.Fate Chapter 3

When I told my Mom about my break-up my Mom didn't seem upset but rather, overjoyed. She always thought Yano was some pervert or something. I still think about him every day. I have some regrets of not keeping my promise more than I did. But it's over now so I guess I should try and take on day at a time and at least try..., to move on.

"A group date? " Yano asked surprised. He still hadn't got used to the whole 'single' thing.

"Yeah, Saturday. I told you before, remember?" Yano's classmate mumbled.

"Oh, sorry. I can't go. No money." Yano said making excuses.

"Yeah, right. I promised the girls you would come. If you don't go they will be mad!" his friend fought back.

"You did?"

"You had no intention of coming did you?" he said reading Yano's mind basically.

"Eh..." Yano muttered. He changed to a persuasive expression and said, "Well you know, I'm still in the mourning period for the breakup...,I don't think I should be hooking up right now." He put it in a jokingly way but really was telling the truth.

His friend tried to hold back his laughter with his hand across his mouth as he said, "There's no need to hold back, it doesn't suit you. And she was the one who dumped you, so nobody will complain if you go. Don't stress."He smiled being sucked into his friend's scheme. Suddenly, he caught Nana-chan's eye from across the room. He froze and just stared at her, even when she turned around not looking at him anymore. He started to pout without realizing it. "Uh, can you hide that pathetic look on your face? Wear glasses or something." Yano realized how lame that actually sounded and agreed to go on Saturday to the group date.

Yano sat down at the table with all the barbie dolls that google-eyed over him. He wore a hat and sunglasses, as his friend suggested.

"Eh? You don't have a girlfriend?"


"Seriously?" all the girls asked in disbelief.

"Huh? Oh yeah." Yano answered getting out of clouds.

"How long has it been?"

"Hey, yeah. How long?" they all asked interested.

Yano's friend had angry thoughts running through his head. I told him to hide his face,not become the centre of attention.

"Two weeks?"

"You just broke up?" the girls exclaimed feeling sorry for Yano.

The friend getting annoyed yelled out over all the girls voices, "Um, he just got dumped, so you should leave him alone."

"Why did she dump you?"

"Oh? You got dumped?" they asked worriedly trying to sympathize with him.

"It doesn't matter." Yano replied trying to look happy, which he wasn't.

"Ah !"

"He's still hurting!"



"Aw, he's depressed." all the girls squealed trying to not make it awkward ,which it was. As he fiddled with his straw, some of the girls wanted to leave, he looked very depressed. He looked up to see the attention had shifted to his friends. A sigh of relief escaped as he looked down at the table. All of a sudden, a girl asked him,

"When is your birthday?"

"Huh?" Yano snapped his head up, stopping his self-pity daydreaming.

"Your birthday." she repeated.

"?...July..." he answered kind of confused.

"A leo?" she asked with a grin.

"No, Cancer actually."

"Then, I guess your more sensitive than you look." she winked.

Yano just stared at her. A horoscope freak? Wow...

"Hey, I think your cell phone is the same model as mine." The girl said as she picked up his cell phone off the table.

"Hey, pass it here. I want to see!" another girl called out reaching over. All the girl's now shifted their attention back over to his side of the table seeing what was going on.

The girl ignored the other girl's reaching hand and pressed the ok button on the cellphone revealing his wallpaper. "Oh! Who's this?"

Yano choked on his drink. He had forgotten about the 'wallpaper'. "Uh..."

"Hey, is this the girlfriend?" the other girl interrupted him. All the other girls whispered to eachother gossiping. "The wallpaper is still set to the girlfriend who dumped him!" Everyone passed the cellphone around looking at his favorite picture of Nana-chan. The guys stared at Yano with their expression's saying, 'poor you'.

"Oh wow." the next girl laughed as she looked at the picture.

"What?" Yano asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"She's just so average! I was expecting a much cuter girl! I guess you don't go for the pretty ones!" she said between laughs. Yano gave her a mean glare. But, she's super cute isn't she?

"You're still pining?" the girl next to him asked.

"Oh, no. Just haven't bothered to change it yet, that's all."

"Okay, then I'll just do it. Delete it too while I'm at it." the girl said just about to press the 'yes' button to delete the picture.

"Huh? Stop!" Yano yelled out grabbing her hand. She covered her mouth suprised. Everyone froze and stared at him like he was crazy.

"Uh, sorry. I deleted it."

He stood up pushing the table out a little. "Bathroom."he groaned. No one said a word. He rushed in already dialing the familair number.

"Please record your message." the phone operator's voice said after the continuing ringing stopped. He crouched down on the floor and whispered into the phone,

"Takeuchi, do you still have that photo of Takahashi wearing her yukata you sent me last year? If you have it, send it to me right now!" One of his friends had already walked into the bathroom. 'Can you be any more pathetic' his look pretty much said. He walked by him and washed his hands. "Don't tell anyone." Yano ordered him.

"I won't" his friend replied. Just before he left the bathroom Yano asked,

"You mind if I go home?"

"No. Go ahead. I'm sorry I forced you into it." the friend lastly said before exiting the washroom. Yano flipped open his phone. No new messages, I wonder if he really will send it to me. He also walked out of the washrooms heading towards the exit. He looked up and froze. The girl from the table stood in front of him.

"Forgive me?" she smiled. Does she even mean it? Oh, whatever.

"Don't worry about it. " he mumbled as he passed by her.

"Hey, do you want to go somewhere?" she asked attempting to flirt with him.

Oh boy! "Um...,I'm strapped for cash."

"I can pay for you." she offered.

"You mean...you want to hook up right?"

"Sure, if it's you." she said stroking his arm.

He looked at her with one eyebrow raised. "I..,have to really like the girl. Sorry." The girl gave him a mean glare and then shoved past him back to the table. Yano walked out the entrance doors and headed towards the bus stop. Nana-chan, I miss you.

Don't regret,

Do everything you can while you still have the chance.

That's what I think it means...,

to have a "happy heart."