Safety and Peace Malik

Just a oneshot about various replies from Malik when Altair greets him in the assassin's bureau, humor based and made from boredom.

Day one.

Altair had just finished an assignment in Jerusalem and was eager to get some rest at the bureau before returning to Masyaf.

Walking there was Malik, behind the desk of the rafiq. "Safety and peace, Malik." Altair greeted evenly.

"The opposites upon you." Malik replied flatly.

Day two.

Altair, after a long horse back ride from Masyaf, was just walking into the assassin's bureau, seeing Malik he greeted, "Safety and peace, Malik."

"Go to hell." Malik replied.

Altair frowned.

Day three.

Again Altair entered the assassin's bureau. "Safety and Peace, Malik." he greeted the rafiq evenly as always.

"Your presence slowly strangles me, get out." Malik stated without looking from his text book.

Altair narrowed his eyes.

Day four.

Altair staggered into the bureau, a nasty gash on the left side of his waist, blood dripping to the floor as he limped up to the desk of the rafiq, "Safety…and Peace, Malik." Altair rasped out.

"Stop dripping on my floor you slob." Malik said boredly, still not looking from his book.

Altair collapsed with a glare.

Day five.

Altair walked into the bureau, the sounds of alarm bells echoed from the outside, "Safety and peace, Malik." he greeted the rafiq after setting the bloodied feather down.

Malik took the feather and placed it in a box, "I suppose alerting the whole city and coming straight here was a good plan, now maybe the guards will find us and we can have dinner together." Malik drawled sarcastically.

Altair felt his eyes twitch.

Day six.

Altair jumped down into the assassin's Bureau and walked over to the desk of the rafiq, "Safety and-huh?" Altair noticed there was a distinct lack of a rafiq behind the desk. Walking over to it he saw a piece of parchment.

He read it aloud, "Dear Altair, I would have waited to greet you, had I found you worthy of such, instead I went out to get some food, by all means go back to Masyaf, as I will not be sharing my meal. signed Malik."

Altair then proceeded to crumple the piece of paper with a growl.

Day seven.

Altair stumbled into the bureau, an arrow petruding from his right shoulder, and several small gashes on his arms and legs, a red stain on his chest, his breathing coming in short gasps. "I need…medical attention…" he stated quickly, winded.

Malik glanced at him with a studying gaze, then finally said, "You've got blood on you."

Altair promptly collapsed with a glare, frown and mumbled curse.


That's all I got, may add more if I feel up to it, hope it was worth your time, and yes, I am aware it does not follow the game story line.