Just a bunch of pointless drabble. Enjoy some of it. I'll explain what was on my mind at beginning or end of each drabble so you may understand its reasons.

A young boy was walking alone in a field full of flowers, the soft petals tickling his small body as he walked by them. He seemed to have no destination in the almost endless place and soon he sat down on the ground to rest his sore legs from all the walking.

"Man," he sighed, lying down to gaze at the fluffy clouds overhead. "Daddy's gone now, and he's somewhere up there in space fighting demon beasts." A butterfly flitted past his brown eyed gaze. "I want to fight demons with Daddy too, but Mummy wants me to stay here..."

"Perhaps you should stay with your mother," a deep voice spoke from above him. "She probably wants you to stay because she's lonely, since your father has gone to war."

"Uh?" The boy sat up, and came face to face with a strange figure. They were about his height and rounded in body shape, with a blue cape wrapped around them. Two unblinking amber eyes stared at the child's from behind a silver mask with a dark, 'V'-shaped slit. There was an aquamarine mantle behind their head and two shoulder armours were protruding from their sides.

The child wasn't scared of this stranger who'd appeared before him, but he wasn't comfortable with him there. He edged back slightly.

The eyes followed him, but the stranger didn't do anything that seemed particularly threatening.

"Do not be afraid," the masked puffball reassured. "I am not here to harm you. I merely over heard your debate with yourself just then."

The boy looked about, fidgeting with his brown ponytail. There was seemingly nowhere for this unknown armoured person to have come from, not even a forest. If he'd been there all along, the boy would've at least noticed him approaching.

"Who are you?" the child asked, cocking his head.

The puffball looked up to the sky briefly, as if in thought.

"My name now is not important to you," he stated, looking back to the boy. "But what is your name?"

The child shook his head. "Mummy told me not to talk to strangers. I can't say my name."

The puffball seemed to sigh and shrug, his armour clanking a bit.

"Then it doesn't matter," the stranger stated plainly. "What is a boy your age doing out here all alone? Perhaps you should be playing with your friends, or your siblings?"

The boy looked away from the stranger, seemingly upset by this question. He answered any way.

"I have no friends to play with," he said sadly, touching and picking a nearby flower. "They all moved away because of the war. And I have no brothers and sisters either. I'm a single child."

"I see," the masked stranger nodded. "That's... sad to hear from you."

The boy lay down again, clutching the flower close to his chest. "Mummy's angry today. She's always been since Dad left. I don't want to bother her when she's angry, or she'll hit me with a broom and lock me in the cellar."

The masked stranger walked up to the boy's side, and looked upon him from there like some guardian watcher looming over him.

"Don't be scared," the puffball told the child. "I'm sure your mother is simply upset that your father is gone. She's probably a bit angry, and takes it out on you a bit, but I'm sure all she wants is for you to stay with her rather go and fight demons too. I myself have done so..."

"You've fought demons?" the boy asked, looking to the stranger above him. "Are you a soldier as well?"

"Yes, I suppose," the puffball replied. "I have fought demons. But you're too young. It's a tough world out there, and sometimes, the demons are just too strong."

"Is that bad?" the child asked.

"Don't be too ambitious now," the stranger advised him. "It will only land you into trouble. The war is bad out there, and things aren't always as clear and straight-forward as you think."

"What do you mean?" the boy queried, sitting up slowly. "Is it bad?"

The masked one looked the child in the eye with his golden ones, which were turned green with what he said next.

"Yamikage," the stranger said, emerald eyes flickering like a steady and hypnotising flame. "If you go to join the Galaxy Soldier Army, only darkness and despair will follow. Do not listen to those who try and persuade you. I am from a time far into the future and all I can say is you will not reach that time. I have lived alongside a life which will be yours if you join the soldiers in the war on Nightmare."

The startled child reeled when the stranger spoke his name like he'd known it all along. All of a sudden, the puffball seemed to be shimmering with energy, but he was still visible and his green-eyed gaze was still locked onto the young boy's.

"W-Wh-What h-happens if I j-join th-the army?" he stammered, trembling a bit.

The stranger's eye reverted to amber, flashing a deep and somewhat sorrowful blue before gold again.

"You will witness many deaths and destruction," he foretold. "Centuries of your life you will see only blood and hear screaming comrades. You will be captured by Nightmare's forces amongst the turmoil. Then the war will begin to fail for the GSA, for I am one of the only survivors of the future which may be true depending on your decision now. If you choose turn away from the war now, and stay with your mother, you and she will be safe but the war will still be Nightmare's victory. However, there is a high chance your father may come home safely and you will live the full of your life out."

Yamikage blinked. This was so confusing and frightening a future that the armoured puffball was telling him of. Was it true? Could he change it?

"But if Nightmare wins," Yamikage asked, shaking a bit. "Won't that still be bad?"

The stranger looked up into the clouds, eyes going green once more.

"A hero will be born," he said simply. "One named Kirby. He will defeat Nightmare for good and I know this because it has happened in my time. It was only a couple of decades to wait after the war and hopes were high for his birth to happen. Then the Universe will finally be in peace and harmony again."

Yamikage thought about this. He thought hard about it.

"I'm still training to be a ninja," he said sadly. "But if I can't fight, then I need to stop training..."

"Not necessarily," the stranger interjected. "It will be your choice. Just complete your training and do not join the war is what I think is best. I am not forcing you to take this path, though."

Yamikage paused again, his face taking on a look of worry and conflict.

"When will Kirby come, again?" he asked, looking up at the masked puffball.

"A few decades after the war ends," came the reply.

"Where will he be born?"

"A planet named Popstar," was all that he was answered with.

Yamikage looked down at the flower in his hand. Its petals were open and brightly hued in red and pink but the stalk was drooping near the top. He twirled it slightly in his thoughts.

"Popstar?" he repeated in question.


Yamikage fingered the soft, silky petals between his finger and thumb for a bit before sighing.

"OK. I'll stay with Mum and continue training, but I want to go to Popstar and see this Kirby," he decided finally.

Yet when he looked up, no one was there to hear his answer to the problem he'd been opposed with. Just as mysteriously as the stranger had appeared, he'd disappeared.

But as the boy looked about the empty field in bewilderment, he could've sworn he'd heard a faintest of whispers breathing in his ear.

"Good choice..."

Basically, I see lots of things about Meta Knight and Yamikage once being friends before Yamikage suddenly turned bad. I thought up this thing about if Meta Knight found a way to go back in time somehow, and persuaded Yamikage not to go to the war and therefore not betraying to Nightmare. Then Yamikage decides on to move to Popstar later (again because of MK in a way) to wait for Kirby, and so Meta Knight will not be lonely anymore!

People can feel free to take idea from here for own stories or whatever. I don't really mind.