The War Angel: Master of the Soul Flame

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That's right NO CROSSOVERS! So lets see how it goes and hopefully this one will get more fans then Tenraku did but I highly doubt that. The pairings are unsure at the moment but don't bother me with it cause I'm not going to respond. There will also be no bashing of Sakura in this story and the reason why is because I'm to old to be doing something childish as bash a character because I don't like em, but Sasuke is the only exception to the rule. Also what is gone is the Fallen Angel bloodline and Naruto having the Sharingan, so what i've done instead is something completely different and it will be revealed on a later chapter.

So ladies and jackasses, sit back, relax, shut the fuck up, and enjoy

Ch.1 – The New member in the Family

In a dark night sounds can be ignored as nothing, but for 6 year old Uzumaki Naruto, his screams were for the two shinobi chasing after him in an attempt to end his young life. He was currently running as hard as his feet can carry him through the forest broadening the outskirts of the village with two chuunin shinobi hot on his tail. It was all a simple night for Naruto, as he stayed as far away from the people in the village, seeing as how they were very bloodthirsty today. So he decided to stay in a different place for the night so that way he won't be bothered by anyone and nobody would find him.

It was all okay until the night came and next thing he knew he was being chased by two passing chuunin, who thought he did something bad and was trying to punish him for it. He knew that he was to far away to call for the old man to help him and too tired to be able to outrun the ninja seeing as how he hasn't eaten yet.

'I got to get away from them or else they'll hurt me again.' The young boy thought as he ducked and weaved under braches to try to get away from the two rabid men behind him.

"Damnit Demon, come back here and take what you deserve. After all its thanks to you that my girlfriend is dead and I won't have the opportunity to marry her." One of the chuunin said with the other speaking as well

"Besides, I bet you miss hell so why not allow us to send you back." The second one said with Naruto trying to speed up.

As he ran, he continued to question the reason as to why people referred to him as demon, monster, or hell spawn. He would even ask the old man but he would do nothing but say that it was to complicated for him to understand right now and that he'll tell him when he's older. As Naruto ran he failed to see the tree stump on the ground and tripped over it and skidded along the ground before he slammed on another tree in an open part of the forest.

Naruto coughed before looking up to see the men standing in front of him with dark smirks protruding from their faces. Naruto put his arms in front of his face and spoke in a shaky voice

"P-p-plea-se don't h-h-urt m-me. I-I-I didn't d-do anything." He said with both men scowling before one of them spoke

"Yes you did demon and now its time you pay the price." He said before he and his partner began to assault the five year old blonde, while said boy screamed for help, but sadly was to far to receive any or have anyone that would help him. After three hours the two chuunin stopped and smiled at their handy work, which was Naruto covered in bruises, scrapes, and cuts all over his body but was miraculously still alive though barely conscious. The two chuunin were practically filled with happiness at what they've done and felt as if they were on top of the world right now.

"Man wait until the guys hear this, while be hero's among the villagers." He said with his partner smiling at his partner

"I know and something tells me that our lives will be much better after this night." He said before something happened to him that his partner would have never seen coming in a million years. The man that spoke was soon beheaded in front of his partner, with his partner looking shocked for a full three seconds before he turned his head to try and find the assailant. He wouldn't have the chance to do so, as his head was grabbed by a strong head with the grip being stronger then a python wrapping its body around its prey and squeezing the life out of it.

As he grabbed the assailant that had his hand on his skull, he heard the voice of said man speak to him "A man that is proud of attacking a child and wiling to proclaim it like a god given name is not a man that deserves to live." The man said before fully closing his hand and caused the chuunin's skull to cave in before the body fell over will the remaining protion of the skull oozing out the blood and brain juice of what was left over.

The unknown man walked over to Naruto's unconscious body and picked him up "You are going to become the most powerful entity to ever grace this world and will be the one to change it for the better." The man said before he walked away from the area with the five year old Naruto in his arm.

24 hours later

Sarutobi Hiruzen stood at the window of his office and overlooked Konohagakure l, which had become a habit of his everyday he's on the clock. Today he looked forward to just a normal day of doing paperwork and hoping that Naruto wasn't being attacked or chased by yet another mob this week. At times he hated this job, but at the current position they were in he had no choice but to keep it.

Besides, if he could keep the position away from Danzo's crazy ass then he must be doing something right.

