Title: Hermione's Shocking Third Year

Rating: K

Summary: During Hermione's third year she finds out that she's Harry's sister, Snape's daughter, and Remus's goddaughter. Add an escaped prisoner and Dementors and it will be an interesting year.

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Chapter 26: Fighting Against Hate

For the next couple of weeks Harry and Snowdrop didn't hear anymore from Sirius Black and then to everyone's horror a letter arrived from the Ministry of Magic. Snape got it because it was address to him.

"I can't believe it," Snape said during breakfast, "Black actually is trying to get you away from me."

Harry and Snowdrop looked at each other and then at him. Finally Snowdrop asked, "He can't do that, can he dad."

"No, but he's using his seat at the Ministry of Magic to try and do it," Snape told her.

"Why does he have a seat at the Ministry of Magic?" Harry asked him.

"All the Pureblood families that didn't go bad have one," Snape explained, "It's how they help the community."

He hissed the word community and both of them knew that he wasn't buying Black's reason.

"Well I'm not going," Harry told Snape, "You've been more of a father to me then people that I know. I'm not leaving."

Snape, for the first time, smiled at him.

"I agree," Snowdrop said, "Black has no right to do this."

"And I agree and we're going to fight this at the Ministry," Snape told them. "Black isn't going to win."

"And when is the hearing?" Harry asked.

"This Friday at nine," Snape answered and they all knew that didn't give them much time.

Friday came around before anyone knew it and soon Harry and Snowdrop found themselves heading for the Ministry of Magic. Snape decided to use the Floo Network to take them all to the Ministry. Unlike Mr. Weasley he liked to use magic when he brought guests in. Harry and Snowdrop gazed at everything and everyone and Snape looked smug.

When they finally arrived in the courtroom they all sat down and Snape saw Black setting, looking important. He looked out the corner of his eye and saw Harry glaring at Black. Soon people started filing in and it began.

"We are here today to talk about the placement of one Harry James Potter," a woman told the court, "Mr. Sirius Black, a recent cleared wizard, has stated that he believes that he can provide a home for Mr. Potter."

Snape hissed under his breath.

"I can't believe that Black thinks that he can provide a home for Harry," Snowdrop whispered.

"He can't but he's going to make people think so," Snape told her under his breath.

"Mr. Black, why do you believe that you can provide a home for your Godson?" the woman asked Sirius when he stood up.

"Lily and James made me Harry's Godfather if anything should happen to them," Sirius said, "They wanted Harry raised in the Wizarding World and away from the family that had turned their back on her. I agreed that it was for the best if Harry lived with me. Well you can tell what happened to change that."

"And why do you believe that Mr. Snape can't provide such a home?"

"Because Snape use to be a Death Eater and I still believed to be one right now," Sirius said, "He'll hand Harry over to Voldemort (people winced) when he returns to power."

"How dare you insult my dad like that," Snowdrop yelled and a man told her to sit down.

"Thanks for defending me," Snape told her and Snowdrop went pink.

"Mr. Black, do you know that Mr. Snape has been cleared by Albus Dumbledore," said Madam Bones.

Sirius seemed shocked but Harry saw him quickly getting over it. "I'm sure that he charmed Dumbledore into believing this lie."

"And how do you know this is a lie?" a man asked him.

"Because once a Death Eater always a Death Eater," Sirius stated and Harry saw several people glaring at him.

"Mr. Snape why do you believe that you're fit to raise Mr. Potter?" the woman asked him.

"Because of the Blood Wards and also I've grown fond of Harry," Snape told her, "Originally when Lily died her protection that she gave Harry made the blood wards that were part of the Dursley house. However when I discovered my daughter," he pointed to Snowdrop, "I knew that the blood wards could be transferred. As long as Harry considered my house, home, then he'll be protected."

"And who told you this lie?" Sirius snarled.

"Professor Dumbledore did," said a new voice and Harry, Snowdrop, and Snape turned to see Professor McGonagall walk in.

"And how do we know that your telling the truth, Headmistress?" the woman asked.

"Because I have this paper that explains all about the blood wards," McGonagall said, "As long as Harry is living with a blood relation that's related to Lily then he'll be protected. Dumbledore believed that You-Know-Who would return and try and kill Harry once again. The fact that Sirius is Harry's Godfather doesn't change that. He still has to live with a blood relation and that relation is Snowdrop, whose Severus daughter."

"And how's this possible?" one of the judges asked.

"They had a relationship with Severus before she died," McGonagall answered.

"That's a lie!" Sirius stated and the gavel was hit to bring order. "Sir, Lily would never have an affair, she loved James too much."

"That's enough," the man snapped, "Show me the paper."

McGonagall approached and handed him the paper, he read it, and then called order.

"I've got no choice but to not honor Sirius Black's claim that he has the right to Harry James Potter," the man said, "Therefore, for Harry's protection, he shall remain at Prince Manor."

Harry and Snowdrop both hugged each other, happy that it had worked in their favor.

Nineteen Years Later

"Juliet, are you coming or not?" said a stern voice of Snowdrop Snape.

The Hogwarts Express was soon about to leave and both Snowdrop and her father didn't want Juliet to miss the train.

"I'm waiting for my cousin," Juliet said.

"I'm sure he's on the train," Severus told her and at that moment Harry and Severus wife which was Luna Lovegood Snape; and Charlie came running onto the platform. Harry used magic to get the trunk into a compartment, quickly kissed Charlie goodbye, and then he hurried and got on the train.

"Why can't I go, dad?" Lily asked Harry.

"Because your two years to young," Harry told her.

"But Angie will be allowed to go next year," Lily complained.

"Because she's ten," Harry said, "Now wave goodbye to your cousin and wish him well."

Lily waved at Juliet just as the train started to pull out. They all watched Lily running after the train and soon she had to fall behind.

"I heard that Black is starting next term," Luna said.

"Mum, don't remind me," Harry said, "I'm not actually looking forward to it."

"Teddy's starting next term," Lily said, more in the line of complaining.

"That's because him and Tonk's son is also ten," Harry said, "Now where's your husband at, sis?"

"Neville is working at the Ministry," Snowdrop told him.

"I still can't believe that you married Longbottom," Snape told her and Snowdrop glared at him. "Well I better Apperate to Hogwarts."

And with a loud CRACK he was gone.

"Don't let him bother you," Harry said, "He doesn't think any wizard is good enough for his little girl."

Snowdrop grinned at him. "I know."

Luna and Harry said goodbye and headed for the Ministry as well leaving Snowdrop with Lily. She took the little girl by the hand and soon they were gone as well and naturally all was finally well at last.


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