After a few months of settling in, Henry though he's knew all the streets in town. But apparently he doesn't.

So it wasn't until he got lost in an alley he'd realize that women and maps are pretty useful. At least if Rika's here she'd bring her GPS system with her. But because of his attitude towards the device puts his relationship with her in a rocky state. And he left to get some fresh air, or be far away from her; because from previous experiences, fighting with Rika Nonaka means death.

He was pretty much sure he was familiar with the area, but one wrong turn he ended up in a dark street. Good thing he put on a jacket, because the rain starts to fall.

"Oh great," he muttered as he wrapped the jacket tighter around his body. But it wasn't long until he soaked. His jet black hair was pressed to his face, and his dark blue shirt clung on his body tightly, dripping from water.

He quickly ran to the nearest building. It was a café, or that's what it said on the plaque.

He walked in and widens his eyes at what he sees. Apparently it wasn't a regular café; it's just a cover up for a brothel. The girls there were checking him out while the men looked at him strangely.

"Hey sweetheart, need some quick 'fix up'?" one of the girls said while batting her eyelashes.

"Oh fuck." He muttered. Rika's going to kill him if she finds out.

"Shush, don't talk about it so loud!" she said annoyed.

Then she tried to drag him upstairs. But he kept still on the spot.

"No, it's a misunderstanding. I got lost and I'm pretty sure my girlfriend would kill me if she finds out." He explained in a hurry.

"She won't know." She whispered seductively, making him shiver.

Then the door creaked open. And there stood Henry's girlfriend. With an angry glare from her violet orbs she pushed the prostitute away from her boyfriend.

"Fuck someone else's guy, slut" she spat out. Henry was relieved, until Rika turned her attention towards him with an unreadable expression.

"And you," she said in a voice barely higher than a whisper. "You're coming with me." She dragged him out to the pouring rain, leaving the others to stare at the strange couple.

They walked in silence. After a half hour, they finally arrived at their apartment building.

Rika slammed the door shut and locked it, before turning to him, demanding an explanation.

He looked at her in exasperation, before sighing and said "Long story short, I got lost and ended up there."

She raised her eyebrow. "So you're saying you're in a whorehouse because you got lost?" he nodded quickly.

"You're an idiot." Rika finally said as she proceeded to throw the map at the grateful Henry.