But today was different as normally he would be hearing something on Naruto being chased or see the boy coming in the office to stay for a while until he felt safe enough to leave. Today he heard no yelling, no shouting, no screaming, nothing! Just silence, pure unadulterated silence and that in itself scared him to high heaven.

His doors then opened to reveal a jounin who looked tired, but was still able to speak clearly "Hokage-sama, you need to see this right away. Its very urgent." He said with the old man nodding before they both disappeared and later reappeared before a very gruesome scene. It was the bodies of the two chuunin that were killed last night with most shinobi vomiting at how bad they were. Sarutobi however was glad that he seen the power of war or else he to would be vomiting with the others

"What were the cause of deaths?" He asked with one jounin answering the question

"One had his head sliced off cleanly from his shoulders, with the head landing about 3 feet away from his body." He said

"He must have been hit by a strong swordsmen before the man used his head like a baseball. What of the second one?" Hiruzen asked

"The second one appeared to have a struggle with the assailant before his skull was caved in then ripped out." he said but Sarutobi examined the body more before his eyes widened slightly

"I can't be, he's supposed to be dead." Sarutobi said to himself before he looked back at the jounin "So how do you think their times of death occurred?" He asked

"Well we found three sets of foot prints running from the village to this location, which means that they were either chasing the assailant or being chased by the assailant. They ran to hear and remained her for a long period of time before the one that was beheaded was killed and was then followed with the other having his skull ripped out." The Jounin said with Sarutobi nodded and spoke up

"Investigate the matter thoroughly as possible then report whatever you find to me latter." He said before he walked away while deep in thought 'If your still alive then why did you show yourself now and what for? I really need a drink.' Sarutobi thought before walking back towards his office.


Naruto moaned as he opened his eyes only to shut them when the light came in before he blinked a few time to take in his surroundings before hearing his door open. He looked up to see a beautiful woman with long black hair and stunning misty purple eyes walk in. Her attire was a black kimono with a sea blue haori with an image of snow on the bottom.

"Hello young man its good to see that you survived your ordeal." She said with an angelic like voice that was like music to the boys ears

"Um, excuse me miss but where am I and how did I get here?" The young blonde asked with the woman sitting on the bed he laid in

"Don't worry about that, as you could have lost your life ha Slayer-sama not rescued you and brought you here to me. My name is Meiya Tsukigi by the way." The woman said identifying herself as Meiya, with Naruto nodding before he looked at the lady.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, but can you tell me where this Slayer person is?" Naruto asked with the woman nodding before she stood up

"Sure thing, please follow me." Meiya said with Naruto nodding and following the woman closely. As they walked, the boy got a good look at his surroundings and couldn't help but think that he was below ground but it was where that worried him. Soon Meiya stopped him before she placed her hand on a rock wall before it opened, which shocked the blonde boy, and walked into the room which had about nine people within it.

Naruto looked at all the people before him before one stood out among all of them as the leader. He looked like a man above his sixties with a long white mane on his head and long white goatee beard combo on his face along with an eye patch over his right eye with a scar going down his left eye to his jaw line. He wore a white kimono with a dark blue sleeveless haori over it. His face spoke many years of wisdom and knowledge that he's seen over his lifetime along with the battles he's fought in his time.

The man looked at him with a critical eye before he spoke "How are you child? After the ordeal I witnessed you go through, I figured you would have rested for a few more days." He said with Naruto answering quickly since this guy made him scared but at the time was safe.

"I generally heal fast for some reason, so whatever injuries I had would be gone the next day." He said with the old man stroking his bread

"Interesting, boy tell me your name." Slayer said with Naruto answering fast again

"Uzumaki Naruto." the boy said fast with the old mans eyes widening slightly

"An Uzumaki? I thought they were extent after the second Great War, but I have heard rumors of Konoha holding one of those silver angels in their grasps. Tell me boy, who are your parents?" He asked with Naruto looking down

"I don't know since I'm an orphan, and every time I asked the old man he would just tell me that I'll learn when I'm older." He said with Slayer scowling

'That damn Sarutobi, he's trying to baby this child and deprive him of his heritage instead of developing him into a fine shinobi and continue the legacy he's been given.' He thought before he spoke again "Well my boy thank you for meeting me, I'll be back later to ask you something important." He said with the young boy nodding head before he walked out.

