A Friend

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I've had to put up with a lot of things in my life. You know the usual things that can aggravate or frustrate a person. Like your little brother trying to read your diary. Mom's gossip about your social life or lack thereof. Said little brother's friends trying to peep in on you when you're in the shower. Dad giving me the birds and the bees chat because due to some strange fluke of work schedules Mom has already given it to said little brother and by default it falls on Dad to give 'the talk'. But, this that has just occurred with my fiancé, Samuel Uley, is just too much. He comes storming in demanding to know what is going on. First of all, no one doesn't just come storming in anywhere I'm at. He needs to storm to the door, stop, check his self, breath and then bring his sorry ass through the door. Secondly, he knows he should greet me with a 'hey, hun, how's it going?' or how about, 'baby, how was your day? Guess what stupid rumor I heard.' Instead I get…

"Leah what the hell do you think you're doing?" Sam demands bursting through the door as I'm actually in the kitchen making pot roast, his favorite.

"Well a fine how do you do yourself, jackass." I snap angrily having already lost my chipper mood which prompted me to even bother making said pot roast that is piping hot. "What the fuck is your problem, Sam?" I snarl slamming the oven door shut and dropping my oven mitts.

"Are you fucking Jacob Black again?" He huffs out angrily and I freeze. Jacob Black? I haven't spoken to Jacob in months.

"No, why should I be? Are you and Emily playing house again?" I ask eyeing the hot pot roast. I should throw this in his face and watch him cry out in pain as it burns his face. I mean where the hell did all of this come from?

"No! I'm not even talking to Emily but you," Sam begins but I cut him off.

"Haven't spoken to Jacob in months. And no I didn't just fuck him then either." I answer glaring at him. "Where did this all come from?"

"Uh…well, Paul, said," And that is where I've heard enough. That jackass, Paul Meraz, is such a gossiper. He's been the thorn in our relationship since high school.

"Paul said, huh? How many times have I told you not to listen to Paul? One time too damn many. Look, I'm going for a walk. Enjoy your damn pot roast and I'll maybe talk to you later." I snap grabbing a sweater and my purse heading towards the door.

"Lee-Lee, baby wait." Sam calls but I don't stop and get into my car and drive off.

I can't believe the nerve of him and Paul. That was three days ago and I'm still fuming over it. Sam has tried to call me but right now I'm not in the mood to deal with him and his lame, sorry ass excuses. Honestly, this whole mess started over a year ago after a bonfire. Somehow or other Sam wound up screwing my cousin, Emily, thus causing me to leave him and her trying to pull themselves back together. I stayed at home for a couple of months during that time and in turn ended up having a couple of some really great nights with Jacob Black. Sam found out which isn't unheard of on such a small reservation. But, getting back with Sam after Jacob was just so hard to do. The sex was just…wow, unbelievable. The problem being was that it was just sex between us. We were both going through a bad moment in each of our relationships and had some 'stress' that needed some relieving.

But I had started developing feelings for Jake during those two months but then and even now I can't see myself and don't want to see myself basing an entire relationship around sex. Jake is a really great guy and friend. He went to college and came out with a psychological degree. He counsels people with drug and alcohol problems. He's even the counselor kids at tribal school. He was always good for advice even as a kid; which is probably why I'm heading over there now. Just need some advice is all, right? Absolutely.

At least so I tell myself over and over as I head towards the small red house just off the main street. Jake is still living at home which makes sense because Billy still needs help around the house. I walk up to the front door and knock patiently waiting for the door to open. The door opens and I smile brightly at Billy who has a huge grin on his face. "Well, if it isn't lil' Leah Clearwater." Billy says teasingly as I step in giving him a quick hug and a kiss.

"I'm not so lil' anymore, Billy." I state standing up straight earning a chuckle for my efforts.

"Well, maybe not in height but you'll always be lil' to this ol' man." He says shaking his head as I follow him in the house. I look around happy to see everything still in order. "So come to bring us some good news?" Billy asks snapping me out of my inspection. My eyebrow rises in questioning as I look at him because I have no idea what news he could be expecting. "That you're done with that Samuel boy and ready to make me some grandchildren with Jake?" Billy asks hopefully and I blush slowly shaking my head.

"No, Billy." I answer as his smile falls and I frown. I can only guess Jake never bothered to tell him that we were strictly in a FWB relationship.

"He loves you, you know that, right?" Billy states causing me to stiffen. "Just a reminder." Billy adds quickly continuing on as he reaches down for a bag. "Well, Jake's in the garage tinkering with something and if you don't mind sitting around with me waiting on Charlie then I'll see you around, Darling." Just as I'm about to speak up there's a knock on the door behind me and I open it up to none other than Charlie Swan.

"Heya, Lee." Charlie greets as I give him a hug. "How's things going?" Charlie asks cautiously and I can't help but smile at his anxiety. His daughter, Bella, dated Jacob but during their brief hiatus was when my fling with Jake started. Needless to say, she much like Sam was very disappointed that their significant other found someone else. So while Sam had Emily, Bella had Edward they, I suppose somewhere in their minds, figured Jake and I were supposed to sit up somewhere crying and mourning them until they felt ready to come back.

"How's Bella?" I ask and I frown when I see him turn beet red. "Oh, I, I'm sorry." I quickly apologize. Since my own business became Rez gossip I stayed away from any and all gossip. Honestly, the last I heard was that Bella and Jake were still dating but not exclusively – guess things changed.

"Nah, that's alright, Lee. You didn't know." Charlie quickly excuses seeing the genuinely apologetic look on my face. Waving the boys off I head towards Jake garage with my heart pounding. He wasn't attached to her anymore…was my coming a bad idea? Any doubts I have disappear the moment I step over the threshold and see his feet hanging out the bottom of an old Ford pickup.

