and finally, the end... enjoy!

Part Four

Using his powerful thighs for leverage, she pushed herself out from under him, shoving him onto his back before he had a chance to ask or argue. As she moved to straddle him, she smiled at him, seeing the trusting, permissive gaze he offered her. That look itself was a power trip for her, seeing that he wasn't going to question or fight, knowing he was just as happy to turn himself over to her as he'd been to take her.

She wanted to reward him for his trust.

And show him what he'd been missing for all those years.

Leaning down, she kissed him again, amazed at the sensation of finally tasting his mouth the way she'd always wanted. And with the way he was letting her, touching her, caressing her back, fondling her breasts, unhurriedly, she knew he'd thought a lot about the kissing too.

Reminding herself that there was plenty of time for kissing later, she pulled her mouth away from his. Her lips drifted over his body, the same way he had done with her. She loved the taste of his skin, the smell of him as his body heated up, she couldn't imagine a better spot on Earth. Slowly, she worked down his chest, kissing and licking and touching him in all the ways she'd imagined. She'd always shied away from men who were built like he was, some part of her too afraid to turn over trust to someone who could so easily overpower her. But it was different with Elliot, she knew he would never hurt her, and so she loved the way his hard muscles felt as they moved under his soft skin. She loved the way they tensed and released as she kissed them. She loved that they would protect her any time she needed protecting.

Slowly she worked her way down his abdomen, feeling his dick fighting the restraints of his boxers, listening to his guttural moaning as her mouth mapped his body. Her tongue traced the last bit of skin above the elastic, figuring that was enough of a warning for him. She'd made her intentions pretty damn clear as far as she was concerned.

He offered no resistance as she pulled at his shorts, lifting his hips from the bed to help her, making no complaint when her nails dragged down his legs as she removed them. Once she'd flung them to the floor, she looked at him, taking in the full image of him, his perfect body in all its naked glory, hot and erect and completely at her mercy.

And then his hands were tugging at her panties, pulling them lower on her hips. Wanting to let him see her the way she was seeing him, she pushed herself up long enough to toss them aside. Then she slowly lowered herself back to straddle his legs, giving him time to just look at her.

The look in his eyes was nearly enough to kill her. She'd never seen such love and adoration and desire aimed at her.

She wasn't going to cry during sex because it was far too cheesy, but damn it, she thought about it.

Her head lowered, her hands resting on his hips, her tongue sliding over her lips in anticipation.

"Liv." She could hear it in his voice, the hesitation, the longing. He was going to tell her she didn't have to, even though he wanted it. He really was just too fucking perfect.

And at some point in the future, maybe when her mouth wasn't wrapped around his dick, she might tell him that. In the meantime, she sucked and licked and tasted and teased and loved every inch of him. She loved the way he felt in her hand as she held him. She loved the way his hips fought against his attempts to hold them still. She loved the way he keened her name through clenched teeth.

If there was one thing she could say with certainty, it was that Kathy hadn't known what the fuck she was doing down there. She couldn't have, not with the way Elliot responded to what was probably not the best blow job in the history of all the time.

But hell, maybe it was.

She knew he was nearly there and she reluctantly let him down easy, not about to let their fun end so soon. As she kissed her way back up his body, she felt his arms wrap around her, holding her so tightly it seemed he was afraid she might try to get away.

Just as her mouth was level with his and she moved in to kiss him, he spoke again, his gravely, thick voice sexier than anything she'd ever heard. And so were his words.

"I love you."

She froze for a second, unsure how to respond. She wasn't sure he meant it, if maybe he just thought he was supposed to say that when he was in bed with someone, if maybe he thought she expected it or needed it.

And rather than speaking any of her thoughts, her mouth opened and she responded without even knowing what she was going to say.

"I love you too."

It frightened her to admit it, to hear her voice revealing something so personal, but there she was, straddling her naked partner with nothing separating them, and she wasn't scared. She knew she could trust him. She knew somehow that his words had been true, not just formulaic.

He moved quickly, taking advantage of her muddled thoughts, flipping her back over and climbing on top of her. She could read his thoughts, his intent clear as he pushed his hips lower and dipped his head.

"No." She shook her head at him.

