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Sephiroth stormed down the hallway, not waiting for anyone or anything to get out of his way. He was fuming over the fact that he, The General, had to train the newest recruitment of 3rd Class SOLDIERS. He barely had enough time as it was, and here they where, trying to waste his time with inexperienced children.

His thoughts were interrupted as he crashed into something. He looked down at the small blond man that was sprawled on the floor in front of him. He was looking up at Sephiroth with wide, horror struck blue eyes. He looked like he wanted to run away to hide somewhere.

"Sir! I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" He jumped up quickly. Sephiroth was surprised as he took in more of the young man's face. His hair stuck up in unruly blond spikes, his eyes the most beautiful vivid blue, his skin was smooth and fair, and lips that just looked so-. His thoughts quickly dissipated when he noticed the growing look terror on the adorable face in front of him.

"It's alright. Be on your way." His voice sounded softer than he would have liked. The boy looked up and him, eyes still wide.

"Yes sir!" He turned and walked away as quickly as he could, without looking like he was running for his life, down the corridor.

Sephiroth had never seen the delicate looking man before. He smirked as he turned to walk towards his office. The whole time thinking about the little blonde angel that had assaulted him in the hallway.

Zack was a little worried as he walked sluggishly to Sephiroth's office. He'd heard about the General's newest mission. Although Lazard knew how impatient Sephiroth could be he assigned him a frustrating mission. The superiors always liked to put him on missions that would test his patience, as if they liked to flaunt their authority. He hesitated before knocking on the door of Sephiroth's office. When he heard an irritated sigh from the other side he backed away, wondering if coming here was really a good idea.

"Enter." The silver fighter ordered firmly. When Sephiroth saw Zack Fair walk into his office he lifted his head off back of his chair he'd been reclining in. "What is it, Lieutenant Fair?"

Apparently Sephiroth was in no mood for formalities. "I have a favor to ask you."

"What is it?"

"I heard about your mission of training the new recruits." Zack scratched his head, feeling awkward. "I need to talk to you about someone in those ranks."

Sephiroth looked at the dark haired fighter with piercing serpentine eyes. "What was so important that you had to come to me personally?"

"Well, there's a certain kid in the newest recruitment. He's my close friend. I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't be too rough on the rookies. I know how much you hate missions like this." Zack sighed, not knowing what to say next.

"What's his name?" Sephiroth asked, pinching the bridge of his nose. He was quickly losing patience with the dark haired fighter.

"Cloud Strife."

"Alright, I'll try to avoid killing a 'Cloud Strife' during the training. Is that all?" Sephiroth's head was pounding, all he wanted to do was lay back and take a nap.

Zack's mako eyes went wide. "I'm serious! He's my best friend, if he gets hurt in training I'm not sure he'll be able to handle it," Zack mumbled. He was hoping that the General didn't see his request as anything more than a guy looking out for his best friend. The truth was that he couldn't handle seeing Cloud hurt. Cloud was just so fragile and angelic looking, he couldn't bare to think something hurting him.

The blond had made an adorably desperate attempt to keep him from mentioning anything to Sephiroth. Cloud had told him, "Don't worry him about low Soldiers like me. I'll look stupid if you do that anyway." But Zack was more concerned about Cloud staying in one piece than Sephiroth's opinion in him.

Sephiroth's emerald eyes softened slightly, seeing how worked up Zack was getting. "I may be impatient, but I would never kill a fellow Soldier. Especially not a mere child."

Zack calmed down a little at the General's reassuring words. He knew that if Sephiroth made a promise he would always find a way to keep it. "Thanks Seph. I knew you would pull through for me." He gave Sephiroth a toothy grin. "Hey, who knows, you might even enjoy training the rookies."

"Don't push it Fair. Now get out of my office." He gave the Lieutenant a venomous glare. Zack knew exactly how to push his patience without pushing far enough to get run through by his Masamune.

