It's the process of gradually exposing yourself to your abnormal or in this case irrational fear. Haine/Naoto

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Title: It has to start somewhere....

Spoilers: Well, not really but this is a drabble simply based on Vol.1 Ch.11 Pg12-13

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He never considered it as a loss.

He simply thought of the other "gender" as mere strangers. Because of their ever declining number in the current population he never bothered to think of a countermeasure in case of emergencies since the simplest thing to do is to obviously avoid them.

People can laugh all they want. He doesn't give a damn anyway.

He comes with the usual bullet holes that pierced through his chest and exits through the back. Nill is not going to be very pleased with this but he could convince her otherwise and tell her that it's the perfect opportunity for practice. The bishop could keep his rants on child abuse for all he cares.

He feels a little lightheaded and he blames it on the blood loss. He catches a waft of wind mingled with an unfamiliar scent causing him to raise his head up. He starts to wonder exactly how much blood did he lose because he's starting to see things.

The epitome of his fear is standing inches in front of him at the concrete steps of the church.

Their eyes meet and for some reason with just one glance he already had a clear vision of her despite the blood dripping just above his eyes.

She's petite like all of their kind though it doesn't seem to bother her basing on her strong and confident poise. Unlike most of her kind she has dark raven locks that are cut short allowing the tips to brush softly across her neck. The purple scarf waves around her neck like a flag and it was at this moment that he noticed that the color of her scarf pales in comparison to that of her dark purple orbs.

It was a brief meeting of purple orbs against blood red ones.

And though their heads have long turned away Haine gets a nagging feeling he will have to get use to a woman's existence.

Particularly hers.

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