"No?" He looked quite confused, and more than a little disappointed.

She grinned at him, her hand moving to stroke his dick, totally distracting him. "Later. We've got time." She'd waited long enough to feel him inside her. She wasn't waiting any longer.

The smile was slow to spread across his face and she could see the way he was working through her words. "Later?"

She nodded, realizing he'd thought it was a one time deal, that there would be no next time, that he would never get another chance to worship her body. "Later."

To help speed things along, she widened her legs, bending her knees, fairly begging him to seal the deal.

And he did. After one brief swipe of his fingers across her to make sure she was as ready as she claimed, he was inside of her, stretching her, filling her, making her scream with pleasure at actually having him where she'd wanted him from the day they'd met.

One look at his gorgeous face and she'd been willing to bend over the nearest desk and fuck if the man hadn't made her wait more than a decade to give them what they both wanted.

She ached her back until she could reach his shoulders and pull herself up, her teeth finding his neck and latching on, biting down hard enough to make sure she left a mark for making her wait so long. He didn't seem to notice that she'd gone vampire on him. He was supporting her, his hands under her ass, thrusting up into her as gravity pushed her down. His head was leaning forward, his forehead resting on her shoulder.

"Fuck, Liv."

She giggled as she let go of the skin she'd bruised quite thoroughly. Good luck explaining that to the guy at the front desk. And the state troopers. And Cragen. And anyone else the poor pale-skinned Irishman would see for the next week.

"I think that's what we're doing, El." To punctuate her words, she moved her legs, wrapping them around his waist, playing on the fact that he was so fucking strong he could support her without help.

As he started to laugh, his rhythm faltered, his hands slipping on her sweat-slicked skin. Luckily, when she started to fall backwards, he was right there with her, landing on top of her and ready to start pumping again.

"Smooth." She teased him, watching his face try to laugh and be completely serious at the same time.

"Stop making me laugh, Liv. This isn't the time!" He sounded frustrated, even as he kept right on chuckling.

She leaned up, grabbing his ear with her teeth. "If we can't laugh now, when can we?"

"Later. We've got time." He parroted her words back at her and she realized he was right.

They were able to share a laugh in the most intimate situation and that was a good sign, but it was perfectly understandable that when they came together for the first time he wanted it to be solemn and reverent.

Her nails dug into his back as her body started to tighten, knowing he could feel her getting closer, knowing he was probably right there as well. And she loved him a little bit more, just because he'd wanted to go down on her to get her off first, just because he was trying to wait for her.

His fingers were gripping her hips so tightly she knew he was leaving bruises just as dark, though not as public, as the one she'd left on his neck. She hadn't expected any less; she knew Elliot would have to mark her physically in some way. He wouldn't be Elliot Stabler if he didn't insist on playing the alpha male in every possible situation.

She reached up, pulling his bottom lip into her mouth, tasting it, tasting him. He pushed his tongue in, trying to put as much of himself inside her as possible. And while he was tasting her, she felt his hand work between them, his fingers pressing her clit, rubbing her until it overwhelmed her.

It only took a moment, her body almost seizing as she felt the orgasm roll through her, her fingers gouging into something as her back arched and her body exploded and the world went dark.

Holy fucking hell.

She wasn't even sure of her own name as her body shook, her release still washing over her, her body still feeling shockwaves, tightening around him as he thrust a few more times until he was there too, calling her name as he emptied himself inside of her, collapsing heavily when he came back down.

Yeah, she'd been right about Elliot making a better blanket. She'd never been so warm and happy and comfortable in her life.

Eventually, he let out a deep breath, lifting his body onto his forearms. "Am I crushing you?"

She shook her head, her arms involuntarily tightening around him. "No. Stay there."

He smiled, his eyes drooping as he blinked at her. "I plan to."

She smiled back as he dropped his face into her neck. She figured if he stayed right where he was, she'd be the first to know when he was ready for later to happen.

Bunnies had it all figured out. Fuck when they want, play when they want, hop around and be fuzzy the rest of the time. No wonder they made her smile. She giggled happily.

He lifted his face once again, looking at her with his brow furrowed. "What are you thinking about?"

She giggled again. "I want a pet bunny."

And then he was laughing too.