"Alright. Sleep tight." He flashed Sephiroth one last cheeky grin and slid out the door, shutting it quickly just in time to here something hit the other side of the door. He snickered quietly before walking down the hall. He could stop worrying about his best friend now that the General had promised to not beat Cloud up too badly. Zack's thoughts got away from him as he thought about the blond being injured. He would have to take care of him… To be a good, supporting friend and all… And of course he'd have to bathe him and spoon feed him. He imagined the blond licking a spoonful of whipped cream and looking up at him innocently.

He was pulled back to the present when his body started to react shamelessly to the thought. He looked down at the tent forming in his pants and sighed. "You and I both know that's never going to happen." He really needed to stop thinking with his crotch.

Cloud woke early that morning. He stared up at the cot above his absently. It was the day that he and the rest of the newest 3rd class Soldiers where to be trained by the Great Sephiroth. His felt heat creep up in his face as he remembered back to the previous week when he had absently ran into him. He had been afraid that Sephiroth would have killed him right then and there for being so insolent. But surprisingly the General had been polite and had let him live. But he walked intoSephiroth. He got to actually touchthe Great Sephiroth.

He, Cloud Strife, got to touch a legend.

No matter how many times he seemed to tell himself this, it just seemed too good to be true. But what must have he looked like to Sephiroth? An idiot that couldn't watch where he was going most likely. I have to prove myself to him during training. If nothing else for that stupid run in I had with him in the hall.

Cloud climbed out of his cot sluggishly. A knot twisted his stomach as he got ready. What if he messed up in front of the General, his hero?

He pushed away the thoughts of the many ways he could humiliate himself in front of Sephiroth. Cloud walked down the hall leading to the training room, feeling like nothing around him was real. He walked in to find the other recruits chatting quietly as they awaited the arrival of the General. Cloud put his duffel bag down near the edge of the huge room and walked to join his fellow cadets.

Before he could even reach them he heard the door open at the far side of the big gray room. He looked over to see Sephirothwalking towards them. All the third class soldiers stood to attention, Cloud did the same.

"Form a single file line. I want to see what I've got to work with here," Sephiroth ordered in and almost bored tone as he stopped a few feet away from the Cadets.

The men quickly lined up, Cloud ending up at the far end of the line. Sephiroth looked over them silently, when his gaze reached Cloud his emerald eyes widened very slightly, realization slightly noticeable. Cloud's face started to burn up, much to his dismay.

"You, at the end. What is your name?" Sephiroth noticed him as the boy that ran into him in the hallway.

"C- Cloud Strife, sir," Cloud stuttered, his face blazing. He hadn't asked the other men questions. Maybe he just wants to know what name to put on the report, after he kills me.

"I see," Sephiroth muttered, looking away from the blond cadet. He just looked so appetizing, his cheeks where a sweet shade of pink. If he looked at the Cloud any longer he was afraid that he'd have to tell Zack that his friend had indeed beeninjured. But not from training. That would probably piss Zack off a little bit. "Alright. everyone warm up before we get into the training." Sephiroth gave Cloud one more glance before walking over to the side of the room. He leaned casually up against the wall. This may not be as bad as I first thought.

Sephiroth was walking them through the correct stances to use in battle. Cloud was paying minimum attention to what the General was saying. He was busy just looking at the man. His silver hair flowed behind him when he moved, Cloud wanted to touch it. He wanted to run his fingers through the long, lustrous strands. He wanted to just touch the General. Even if it was as brief as running into him again. When the silver fighter instructed them to do the same thing he had just demonstrated, Cloud felt panic rising up into his throat. He'd been too busy just looking at Sephiroth, much less listen to what he was saying.

"Cloud, why don't you show the other cadets how it's done." He looked over at the blond. He was surprised by what he saw, Cloud looked like he was about to die. Panic was written all over his cute face. "Is there a problem cadet?" His serpentine eyes took on a concerned, confused tint.

