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My name is Isabella Marie Parker. My father's name is Peter Parker, and mothers name is Mary Jane Watson. Peter married Mary Jane when they turned nineteen years old, after my father changed. Yes, my father is not human he is considered 'Spider-man' to the outside world but to me I just consider him Dad. When my father turned immortal at the age of nineteen Mary Jane changed also, we aren't human and also not considered a normal family.

Dad thinks that I will turn immortal too when I turn eighteen, that way he will always be considered older than me and always my father even if it doesn't look it. My father is a handsome man with brown hair and bright blue eyes, mom has long red hair and brown eyes and both stuck in the ages of under twenty years old. I look a mixture of both of them; I would say that I have my father's face but my mother's eyes. I have long brown hair that goes all the way down to my waist that is very curly but with red streaks going through it when I am in the sunlight. Mom and dad always say that I was given a natural beauty but I always thought that I was plain especially standing next to them, they are too beautiful, and for which most people practically drool over them.

When I turned ten years old dad told me about his special abilities. I learned that he has skin that can't be pierced by anything not even blades of any sort, I also learned that all of his senses were heightened so he could see, hear, and feel things that I could not. Peter told me that mom was given the same abilities but he won't allow her to do anything with it saying she could get hurt. He also told me about his main ability with the webs. I was very impressed, but even mom can't do that. They are also very fast, dad says he can go faster than a car, so he takes me running sometimes also for fun.

That's basically how we spend our family time, flying around or hanging out on buildings as dad shows us his favorite sightseeing places. I love it very much too just feel the wind in my hair as business's whir past us, it is one of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt in my entire life. To just let go and feel the earth at my fingertips is an extraordinary feeling and is not one to ever be passed up.

Mom works as a singer and dancer, when we moved to New York she auditioned for a career on Broadway and was accepted after only one small audition. Mom thinks it because of dad's special gifts that he gave her but he always tells her otherwise. Dad works at the newspaper taking pictures of 'Spider-man'; I find it ironical when I take a picture of him without his mask on and there is no money involved. So mom and dad make a good living in which they try to shower me with gifts all the time but I always decline unless it's a new book. That's where I come in thinking about how I am seemingly not even related to them, they are too perfect.

In my school I don't have any friends, nothing more than just acquaintances. I don't fit in anywhere, I am an outsider to the world, that's how I became such a reading addict, and fell in love with the classics and never went back. I go to a private school so things are kept relatively nice not a lot of drama, I am not one to get picked on and nor does anyone else for that matter, things are always calm.

Sadly things aren't always strawberries and cream, there is always danger lurking in the shadows when nobody knows it's there. Whether it's in the form of drug dealer or a rapist, dad's always out there trying to track them down and turn them into the police. He's always very good at doing that because he always catches around three to five people every night, thinking that they can get away with it even if it is something insignificant as stealing a purse. Dad keeps New York safe in which many people are grateful for but also many hold grudges against dad and have tried to find him and reveal his real identity but to no avail, we just look like a regular family to the outside world. That's just what dad does; once the criminals are turned in we move on and keep the peace.

I always think that he is going to get hurt someday but he always reassures me that he will always be fine. He doesn't want mom to be doing the same Spider man duties as him because she is not as strong as him, she was given all of the special gifts except for the main webs.

Peter and Mary Jane's look, and seem relativly human, but alas, are not. The day they stopped aging was the day that they didn't need to breathe anymore. They can both eat and drink human food, but it isn't a necessity. They say that it is just tasteless to them so that they can eat in front of humans if necessary. If they were to go into the doctor's office and get tested though, I am sure there would be a problem with a few of those blood tests.

Dad says that I am slowly developing my powers. He tests my senses almost everyday to see if they are getting better and from what he can tell things are going very well. I could tell that I was changing just by noticing that I don't fall every chance that I walk, I can actually go in a straight line without falling now. Ice is another story though.

Dad and mom always have much free time due to the fact that neither of them sleeps. Dad usually catches most people at night but when a big robbery happens during the day he is always there, sometimes before he even knows it. His Spider man duties keep him out most of the night but when he decided that the streets are clean of bad people he comes home to mom and me.

Mom never gets mad that dad is out so late because she knows that he is just trying to help, and she even convinced me the same thing too. So during the night she just practices her dances for her current shows. Mary Jane teaches me how to dance and sometimes dad joins in also, they have taught me so many dances that I doubt that there is one that I have yet to learn.

We don't have to move often, and when we do we just go to a different part of the city. New York is a large city so it is easy to get lost in the sea of people; nobody has ever called us out on our age. We usually move every five or so years and mom has to find a new job every time, even though they all love her, I can tell that she wishes to stay on Broadway. She looks nineteen years old but in reality she is forty five.

Money is not a scarcity to us, as both of my parents jobs pay well so we can always afford a new nice house, and probably in forty or fifty years we can move back to our original homes.

We do travel often also, whenever I get a break off for school mom and dad take me somewhere new every time. They usually take me someplace sunny and warm but now as the new school year starts in a few weeks I can't help but be nervous by the looks that I am receiving from them.

They look incredibly guilty and nervous and are always casting their eyes away from mine, I can tell that something bad is about to happen soon. I can't help but fret at to what is about to come, because I had no idea that thiswas ever going to happen to me as mom and dad sat me down on the chair and they both took the love seat clasping hands together as if it were there lifeline.

"Bella…," dad started.

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