Later on

Slayer knocked on the door that held Naruto within it and soon the door opened to reveal Meiya with a smiling Naruto in his bed

"Hello Slayer-sama, what brings you by?" Meiya asked with the old man giving her a look that told her to leave. Meiya nodded before saying goodnight to Naruto before leaving the room. Slayer then sat down in the chair previously occupied by Meiya and looked the young blonde in the eye

"Listen my boy, I believe that I may be able to help you figure out one of your parents." He said with Naruto's face lighting up in happiness

"Really? You can? Please tell me, I want to know who they are." Naruto said with Slayer holding up one hand

"Slow down for a moment, I told you I may know about one of your parents and I'm still unsure about it." He said with Naruto looking a bit disappointed before he looked at Slayer.

"Well can you tell me at least? I would like to know about one of them at least." Naruto said with Slayer nodding

"Very well then, I believe that your mother's name is Uzumaki Kushina, or as she was known in her time as the Scarlet Angel. She was at one time my student for many years before we separated and she went around the elemental countries as a mercenary. Her power was as amazing as was her potential in what I taught her, and its through that I believe that you're her child." He said with Naruto looking amazed by that.

"Wow, I got the coolest mom in the world. But what does that have to do with me?" He asked with Slayer smirking

"I was about to get to that. I have bond with your mother that's never supposed to be broken, not even through death. Its through that bond and that bond alone that I have decided to take you in as my apprentice." He said with Naruto looking surprised "I shall teach you all that I know in terms of power and make you the most powerful entity in all the elemental countries." He said with Naruto looking shocked

Today everything was flipped upside down and this time it was going in Naruto's favor

Seven Years Later

Sarutobi Hiruzen stood at the window of his office as he smoked his pipe, while totally ignoring the mountain of paperwork on the desk behind him. He truly hated that part of the job and was even more pissed off that he has yet to find the proper successor to take his place, thus allowing him to be free of this shit forever. But sadly things in the village haven't gotten any better now then they had when the Yondaime died. First an incident with Kumo trying to kidnap the daughter of Hyuuga Hiashi which would then lead his brother to sacrifice his life for the good of the clan, but the branch house didn't see it that way so another rift was created within the clan.

Then came the next incident with the destruction of the Uchiha clan with only two members surviving it, which was Uchiha Mikoto and Uchiha Sasuke. Then came the news that Mikoto was pregnant with her third child by her late husband Uchiha Fugaku, and lead to the birth of her now seven year old daughter, Uchiha Tsukiko. What was even worse was that the person responsible for the destruction of the clan was the survivors own family member, Uchiha Itachi.

And then came something that has been his personal mission for the past seven years, the finding and retrieving of the missing Uzumaki Naruto. To this day he still had no idea on how Naruto vanished out of thin air, but he guessed that it had to do with the murder of those two chuunin all those years ago. He was also thinking on who the person was that killed them but it didn't matter now for all he wanted was to find the child and bring him home.

He sighed as he turned to get ready to work on the paperwork before he heard a commotion outside of his door.

"Hey you, stop right there! You can't enter the Hokage's office! Someone stop him!" The voice said before another commotion was heard and resulted in the man being thrown into the room and removing the door off the henge's. Sarutobi looked at the person who did it and gasped at who he saw.

It was a young man that looked no older then thirteen with a look that almost made him look more like a regal figure by appearance. He wore black hakama pants with a black kimono top and a silver obi around his waist along with brown sandals on his feet. He also wore a silver haori over the cloths that also had black flames on the bottom. On his obi was an O-katana securely fashioned on the belt and looked intimidating by just the handle alone. But what surprised him was the boys spiky blonde hair that went all the way to his neck with the coldest set of sapphire blue eyes he has ever seen. But what drawn his attention the most were the familiar looking whisker like marks on the boys face, marks that reminded him of a boy he knew seven years ago

Sarutobi Hiruzen felt the words he was trying to say get caught up in his throat before he spoke "Naruto, is that you?" Hiruzen asked with the blonde boy nodding

"Yes old man, Uzumaki Naruto: The War Angel has returned." Naruto said with an emotionless tone.

This was the day that marked his return.

This was the day that dawned the era of the War Angel in Konoha, and boy would it be a good one

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