"Uhm... I can't remember what you did first." Cloud felt so stupid at that moment. He suddenly found the ground fascinating and kept his eyes low, wanting only to run and hide somewhere. He looked up slowly, not wanting to see what the General would say to his stupid explanation. He was surprised that Sephiroth's only reaction was an amused smirk.

"Here, I'll show you again. Try to pay attention this time." He walked up behind the younger man. He put his hands lightly on Cloud's shoulders, the blond tensed up in response. "You have to relax first." He whispered into the cadets ear. That got him a few confused looks from the remaining recruits. He waved them away, they immediately scattered, no longer paying much attention to the General and his troubled trainee- or at least acting like they weren't paying attention.

Sephiroth turned his full attention to the smaller man in front of him. Cloud had relaxed a little more. "There, that's better. Now raise you sword higher. And bend your knees." He pulled the boy's arms up so his sword was no longer resting against the floor.

Cloud bent his legs a little, getting a smile of approval from Sephiroth. He looked up behind him, just in time to see the smile turn into something different that he couldn't quite place. The General's eyes where like green flames, they where suddenly intense as they looked down at him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Cloud whispered, afraid that he had angered the man behind him.

"No, nothing at all. Your doing quite well actually." Sephiroth was surprised by how composed he sounded. But when he'd looked down at the delicate man, his thoughts where anything but composed.

"Oh. Thank you, sir," Cloud mumbled. looking straight ahead again. Maybe he was just seeing things. He felt Sephiroth's breath against his ear and shivered. Why was the General standing right behind him anyway? The other cadets where sparing and practicing while Sephiroth had to walk him through even the simplest stances. Cloud sighed. "I think I've got this stance down, sir. Thank you for helping me." He turned around to see the silver fighter looking down at him with those same intense green eyes he saw a minute ago. It took Cloud a minute to distinguish the difference between anger and lust. The look he was seeing in those emerald eyes was nothing but hot lust. Cloud's eyes widened and he started to blush even more. "Sir?" His voice was shaking against his best efforts.

Sephiroth looked away from the boy in front of him, trying to contain himself. The blond just looked so innocent and cute. He just couldn't help but entertain thoughts of doing dirty things to the boy and ravaging that innocence. "Join the rest of the cadets," Sephiroth ordered coolly.

"Yes, sir." Cloud was confused as he wandered over to the remaining 3rd class Soldiers. The rest of the training Sephiroth didn't look at him even once. Well at least from what he saw, he was trying to keep his own eyes from wandering over to the beautiful instructor. He found that if he didn't look at the General it was easier to listen to what the man was saying, so he stuck with that method the rest of the training session. When it was finally over he hurried to the locker room with the rest of the cadets and changed quickly.

"Isn't General Sephiroth amazing?" a young dark haired cadet said dreamily to the man next to him.

"Yeah, he's not a bad teacher either. I hope he continues to train us," the other man said.

"He's not that bad lookin' either," one of the younger cadets chirped in. The other recruits nodded in silent agreement.

Cloud overheard the younger cadets' conversation. He felt a sudden pang of jealousy. He's an amazing man. Of course other people think so too. I'm just being stupid. Cloud walked out of the locker room, heading for the main exit from the training room when he saw Sephiroth walking towards him.

"I hope you learned some things during training, Strife." Sephiroth stopped in front of the smaller boy and put his hand casually on his shoulder. "And get some rest. Your going to need it for what is coming tomorrow."

Cloud smiled up at Sephiroth "Yes sir!" He turned and walked out of the training room, seeming to float his way to his dorm room.

Zack poked at the sleeping form of Cloud. "Hey, Chocobo. Wakey, wakey. Zack is here to pick you up. Have you already forgotten?" He tugged at the covers pulled over Cloud's head, getting a bit of resistance from the blond before he gave up and rolled over and buried his face in the pillow. Zack chuckled before leaning over and tickling the boy on the back of his exposed neck. Cloud shivered before rolling onto his back and looking up at Zack with sleep bleary eyes.

