There are over 195 nations in this world, all different in their own little way. From the biggest, Russia, to even the smallest, Sealand, all the nations are important to the world. We don't know how the nations became human, and we don't question it. Its just something that has always been and will probally always be. Maybe the nations are just here to serve their leaders, to be literal pawns and knights in the big chess game of life. That is what most people believe and even some nations believe. But, some wonder, what if there was a bigger purpose to being a nation, what if they were put here to lead us, not listen to some human leader? Most nations wouldn't dream of it, while others would take over in a heartbeat. One nation, older than the rest knows the dangers of a being a nation. He has seen many things, being immortal, and has come up with a list of lessons all nations are to follow, just as if it was the human's bible. The name of the rules are simple: W.O.R.L.D S.T.A.T.E T.P.M (Total Peace Model). All nations know this rule book by heart and live by it to ensure the promised peace they were to get from following it.

Rule number one: Wars

Rule number two: Other Nations

Rule number three: Relgions

Rule number four: Leaders

Rule number five: Disasters

Rule number six: Secret Services

Rule number seven: Treaties

Rule number eight: Appointments

Rule number nine: Trading

Rule number ten: Economy

Rule number eleven: Travel

Rule number tweleve: Polotics

Rule number thirteen: Memorials

It worked at first, but something wasn't right, it seemed not finished. When asked about this China would deny the question, saying it was complete. The nations accepted this and decided that world peace was unattainable after all and some abondaned the lessons. Then, World War II started, and the nations lost all hope for peace on earth. There was betrayal, bloodshed, and death amoung the nations, some of them injured so bad they could hardly move while others wondered why they had attacked in the first place. The rest of the world watched as the Allies fought against the Axis, throwing everything upside down, the list of rules forgotten by most except for the few who believed everything would turn out right. Alfred F. Jones was one of those nations, believeing everything had a happy ending, just like in all the movies his people created. The hero always prevailed while the villians were defeated. Peace would come, he just knew it.