodbye?" Misty said, looking shocked at her attitude. Dawn realised that Ash and Brock were watching, and she unwillingly agreed to hug Misty.
"I may be leaving, but if you lay one finger on him, I'll have Gyarados eat your stupid little penguin up." Misty whispered, and left the embrace. "Charmed to meet you, hope to see you again at some point." And she walked off as if nothing had happened. Dawn and Piplup's eyes bulged, and the coordinator picked up her starter and stormed off. Ash and Brock, meanwhile, were wishing their friend goodbye.
"See you when we get back to Kanto." Brock said.
"I hope the trip back is good." Ash smiled.
"I am sure it will be, it was great to see you guys again." Misty said. "Bye!"
"Bye!" The two boys said, and Misty left.
"So, have you decided who you like more?" Brock said quietly. Ash looked at him, half amused.
"I have been thinking about it, and I just can't decide." He replied. "But I must say, I have more feelings for Misty at the moment, I have known her longer. Dawn is growing on my though. And don't even consider throwing May into the equation..."

I hope you all enjoyed the story. If you want to carry on this adventure, then there is a sequel in the form of A Sunken Ship - enjoy!