Gibbs/Ziva fic: Advent Calender


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Summary: Gibbs, Ziva, advent calender... need I say more?

On the twenty-fourth of December Ziva was sitting behind her desk. Yes... I know... Christmas Eve, Gibbs had a lot of making up to do if he wanted a happy ninja. She kept flicking her gaze from the clock to her screen and back. She looked at McGee and Tony, even Abby, standing behind McGee, she knew exactly why.

Since Abby had brought in that advent calender?, Abby, McGee, Tony and herself gathered around waiting for Gibbs to deliver the goods. Obviously Abby would get most of them and the rest had been split between the rest of them, Ziva had given hers away, it was not as if she would over indulge in the sweet brown stuff over the vacation.

She turned her head, as Gibbs walked into the bullpen holding a cup of his favourite coffee and he grinned that grin, the grin she just wanted to eat off of his face ever since the day she had laid eyes on the marine, but that snippet of information she would keep to herself. She saw him sit at his desk, still grinning, he knew exactly why they were staring at the clock. Once the clock finally struck midnight, they all looked at Gibbs, he actually smiled. He sat back, looking at them all, Ziva looked at them subtly. She bit back a laugh, Tony looked like a puppy hoping to get a treat from his master... nothing new there then, McGee looked at the calender and Abby looked as if she knew it was for her... probably was.

He then looked at her and she tried to look interested, but in all honesty, the only thing she was interested in was going home and that gorgeous marine sitting to her left.

He looked at them and popped it into his mouth, Ziva gave a small grin, all that tension for nothing... so Gibbs. He got up and walked over to Ziva and kissed her. Ziva, although surprised, reacted quickly and soon the chocolate had disappeared, leaving nothing but the taste of chocolate and coffee in her mouth. She opened her eyes to see him, walking to the elevator. She grinned, wiping the chocolate away from the corner of her mouth, ignoring her friends looks.

'' Feel free to slide down my chimney tonight.'' said Ziva, under her breath, watching Gibbs' ass.

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