He gave the dark haired man a heart warming smile. "Sorry. I was planning on sleeping in today. I guess I forgot after all." He looked up innocently at Zack.

He chuckled before ducking down so he could tease Cloud a little more. He pulled at the sheets again, this time a bit more aggressively, Cloud responded with a tug of his own. Oh, I see how it is!

Zack was taken off guard by Cloud's playful but strong pull, resulting in the heavy fighter losing his balance and landing on top of Cloud in his cot. He looked down at the startled boy beneath him, slow to realize that he was so close to his adorable crush. Cloud just looked up at him with a confused look in his wide sapphire eyes. After the initial shock wore off Zack muttered a quick apology before he attempted to climb off the heap of sheets and Cloud. To his surprise Cloud grabbed his arm before he could get off. Zack looked at the boy questioningly.

Cloud felt heat creep up into his face. "Does it bother you? Being so close." He whispered, hoping he wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life.

"Not really. I just don't want to crush you... or think I was up to something." Zack looked at Cloud with reassuring eyes. He wasn't exactly sure what the blond was thinking, but he defiantly didn't want him to think that he was afraid of being close to him.

Cloud felt a little bit reassured, enough to try to take thing to the next level at least. "Does this bother you?" He looked up at Zack, still blushing furiously, before lifting his head to lock lips with confused man. He felt Zack tense up and braced himself for humiliation and guilt. But he couldn't have been more surprised by the fighter's reaction. Zack pushed his lips hungrily against his, reciprocating shamelessly, his tongue traced the blond's lower lip. Cloud was dizzy from the fighters unexpectedly fierce reaction. He parted him lips to gasp as he felt Zack's hand slide slowly down his chest continuing down to the forming bulge in his pants. Zack took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into the blond's open mouth as he deepened the kiss. Before Cloud realized it he was stroking the invading tongue wantonly with his own. Cloud could feel his boxers getting uncomfortably tight as the dark haired man continued to rub him through the thin material.

Zack broke away, gasping for breath. "I wouldn't say that bothered me too much." He looked down at the boy beneath him smiled mischievously. He reached down and pulled down Cloud's straining boxers bellow his hips to release his throbbing erection, getting a rewarding sigh of relief from the boy. Zack pulled down Cloud's boxers just down below his knees, too horny to get them all the way off. He winced as Cloud raised one of his thighs between his legs and rubbed the his arousal. Zack moaned in throaty pleasure as he forgot about undressing the cadet, he pressed against the blond, unconsciously humping Cloud's leg.

Cloud was incredibly turned on by the sight of his friend in such a passionate state. He wrapped his legs around the man's waist and pulled Zack man down for another heated kiss.

I want to see him completely undone, Zack's thoughts were clouded by the blonde's warm wet mouth against his. He pulled away, looking down at the angelic man beneath him. "I know what will make you feel really good." Zack crawled back towards the bottom of the bed, pushing Cloud's legs apart he laid down in between them.

The color already staining the blond cheeks became a deep shade of pink. "Zack, please go easy. Remember this is my first time."

Well, Cloud had already figured out what he was going to do, so it's a good sign that cadet didn't already kick him in the face and run off. Zack looked up smiling reassuringly "Cloud, I would never go to hard on you." His smile turned into a cheeky grin, "But that doesn't mean I won't make you scream my name in ecstasy." Zack lowered his head before Cloud could respond to his challenge.

Cloud's eyes widened at the fighters words, but before he could argue Zack licked the head of his cock. Cloud gasped as his friend continued to rub his tongue roughly over the tip. Cloud moaned against his own will, unable to contain the sounds of muffled pleasure that escaped his lips. Zack took the whole thing in his mouth and bobbed his head fast, Cloud grabbed at the sheets of his cot, trying unsuccessfully to keep quiet.

