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It was cold and dark. "What is this place?" An azure hedgehog said to himself as he wandered the dwelling of solitude. There wasn't any other soul lingering near or a hint of an existence. It was just like a dream...

"Hello Sonic", a somehow familiar voice hissed. The world's hero, Sonic the Hedgehog spun around to see another hedgehog.

"Who are you, how do you know my name, and why do you look like Shadow?" Sonic asked quickly, his eyes scanning the dark figure before him.

The hedgehog looked much like one of Sonic's rivals, Shadow, but instead of red streaks, it had green. It also had no mouth or nose. (It was a wonder how it can talk) Instead of Shadow's glaring red eyes, it had green eyes much like a snake's.

"You don't remember me? Oh wait, of course not. After Princess Elise blew out the Flames of Disaster, the events that happened never happened. But I survived."

Sonic's eyes widened as the memories came back. The city of Soleanna, Princess Elise, Flames of Disaster, the demon of time, Ilbis, death, rebirth, Solaris, blowing out the flames...

"M-Mephiles?!" Sonic gasped and stepped back. Mephiles was the demon of time that made up part of the sun god, Solaris. Princess Elise, the one who ruled Soleanna, had Ilbis sealed within her. But if she were to shed a tear, Ilbis would be unleashed. Using Sonic's and Elise's friendship against them, Mephiles successfully killed the hero. Elise had cried and Ilbis was free. Mephiles had joined with it to become Solaris again.

However, Sonic was revived with the power of the chaos emeralds and transformed himself, Shadow, and Silver into super forms. Together, they managed to defeat Solaris, but it then was found out that Solaris existed in the past and future and had to be defeated in those times as well. Silver and Blaze had took care of the future one. As for the past, Princess Elise blew out the Flames of Disaster, and so the events that took place never happened.

Mephiles chuckled darkly and stepped towards Sonic, making the azure hedgehog step back.

"What do you want?" Sonic asked warily. Mephiles then smiled a smile that chilled Sonic to the core.

"Revenge and your death." Mephiles circled Sonic slowly, making the young hero tense up.

"How I would love to kill you now", Mephiles whispered. "But it would be too easy. That's why I made some...plans."

"Plans? What do you mean?" Sonic asked, his emerald eyes never leaving Mephiles' poisonous green ones. Mephiles chuckled.

"You shall see...."

Sonic woke up in a cold sweat. He sat up quickly, not remembering where he was. He relaxed as he recognized the familiar surroundings of Miles' house.

Sonic scolded himself on forgetting where he was as he got off the couch he was sleeping on.

There was a sudden clanging noise that made the hero jump two feet in the air.

If Sonic wasn't awake before, he was now. He sighed as he stretched and smiled in the direction of the loud noise.

'Tails is still working on that project?' Sonic wondered. 'It wouldn't hurt to see how he is doing.'

Miles was a two-tailed fox about nine years old. He was a friend of Sonic. He was like a little sidekick. But despite his young age, he has high intelligence. His friends called him "Tails" for his two tails. Tails felt like Sonic was his older brother, and Sonic felt him as his younger brother.

Sonic approached a metal door. He pulled the cold, hard metal handle, to reveal a large room.

The room was littered with mechanical parts everywhere. Some looked brand new, their surfaces gleaming. Few were rusty with age, brown rust clinging to every joint. There were also tools, like wrenches, screwdrivers, saws and much more.

There were also completed robots of various sizes in different places in the room. Some stood proudly tall and some were small enough to be passed for a computer chip.

In the middle of the mess, stood an orange fox fixing a large plane. He had a wrench in hand and seemed to be tightening a joint on the plane.

Sonic grinned and went to him. "Hey Tails! Still up working on the Tornado I see."

Tails jumped a bit and turned to face his idol. "Oh! You almost gave me a fright! I thought you were still asleep on the couch."

Sonic just ruffled the fur on Tails' head. "I had a little nightmare, but don't worry about it. How come you're still up?"

"Oh, I'm still working on the Tornado. She still needs some work." The Tornado was a plane that Tails built long ago. It had helped Sonic and the gang with countless adventures.

"You look tired. You need to rest for the night. The Tornado can wait tomorrow," Sonic said.

Tails sighed. "All right."

"Mind if I crash for the night?"


They both walked out the messy room. But before Sonic closed the door, he asked, "Hey Tails, do you remember anything about Soleanna?" Tails turned to Sonic with a tired look on his face.

"Soleanna? Uh... Not really. Why?"

Sonic just looked down and closed the door.

"Nothing. Just wanted to know."

"Okay. Goodnight..."

"Goodnight Tails." After Tails closed the door to his bedroom. Sonic sighed and sat down on the couch with his face in his hands.

"It's just a nightmare. Don't worry about it." He whispered to himself.

"After all, who mimics the shadow of another person?"

Sonic just isn't the person to worry... Here's an excerpt from one of the future chapters:

The cerulean hedgehog's ear twitched. His instincts were screaming at him;something bad was about to happen.

Sonic started to tense up. Then suddenly, he shot to the side, startling his friends. A Chaos Lance shot by. If Sonic was still standing there, it would have impelled him.

The hero glared behind him to see a crystallized hedgehog.

"Oops. I missed."

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