The Aftermath

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I did it; I had just come out and said. I, Leah Michelle Clearwater, came out and told Jacob Ephraim Black that I love him. And what does he do? He freezes up on me. Jacob shuts down on me and has been dead quiet for like the longest two minutes of my life. I know because I can only hold my breath for 45-seconds and I've done it twice so with some seconds in between to catch my breath, mentally beat myself for holding my breath in the first place and for not just snapping Jacob out of this weird fog, haze or whatever he's allowed himself to fall into.

I mean I know I haven't made a complete ass of myself because he said it first. Sure it was in a burst of anger, frustration and possible blue balls but he still said it first thus eliminating any possibility of me making a fool of myself.

His heart is racing but his breathing is still steady and all he's done is look at me. He did that 'searching' thing that he does to see the truth within the person before him. I let out a sigh because as much as I love looking into Jacob's eyes there's only so much a girl can stand. I mean would a –

"Say it again." Jacob says with a huge grin starting to break out over his face.

"Ex-queeze me?" I ask because I was suddenly distracted by that gorgeous smile of his. I know, I know. Bad, Leah, bad, bad Leah for letting Jacob's smile disarm you like that. But really I'd like to see anyone not forget their name with Jacob Black smiling at you or how about when he's standing right in front of you shirtless. It's really hard to look at his face, sometimes, because that is a really nice chest.

"Leah," Jacob calls.

Damnit. I was looking at his chest again.

"Huh?" I breathe out as Jacob chuckles and I feel both his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Say it again." Jacob repeats. "Let me hear you say it again." Jacob says closing his eyes and resting his forehead against mine.

"I love you." I tell him slowly and softly. He doesn't open his eyes but I do feel his hands slide lower, his body pressing into mine and pushing me against the side of my car.

"Again," He repeats and I wrap my arms around his neck.

"I love you, Jacob Black." I repeat again only this time placing a light kiss on his lips between each word.

"That's what I thought you said." Jacob says with a smirk as his eyes finally open.

As we look into each other's eyes all I can do is smile as Jacob leans in and captures my lips. The kiss starts of sweetly and simply enough but, just like all things in life, it quickly turns passionate. Jacob's tongue gently brushes the bottom of my lip before nipping it lightly. With a light moan I, of course, open at his very nice request and find myself completely lost one his tongue touches mine.

He tastes like cherry – cherry Starbursts.

Our tongues begin to caress one another as my hunger for him grows. I know the feeling is mutual as pulls me closer to him, his hands are squeezing my ass cheeks and I find myself fighting the urge and desire to jump up and wrap my legs around his waist.

I'm trying to stay in control but it's hard – hard like his cock that is pressing in my stomach. I'm gasping for air as Jacob breaks our kiss and begins peppering my neck in kisses. I moan as his skilled lips kissing and sucking on the skin of my neck while randomly leaving sensual love bites that have me feeling weak in the knees and wet in my jeans. I feel my self-control starting to slip as Jacob's hands slide up and slip underneath my shirt. The feel of his hands on my bare skin sends an electric current that goes right up my spine and causes me to arch my back.

"I love you, Leah." Jacob says and even though his face is buried in my neck I can still hear the smile in his voice. I smile at him like the Cheshire Cat and open my mouth preparing to return the words back to him but then suddenly there's a deep 'ahem'.

I panic and quickly try to push Jacob back but he's not having it. No, Jacob plays it cool and simply puts a small amount of distance between our bodies while still keeping a firm grip on my hips. I look up at him and blush as I see him giving me a stern look that is clearing screaming, 'don't freak out and run away – again'. Jacob must see my consent because he nods his head, releasing my hips and slowly turns around.

My eyes narrow as I see who it is that has interrupted my heated make-up, make-out moment with Jacob. Embry motherfucking Call.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Embry says with a huge shit-eating grin on his face. "I hope I wasn't interrupting something." Before I can open my mouth to cuss Embry out and send him on his merry way does he walk up towards me and quickly snatches me away from Jacob. My eyes widen in surprise and I look over at Jacob to see him with the same surprised look.

"Let me just borrow her for a quick second." Embry says walking me away. Jacob's eyes narrow for a second at Embry's choice of words but doesn't do anything further as we stop only a few yards away.

"So…I take it you're done avoiding Jake?" Embry asks looking down at me with a hard frown.

"Yes," I state with firm conviction.

Amazing how firm and confident one can become after a kissing a hot guy and I think Embry is thinking the same thing as he chuckles while shaking his head.

"I have no idea what Jake's got but I really need to get me some of it." Embry says before winking at me. I can't help but blush because it's something I've been trying to figure out since I saw Jacob in my psychology course. "Well I hope that you remember your promise – promise to take things slow." Embry clarifies as I look at him confused.

My eyes widen and I groan loudly, falling into Embry's chest.

"I fuckin' hate you." I mumble into his chest as he laughs at me. I hate it when Embry is right, which is quite often, and he remembers shit that I've forgotten.

"No, you don't hate me. You love me and just hate your raging hormones." Embry clarifies patting my back.

