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I Will Ammend My Mistakes.

To most people who know me, my name is Shusuke Amagai. That name, however, is only half right. My name by birth is Shusuke Kisaragi, son of Shinetsu Kisaregi. My father was a kind man, good in his heart and honorable. He believed in giving everyone a chance, as he liked to find the goodness in people. However, he was not so naive that he believed it existed in everyone. He used to tell me that all you could do is extend your kindness to the other person. If the person you offered it to proved themselves to be of bad character or hurt you, move on. All you could do is try. I admired him and his non-judgmental nature and dreamed of the day that I would grow up to be just like him.


It would seem that my day has come.


Cries of diseblief and dismay filled the air as a pillar of fire shot down from the sky, It slammed into the ground, spraying out steam and mud in every direction. Standing at the center of the blast, was a man, barechested, his shihakusho torn and ragged.

He opened his eyes, gasped, and blinked in surprise. Surprised that he could still breathe, let alone blink. He had just tried to kill himself, yet, where was he now. Rain, thick, wet droplets, splashed down onto his bloodied, singed face. At his feet, lay a boy, barely even a few hours old. There was a strange symbol painted across his stomach-

"Who the hell do you think you are?!"

"Shuusuke Amagai." The man in the tattered shihakusho answered quietly, without thinking. Upon turning his gaze slightly to the right, his eyes widened, for he found himself surrounded by a group of people wearing strange outfits, flak vests, and headbands engraved with a leaf symbol.

Most of whom, were glaring angrily at the infant. After a moment, the boy stopped crying, and opened his eyes. They were the most startling shade of sapphire, and for a moment, just a moment, they gave Amagai pause. Then the infant reached up to him, apparently wishing to be held.

This boy...he had power. And to think, he was only a newborn. Briefly, the ex-captain clasped the hilt of Raika. With this, he felt the approval of his sword, and after another moment, took a deep breath.

"Where is the infant's mother and father?"

Silence. Some hung their heads, others...gave less pleasant reactions.

"I see." Pity stabbed at his heart, and refused to heal the wound left there. To lose one's parent, Shusuke Amagai knew this pain all too well. But surely the boy's pain would be much, much greater. He would never even remember his mother and father, and would always be left to wonder.

Such an alternative remained unacceptable, in his mind. The death of Shin'etsu Kisaragi still left a blackened spot upon Amagai's heart, alongside the constant guilt he felt for misunderstanding the last, dying breath of his father. He'd caused so much pain for a simple misunderstanding...

Would this boy have the same path? Could that path be prevented if there was someone to watch over him, prevent him from leading a life filled with hatred and vengeance? Possibly. Most likely. Certainly.

With this in mind Amagai knelt down before the boy, and swiftly scooped him up in the crook of his left arm. Immediately, the boy's crying ceased, and he grew quiet, wincing only as a raindrop plinked into his right eye, and even then, he only squirmed a bit, nestling himself in tightly, his face into the chest of the shinigami, and away from the rain. A faint smile flickered across the worn visage of the ex-captain, before being replaced by a stern scowl, one that now found itself focused upon the crowd.

"Then henceforth, I take this child as my own."

"Wait," Someone protested, "You can't just-

In anger, Amagai seized Raika's hilt with his free hand. Flames trickled across the katana, creating steam as the rain hit them. But a few droplets could not quench the fury of his zanpakutou, and within moments, the night itself was basked in the afterglow of the inferno.


With a triumphant trumpeting sound, Raika glowed a brazen white as it transformed, more flames licking out from the tubes at the hilt, and the curved, crescent hook at its tip. Pointing the crux of said hook at the nearest villager, Amagai remained ominously silent, daring them to speak out in protestation again.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Someone made the mistake of saying, and Amagai did not so much as glance over his shoulder when a spark of flame turned that man into a pile of ashes. Backing away from their companions remains, some of the villagers drew weapons...

Only for a dense air of reaitsu to smother them.

"Please, calm down."

Whipping his sword towards the speaker, Shusuke Amagai found himself face to face with an elderly man. Like the others, he was dressed in combat attire, though his expression seemed to convey gentle kindness, sadness, as opposed to the brash disgust of other villagers.

"Who in the hell are you?"

"I, am Hiruzen Sarutobi. The leader of this village" A small smile now touched the elder's face. "And that boy you have there, the one whom you have professed a concern for," Now Sarutobi directed his gaze to the contented infant still nestled against Amagai's bare chest, and by now, sound asleep.

"Is Uzumaki Naruto."

"Hmph." Amagai snorted in contempt, Raika flaring angrily at his side. "So then, you would ask me to trust you, a complete stranger. What kind of fool do you take me for?"

"Is it not so strange that I see you as such?" Sarutobi countered. "Normal men don't simply appear in a flash of fire as you just did."

"I don't believe I ever classified myself as normal."

"Nor did I."

Despite his best efforts, Shusuke actually felt himself beginning to take a liking to this man. Though he was old by human standards, compared to a shinigami like himself, this man was still quite young. His sharp wit exceeded his age, and the fact that he, like most of the villagers, could see him without a gigai, certainly spoke for itself.

"Speak what you have to say, then. I'll deign to listen to you."

"You have my thanks then." Sarutobi gave a stiff bow and released the spiritual pressure. "Now, if you'll please follow me inside? I'd prefer to have this discussion away from prying ears and eyes, if you don't mind."

Amagai shook his head, reluctantly sealing Raika back into the sealed state of a kodachi.

"I don't."

And as they entered the gates, rain continued to fall, all throughout the night.



Alright, Before you ask, because I just know you will, I have absolutely NO idea if Naruto will just become a shinigami, ninja, hell or maybe even both. However, if he should become a shinigami, he will not get Zangetsu. Ichigo and the rest of the Bleach crew are alive and well, so I don't want him having one someone else has. Kazeshini or Nejibana might be the exception to that rule, but only them, cuz Kaien's croaked and wind is obviouslyNaruto's natural element. Otherwise he'll get an original zanpaktou. Vote on the poll for that.

The matter of him, living in Konoha or living/traveling to and from Soul Society is something else entirely. In case you've forgotten, they're kinda in the middle of a WAR right now, and Amagai isn't exactly welcome after all the chaos he caused. But like I said, its up in the air. They mightforgive him if he joins back up during the big brawl with Aizen, which at the moment, ain't looking too good for the heroes if you've been keeping up with the manga.

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