Isabella Swan is the ultimate Hollywood good girl gone bad: she is best friends with the notorious drug and alcohol junkie actress, Rosalie Hale, has a criminal record, is dating the Hollywood bad boy and is beautiful beyond belief. Edward is a fan from the good Bella days and hates the person she has become. Now, an emergency visit to the hospital where Edward works, finds a large quantity of suspicious drugs in Bella's system but Bella swears on her life that she has never done drugs. Now Edward sees that everything is not always black and white and learns that is you look hard enough, you can always see a person's true nature; is Isabella's good, or is it as bad as bad as it appears to be?

If the Bella that the Public sees is not the Bella that Edward sees and the Bella that Edward sees is not the Bella that her friends see, then who is the real Bella and why is she hiding? Who is she trying to protect.

Will the real Isabella Swan please stand up?