LETTER TO SANTA….The Santaquel?

Hello, hello, hello! And a ho, ho, ho! Iiiiit's Chriiiiistmas! Bored of all the tinsel and cheesy ads yet? I'm not, I'm loving it! So we had a gratuitous four-day weekend (Don'tcha just love snow?) and it made me think. I know, I know, but I swear I avoided infecting anyone else. Remember this fic? Apparently it picked up quite a few subscribers and stuff, and it was so fun to write. So I thought - why not do it again, for 2011? Decided to change the format up a bit, though, to keep things fresh. I'll just explain through a handy poem... (DISCLAIMER: Actually, all of this particular chapter is MINE ALL MINE. Still, no infringement intended and all of this is simply for fun and no money)

To my beloved readers (or at least those who subscribed):
I honestly am so thankful, more than words could e'er describe,
For the kind words, and glowing endorsements.
There are cherubs in my heads, playing sweet instruments.

This rhyme scheme's going nowhere, I'll admit to that,
Already I shortened "ever" and added some heavenly tat.
But this short poem is just to say –
I'm back! I am writing! Mark this day!

This time last year, I completed my epic Santa Letter,
And I don't want to sound stupid but I don't think I could do better.
OK that does sound vain, but bear with me on this -
Because this year I've come up with something you won't want to miss.

A series of ficlets, in poetical form -
25 poems, a fictional storm!
One for each day (And yes I know I'm behind)
So go read and review! Please do be quite kind.

You'll find the link on my out-dated profile
(Oops. What rhymes with – Oh, just go on and smile…)
I promise to at least attempt to stay on the ball;
A poem a day, however conceited or small.

They will all be linked, by a tenuous vein
For my friends, of course it is Christmas again.
So come join me in festive cheer!
I promise you time lords, mince pies and a reindeer.

AN: Awwww. A bitr of Christmas spirit, how luvverly. I would put a link but (A) It doesn't exist yet, (B) wouldn't let me and (C)...actually there is no third point. That's all I got. Sorry :P
Please do R&R the new thing, once it's up, and have a look at Ch.1 of this if you haven't done so :) All reviews answered, and I usually make an effort to R&R on at least some of your stuff in return.