"What's going on now?" Jacob asks and I groan again. His voice sounds all deep, husky and sexy-like. I bite my bottom lip because I can just imagine his eyes being dark with lust and that hard-on that was so lovingly dry humping my abdomen is still there just waiting for me.

"Lee's just a little disappointed in herself." Embry explains rubbing my back as I begin to whimper and curse myself for my stupidity. Who the hell swears off sex with Jacob Black? Oh, that's right a complete moron such as Bella Swan and myself.

"Awe, baby, don't be – why are you disappointed in yourself?" Jacob asks. His sweet, kind voice that promises me sitting naked, wrapped up in a blanket while eating chocolate chip ice cream and coupled with my realization that I just compared myself to Bella Swan I give up – literally! My legs give out underneath me and the only thing to keep me from sliding to the wet, gravel below is Embry.

"She swore off sex." Embry says and I can hear the laughter in his voice.

"I DIDN'T swear off sex…just taking it slow – the relationship, not the sex." I clarify finding my fighting spirit back and punching Embry in the chest.

"You two really need to stop sharing secrets with one another." Jacob says with a deep sigh pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Well it looks like my work here is done. You two kids have a good night." Embry says with a smug and self-satisfying grin on his face. My eyes narrow at him as he walks off towards his truck.

"I still hate you, Call." I yell after him as he gets in the truck.

"And I'll always love you too, Lee." Embry yells back as he starts up the truck with that huge grin still on his face and he has the audacity to blow me a kiss.

"I really do fuckin' hate that guy." I tell Jacob looking up at him with a deep frown.

"Sure, sure." Jacob says nodding his head watching as Embry drives away.

Why doesn't anyone believe me when I say that I hate Embry Call?

"So…you're locking up shop on me now?" Jacob asks wrapping a hand around my neck and leads me back to my car.

"Well…I – I'm not just 'locking up shop' on you, per se." I try to explain suddenly feeling foolish. I feel foolish because if it wasn't for Embry I would've wound up back at Jacob's after coming back down from heaven. Embry Call ruins everything!

"You had someone else in mind?" Jacob asks and I can hear the anger and jealousy in his voice.

"No! Not – not like that. It's just that sex seems to ruin everything for me. I was going to try just not – I just want to try taking things slow." I answer with a deep pout because right now the only thing I want to do slow with this man is feel him slide every inch of his glorious dick deep inside of me.

"Okay, take it slow." Jacob repeats slowly as if thinking over the words. "I – we, we can do that…right?" Jacob asks looking down at me. I find myself at a loss of what to tell him. Do I tell the truth or a lie? "It'll just mean sticking to little kisses." Jacob says and leans down to sweetly peck my lips.

That might work.

"And being around lots and lots of people." Jacob adds after some thought. I can only nod my head because an audience means we'd have to mind our P's and Q's.

"So how about," Jacob drawls out snapping me out of my thoughts that had sadly drifted over to my lack of a sex life – again. "Since we're going to do this slow that I should do the proper and customary thing of asking you out." I look up at Jacob with mild surprise.

He's going to ask me out? Jacob Black is going to ask me out on a date? A date-date? Like with dinner, out, a movie, out, and I'll be picked up where I can get dressed up and maybe wear a little bit of make-up and that cute little black dress that I bought like a year ago and never had a reason to wear and –

"So would you like to go to the bonfire with me, Lee?"

The bonfire? He's asking me to the bonfire?

Jacob must sense my disappointment as he frowns down at me.

"Well where else can we go where there will be a lot of people that will make sure that I don't go for your ass?" Jacob asks. "And really think about it before you speak." Jacob adds just as I'm opening my mouth.

I think it over but…truth is…we've…we've done a lot of things out in 'public' that we probably would've been arrested for. Like the hand job in that seafood restaurant. The time we both got to second base in a movie theater. There was quickie outside the dance club that muggy 4th of July.

"Okay, okay stop thinking about them before you convince me to help you break that promise." Jacob says snapping me out of my thoughts and opening my car door for me.

"Well then I wouldn't hate myself if I could blame you." I say sweetly, batting my eyelashes up at Jacob. He stands regarding me and thinking over what I've just said.

"Yea but then you'd hate me for making you so weak." Jacob says after a few minutes of silence. "So…I'm going to avoid you hating me as much as possible. And on that note you go home and I'll pick you up Friday at six." Jacob says before quickly pecking my lips and walking away.

He's walking away.

Jacob is walking away from me when I'm horny.

I'm horny! And Jacob 'really needs to fuck me' Black is walking away?

With a deep growl of frustration I climb into my car, starting the engine up. Jacob is right, I really, really over think things. If I hadn't over thought my approach in my relationships I'd be riding the best dick this side of the Pacific.

As I drive home I curse my luck, Embry's big mouth and Jacob's stubbornness. I barely acknowledge Seth, sitting on the couch playing a video game, as I stomp upstairs to my room before slamming the door. Quickly undressing I grab my robe and head to the bathroom. If Jacob can hold out then so can I…I'll just cheat a little bit with a lil' help from the Captain I think smugly as he buzzes to life.

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