Zack let his teethe graze lightly over the rigid length, sending tingly sensations through Cloud's lower abdomen. Those wicked teethe nibbled gently at the slit in the tip of his cock. A loud moan broke through Cloud's gasping lips. Zack had him deep-throated when he heard the sound. His deep, rumbling chuckle around the blonde's cock was amazing. Cloud's eyes went wide with surprise. He tried to lift himself onto his elbows to look at Zack, but his heads fell back onto the pillow. He squirmed helplessly as the sweet torture continued. trying to contain the orgasm that he was right on the brink of having, wanting the sweet torture to continue a little longer. His sapphire eyes closed tightly as Zack took his entire length deep into his throat. Cloud bucked into the fighters mouth as the powerful climax washed over him. Cloud's eyes where rolled back, his body shivering.

Zack pulled Cloud's spent cock out of his mouth and looked up at the boy, still shivering and panting. An overwhelming pride filled him, he was the first person to ever get to touch Cloud this way. And no one could take that away from him. He kissed Cloud's thighs and trembling stomach leaving a hot trail all the way to the cadet's kiss swollen lips. Zack laid on his side next to the boy.

Cloud looked up at the fighter and smiled. "That was amazing Zack. But don't you want me to..." Cloud broke off looking at him with a flustered, awkward expression.

"Naw, It's fine Cloud." Zack smiled as the boy relaxed a little. Cloud looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks Zack. I will do it though. But I don't think I can… right now."

Cloud's colored cheeks where so cute that Zack had to lean over and kiss each one. "Whenever your ready." Zack pulled the blond into his chest, feeling the boy's soft hair tickle his chin. He sighed, completely content as the slender cadet snuggled closer. They slept for a few hours, completely missing the training session that Cloud had was supposed to have attended with Sephiroth.

Cloud jolted awake when he noticed he noticed someone's arm slung around his waist. His eyes snapped open to see a nothing but Zack's broad chest. The memories why Zack was in his cot slowly came back to him. He blushed slightly at the memory of what exactly had happened. He felt the bulky warrior stir, he snuggled closer and planted a kiss on his neck.

Zack's eyes opened and looked down at him blearily. "Hey, Chocobo." He smiled and tilted his head to kiss Cloud softly on the forehead. "You totally missed that training session with Seph."

Cloud shrugged, he knew he would be scolded for it later, but being so close to the big, warm fighter made all his worries seem insignificant. "I'll just have to take the heat for it then. I liked our training much better." Cloud looked up, hoping Zack didn't feel any regret for what they'd done together.

"Me too. We'll have to do this again blondie." Zack yawned and stretched before rolling over to give Cloud more room. He laid on his side, his head propped up on his elbow as he admired the sight of Cloud , stark-naked and adorably disoriented.

Cloud looked over to see his best friend gawking at him with a look of hunger. He looked down and remembered that he was practically naked. He felt the blood rush to his face, Cloud punched Zack in the shoulder, getting a chuckle from the dark haired man. The cadet decided that he better get some clothes on before Zack pounced on him, for one reason or another. He rolled over a little to fast, resulting on him falling quite unceremoniously off the small cot. The young boy landed with a loud Thump on the floor. There was a second of stunned silence before Cloud realized what had happened.

Zack burst into a hysterical fit of laughter, much to Cloud's annoyance. One minute the little blond angel was looking so sexy and elegant, the next he was toppling off the bed. That just was too much for Zack, his eyes started to water. He looked over the edge of the cot, Cloud was looking up at him with a adorably sour expression. Zack clutched at his side, gasping for breath. Somewhere in his peripheral he saw a looming figure because I looked up from a scarlet Cloud to the form beside the door.

Sephiroth stood there, leaning leisurely against the door frame. He studied them both with unreadable serpentine eyes. "Interesting."

Zack's jaw hung open in shock. His only thought being- Um, uh…o.

Cloud heard the familiar smooth voice and froze. Somewhere in the back of his mind he new he should do something, but it was overshadowed by the need to disappear. He looked up at Zack's face instead, he saw himself in that frozen expression of horror. The two exchanged a pleading look before pulling themselves together. They had a lot to explain.

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