Gibbs/Ziva fic: Advent Calender


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This is just something stupid I felt like writing while waiting to go to work, and simply because it's almost christmas... what? everyone else is doing something!!! Heavens has!!!

Summary: Gibbs, Ziva, advent calender... need I say more?

On the twenty-fourth of December, the team were all sat around their desks, watching the clock, ticking ever so slowly to Christmas Day. Abby on the first of December had brought in an advent calender and put it on Gibbs' desk, and every day Gibbs had said one of the team could have a chocolate from one of the windows.

Abby, being Gibbs' favourite had the majority of the choclates, and the rest had been divided between Ziva, Tony and McGee, but Ziva had felt generous enough to split hers between McGee and Tony.

Gibbs came into the bullpen with his cup of coffee and grinned, as he saw the team and Abby looking at the clock and occasionally glancing at the advent calender. He sat at his desk and grinned again when they all looked at him, once the clock said 00:00. He leant back, as if deciding who should get the last chocolate, he looked at Tony- who looked hopeful, he looked at McGee- who eyed the calender, he looked at Abby- who looked smug, as if she knew it was for her, then he looked at Ziva- who was pretending to be interested. but her eyes told him that she really didn't care. He opened it slowly, teasing them, he looked up at them again and then put it halfway into his mouth... what? He was entitled to at least one. Tony, McGee and Abby looked pretty gutted, while Ziva grinned in amusement. Gibbs got up, the chocolate still halfway out of his mouth, he walked over to Ziva and kissed her. The chocolate melted between their tongues, they broke apart grinning, loving the looks on their collegues faces.

'' Merry Christmas David.'' said Gibbs, before walking out of the bullpen with a chocolatey grin on his face.