*I do not own Bokura ga Ita (We Were There). It is Yuki Obata's creation. I used some of the things that were said in the anime/manga and put it into this fanfic of mine only with some more description. I actually repeated some parts from the manga with a lot of the same words just, as I said, with more detail. Changes POV's sometimes between Nanami and Yano. I hope you like it! Reviews please!

We're going to be happy. I know that we will. When I am with Yano I felt whole, I felt.., like his other half. Everyday, all day, I think about him. I sometimes wonder if there is a limit to love. I can no longer imagine a world without him.

"Where should we go on Sunday?" I asked him. He rested his head on his arms that were crossed on his desk.

"How about the zoo?" he suggested smiling that adorable smile of his.

"Before when I said I wanted to go to the zoo, you laughed at me." I answered with a glare.

"I was only teasing. Let's check out the monkeys! Monkeys!!"

"I'm not in the mood for monkeys."

"Then where do you want to go?"

"Um…, the beach!!" I smiled. Yano paused for a second bringing in memories of the last time he had gone to the beach.

"Ew! It smells like rotting kelp! This isn't nice!" Nana-san cried out.

"I told you." Yano replied trying to ignore the disgusting stench.

A bug crawled beside her foot. "AHH! A bug! I hate this! I want to go home!"

"But we just got here." Yano answered looking annoyed.

As they walked away from the beach, Nana-san asked, "Moto-haru are you mad?" He didn't answer. "Sorry. I just wanted to see …, something pretty." Yano turned around and said,

"Okay, someday I'll take you to an island in the south."

"Really? When?" she asked excited hooking arms with him.

"Well…,first I need to save some money. How about in ten years?"

"Idiot." She giggled.

He still hadn't given me an answer. "…? No?" I asked all of a sudden. He got out of his daze and replied,

"Sure. Girls like…, the ocean don't they?" I looked at him for a moment wondering what he could mean by that. "The beaches around here aren't like the ones you see in photos. You still want to go?"

"Yes." I had a feeling of determination and no desire to go to any other place for a date except the beach.

"Then we'll go! Let's go see the ocean!"

He gave me a slight smile and then we exited the classroom.

The next day approached quickly and we had already arrived at the beach. There was barely no one there. Perfect alone time for me and Yano!

"Kelp!!" Yano yelled out as he waved some in front of my face jokingly.

"Kyaaaah!" I yelled backing away as fast as I could. I glanced at the ocean seeing it glimmer and shine. "The water is so shiny and pretty."

"Aren't you glad we came?" Yano asked. I nodded my head as I was still admiring the scenery.

"Let's collect some seashells! I brought a jar!" I excitedly told him removing the lid from it. We dug through the sand looking at all kinds of shells. I only wanted to have the 'perfect' ones. I wanted to keep them as a memento to remember this day. "There aren't any cherry blossom shells." I complained.

Looking up from the sand Yano replied, "We'd have to be farther south to find shells like those."

"Oh, I like this one." I said happily picking it up. My hand brushed against Yano's. We looked up into each other's eyes and we shared a soft kiss. Pink shaded my cheeks as I giggled. "Stop tickling me."

Yano looked at me confused. "I'm not." I looked down to see a long furry bug crawling on my hand. "GYAAAAHHH!" I cried out startled as I stood up shaking it off.

"It's a sea slater! Just a sea slater!" Yano reassured me trying to calm me down. I started to calm down. Yano continued when he said, "It won't sting you or anything!" A vivid image of Nana-san popped into Yano's head. I want to go home! I want to leave now!

"Yano?" I said as he then again got out of his daze. "Sorry.., I freaked out."

"Do you want to go home?" he asked looking down.

"But we just got here." I answered very confused.

"But you hate bugs right?"

"Huh? No. I think your confusing me with something else." I told him. The look on his face just told me everything. Nana-san hated bugs, didn't she? "You need to forget Nana-san!" I told him raising my tone, "She wasn't fair to you. She lied to you, betrayed you and left you all alone. You have the right to be angry! You've got every right to hate her. You probably wish you could complain about it to her, but she's dead. So right here, right now, tell me everything you wanted to say, complaints, anger, whatever."

"There's nothing I need to say okay?" he told me trying to turn away.

"There must be something you want to say." I said pulling his arm towards me making him look at me once again.

"Shut up! There's nothing I want to say!" He said turning away. I pulled his arm one more time making him look me in my eyes.

"I'll listen to whatever it is. If Nana san were here…, what would you tell her?" He paused for several seconds and went into deep thought about her. All the memories of how they met, all the times they shared and everything she told him flooded through his mind.

"I'm really sorry but, could I borrow some money?"

'You've never really been in love with anybody before, have you?"

"I promise I won't betray you."

"If she were here right now what would you say? Just say what comes to mind." I said again once more awaiting his answer.

"You're…, a liar." He started saying with a voice of sadness. "What you say and what you do are two different things." Nana-san's smile shined in his head. The image started to disappear as a tear dripped down his face.

"Yano!" I yelled out surprised. I held him, in my arms as he cried in his hands,

"I can't hate her. How could I hate the girl I loved so much?"

"Yano..?" I said breathlessly.

"Everything…, I'll forgive you everything. Just…, I want you to be alive and here with me." He sobbed.

What? Here with you? What about me? Does Yano even love me? Has this all been a lie? Memories of Yano and I flooded my mind that very instant.

"Let's create a present that's better than my past."

"I vow on a shooting star to be with Nana-chan forever."

"I like you."

Liar ,Liar ,Liar, Yano you are a liar. All these things were lies! I took my hands off Yano. Tears swelled up in my eyes and they poured down my pale cheeks. "Yano…,I can't go on like this anymore . I can't make you happy. I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to you." He looked into my eyes with disbelief. He had stopped crying and just stood there saying nothing. I ran away from him and took the next bus home. I sat there depressed and so lonely. Yano had already had a heartfelt wish. He had to keep hating her so that his grief wouldn't overwhelm him. It's how Yano protected himself. Why do people make promises they can't keep? Why does this have to happen?

Meanwhile, Yano still stood there on the beach. He muttered Nana-chan's name over and over again. He started to sob softly again. Raindrops started to drip down his face and then it started to really pour down like the sky was crying as well. Why? Why did this have to happen? I love Nana-chan, why did I ruin it?Why is my life only full of sadness?

I want to meet you over and over again.

And I want you to make you to make a fool of me over and over again.

I'll keep repairing what you break until it wears me out.

I'll stay with you until it breaks me.

I'll be the clown, the idiot, the dog…

I'm willing to throw away my pride and composure.

I don't need anything.

Only…, tell me you love me