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The early morning's light woke Sonic. He yawned and got off the couch. He stretched and sighed with satisfaction. He then walked across the cool floor to the brown door that led outside.

Sonic opened it and stepped outside. He closed the door and breathed in the sweet, fresh air of the morning.

It was the beginning of a new day in the Mystic Ruins. There was some fog covering the ground. The sun peeked out from the horizon, its golden rays spilling onto the land. The sky was pinkish; the sun's rays touched the fog, turning its color into a soft hue of gold. The green plants on the ruins of statues of a lost civilization glittered with dew.

The blue hero sighed with contentment. Mornings here were always beautiful.

The door behind him opened, startling him a bit. He turned to see Tails. Tails yawned and rubbed his eyes. He sighed as he saw the breathtaking picture Mother Nature had carefully made.

"Everyday, I see this, but I never got used to it. It's just so beautiful and it brightens my day," Tails said, gazing.

Sonic then spotted two figures walking towards them. One was a little taller than the other. The other was a female hedgehog and the one walking with her was a red echidna...

"Hey Knuckles and Amy!" Tails greeted them as he and Sonic joined him.

"SONIKU!" Amy glomped Sonic and held him tight.

"Uh Amy... can't breathe..." Sonic gasped.

"Sorry!" Amy let Sonic go and he gasped for air.

"Knuckles? Why aren't you guarding the Master Emerald?" Sonic asked.

Knuckles was an echidna who was the last of his kind. They got wiped out by the god of destruction, Chaos. He protected the Master Emerald all his life. The Master Emerald was a big green chaos emerald whose power keeps Angel Island afloat and can control the power of the seven chaos emeralds. When he and Sonic first met, Knuckles was told from Eggman that Sonic was evil. However, he discovered that wasn't true and eventually, the two became friends.

Amy was a cute, pink hedgehog that has this crush on Sonic. She carries a big hammer called "Piko Piko Hammer". She is usually sweet but can become angered. She is a great ally and friend to Sonic.

Knuckles turned a little red.

" smashed...." Sonic smacked a hand to his forehead.

"Again? Let me guess...You "accidentally" smashed it," Sonic made quote signs with his fingers on the accidentally part.

"Of course not!" Knuckles protested.

"You see... I was forging for grapes, keeping an eye on the Master emerald. Then it got smashed! I caught a glimpse of the person before they disappeared. It looked like Shadow..." Sonic's breath caught. Looked like Shadow....

'Could my nightmare be true? If it is... No, it can't be. There is no way that Mephiles could have eluded the erasement of his own existence...'

"What do you think Sonic?" Tails asked, snapping the hero from his thoughts.

"I was wondering that if it was Shadow, why he smashed the Master Emerald." Sonic lied a bit. Knuckles nodded.

"On top of that, chaos emeralds are being stolen," Amy looked a bit worried.

"Eggman hasn't done anything for the past two months. He could be up to something with the chaos emeralds..." She trailed off. Sonic winked and pulled out a blue gem from his spines.

"If Eggman wants all of them, he has to get this one from me," Sonic said as he threw the azure chaos emerald into the air and caught it. Tails smiled.

"I should have remembered you have one already!"

"But I still don't understand why Shadow smashed the Master Emerald. I don't see why that would help him," Amy said. Sonic frowned and put the chaos emerald away. He put a hand on his hip.

"We need to find Shadow and find out why he did it."

"But Knuckles said that it looked like Shadow. It could be someone else trying to pin the blame on him," Tails pointed out.

"I know. Nut we still need to find Shadow. If he said he didn't do it and seems to be telling the truth, then we would know it's someone else." Sonic explained. Knuckles took a minute to go over Sonic's words and nodded.

"Fine. But do you know where Shadow is now? He could be anywhere." Sonic rolled his eyes.

"Hey, I'm not his babysitter, ok?"

"We can go to G.U.N. and see if he is on any mission," Tails suggested.

"Okay then, off to the G.U.N headquarters!" Sonic announced.

"After this, I'm going to search for the Master Emerald's shards... For the eight freaking time," Knuckles muttered.

Tails looked thoughtful, while Amy looked excited that she would be with Sonic, but at the same time worried about what Eggman was planning. Knuckles, on the other hand, had a scowl on his face. He seemed displeased that he failed to stop the Master Emerald from shattering and that one of his friends could have done it.

Sonic smiled to reassure them that everything will be all right. But inside, he had many questions that he feared the answers will be something sinister. There was a question that kept resurfacing; that its answer could spell doom for the planet and its inhabitants.

Is Mephiles really back and what is he planning?

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