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This is a rather strange little thing I wrote, inspired by a similar sort of idea by Azurefalls. Hope you like it - slight spoilers (as it might not make sense without it)
for the BBC One Christmas Ident.

Disclaimer: I doth not owneth Doctor Whoeth.

Dear Santa,

How've you been this year?
Taking a break from Christmas cheer?
Have you eaten not-mince pies
Have you lain on a beach under blue sunny skies?

Well, anyhow, on to me – it is my letter after all.
I've been happy and sad, angry and glad
I've played games, seen shows and acted mad.
But just a few treats – I'll name a few – could make this Christmas the best of all.

I'd like a real-life Dalek, preferably one that's real.
Maybe a fail-proof unicycle with a training wheel.
A code to let me keep Squirtle and Charmander.
(But I'll let you keep Bulbasaur, fair deal, Santa?)

A Time and Relative Dimension in Space,
Trainers that make me win the Sports Day race.
A gold hourglass, to turn back time,
To an age where happiness was Play-Doh and slime.

How 'bout a wand, from Ollivander
Though Gregorovitch will do
Or, better still, that Hogwarts letter
Surely, by now, it's due?

A date would be nice, with a certain boy
Though Charlieisscoollike would also bring joy.
Please get someone to watch my vlog.
I'd also really like a cat called Mog.

There's this book,
Don't make me write it's name
In which Bella loves a crook
With words always the same.

Liquid topaz eyes, you see
Her favourite crooked smile
Bronze curly hair, you see,
And descriptions that run for a mile.

So this year, if you're not feeling god
Or merely slightly chilly
If got something better than wood
It burns well, I've tried it, so don't call me silly.

A sonic, with settings red and blue
Failing that, a laser would do
A wardrobe made of apple tree
C'mon, Narnia's surely waiting for me?

An armoured bear, or ninjas invincible
A ship of dreams, but really unsinkable,
A Jack who can see beyond glitz and glamour
A Sunday morning in bed, without sisterly clamour.

A ticket to the Oscars – or merely Upper Boat.
A build-your-own pirate ship that actually floats.
A magical shop with things I like
And give twelve-year old Rose a red Christmas bike.

'Cause I have this suspicion, see,
About this so-called Nick
And his "sleigh" (or wooden box)
A fantastic trick.

Yes, sir I am on to you.
The Beeb gave you away.
Santa wears red converse, and drives a bright blue sleigh.
Yes, I am talking to you…
Santa Who?

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