I clear my throat to get his attention and try to fight back the enthusiasm that is building at seeing him after so long. He rolls out from under the truck with a frown – a clear sign he's expecting someone either with bad news about the truck or someone he just doesn't care for. But, his eyes light up the moment he sees me. "Lee." He greets excitedly jumping up. Despite my original coaching I can't help but run up and jump into his arms hugging him tightly. I've missed him so much. "Heh, I've missed you too, baby." He whispers wrapping his arms around me awkwardly, not wanting to get oil and grime on my clothes and holding me just as tightly. I can't believe how much I've missed him, his scent, his warmth, his voice, his whole being. I'm not sure how long we are holding one another but, let me tell you, it's not long enough before we eventually pull apart.

"How are you?" I ask sighing as he gently kisses my forehead. Did I mention missing his kisses? If not, I've really missed his simple little kisses and the hot and heavy, passionate ones too. But mostly these sweet ones.

"Eh, can't complain much." He answers with a shrug walking away from me but coming back with another roller for me. "Care to join me? Or do not want to get your lil' dress dirty?" I frown looking down at my outfit not seeing what's so special about it. It's just a simple flower print dress – nothing special. "You're over analyzing." He says laughing and slides back under the truck. With a roll of my eyes I lay down and slide underneath with him.

For some reason something like this has just become our thing. Before our FWB I'd help him with whatever piece of metal he was working on and we'd talk for hours about anything and everything. It seemed to stem from when we had psychology courses together. But, I think it was really so we could be as close to one another as possible without too many questions being asked.

"So…Sam did what now?" Jake asks snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Accused me of cheating with you…again." I answer watching closely as he's tightening or loosening something.

"Again? Oh…because you two never officially broke up thus making you the last person to cheat." Jake answers as if it was simply common sense but I hear the hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"I suppose."

"Which is strange because this is the first time I've seen you in uh…2 months, 14 days and some odd amount of hours." He throws out casually.

"Not that you're counting, right?" I tease but he stops working and his brow furrows. "5 hours." I answer after looking at my watch.

"So did you leave him or are you just taking a break?" Jake asks getting back to work and I can hear the disappointment in his voice.


"And you came to me wondering how and where Sam might've gotten the idea that we were meeting again but behind his back this time." I sigh and nod my head as he gives me a quick glance. "So was it my dear, loving brother-in-law, Paul?"


"That ass-face." Jake grumbles out. And that is why I love this man.

"Exactly!" I reiterate nodding my head quickly.

"Embry asked about 'us' when Paul and Rachel were over visiting Dad." Jake answers finishing the job and sliding out from underneath the body. I follow behind him as he starts working on something under the hood.

"What about?" I ask trying to get a good look at his facial expression.

"Uh…if, I'd seen you lately." He mumbles and asks me to hand him a tool. I do as I'm told and wait for him to continue. "I told him, yea, in passing and that I thought you looked good. Actually, I said, "She's looks so fucking hot" which of course went from there." I nod my head knowing how Quil and Embry can be especially together and with Paul snooping around.

"When did you see me?" I ask curious how I could've missed seeing him while out or more like why he didn't say anything.

"You were at the grocery store, a few weeks ago, and Sam was with you." Jake admits with a sigh. "As much as you would've looked forward to our little reunion; I doubt he would've been quite so pleased to see us hug." I nod my head in understanding because since Sam and I got back together it became his job to keep me and any Black relative (sans Paul) away from one another. It sometimes acted as if there was some huge conspiracy between Billy and Rachel to get the two of us together.

"Well…just so you know. Next time you say something Dr. Jake and let me handle Sam." Jake doesn't say anything but continues working on the truck. To pass the time I play my favorite immature and childish game of 'what's dat?' while touching said object. The game continued on for quite a while as I'd quickly point at something and drawl out in a high pitched voiced, 'what's dat?' and he'd with restrained patience answer me and pull my hand away.

"Alright, you're bored, Lee, I get it." Jake snaps snatching my hand causing me to giggle. 32-minutes a new record. There's just something so funny about seeing a psych grad lose his cool.

"What's dat?" I ask pointing at his furrowed brow and leave a streak of grime going right down the middle. He presses his lips together and hangs his head sighing as I giggle.

"Did you just get dirt on my face?" He demands and I can see the smile that he's fighting to hide peak a little.

"Maybe." I drawl out batting my eyelashes.

"Well what's dat?" Jake asks smearing some grime on my cheek. "And dat?" He throws out before I can open my mouth poking my shoulder. "And dat?" He pokes my belly causing me to giggle and squirm. From there a 'what's dat' smear dirt and tickle game erupts. I'm not sure how long we're playing but suddenly there's a loud crack of thunder that startles me and I notice the rain is pouring down outside. When I turn my attention back to Jake I realize that we're both dirty, sweaty and I'm sandwiched between the truck and Jake.

"I should," I begin but Jake slowly shakes his head leaning in closer to me. Following his head I mimic his action by shaking my own head 'no' which pleases him.

"I think you should stay longer." Jake whispers as our lips are only inches a part but slowly closing in. His warm breath feels so good against my face and somewhere deep down in the back of my brain is something – a little nagging sensation telling me not to…what? You have to speak up louder little voice. "So fucking beautiful." Jake whispers before finally closing the gap and capturing my lips. I quickly melt into the kiss allowing Jake's tongue to slide into my mouth and caress and explore my mouth. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my hands in his hair wanting more of him – it's been so long. I moan as his hands touch and massage as much of my body as it can reach.

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