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Zack was the first to break the awkward silence. "Uh, Seph. What are you doing here?" It was the only question his shocked mind could conjure.

The glint in Sephiroth's emerald eyes boarder-lined amusement, but he schooled it quickly, letting only a subtle smirk spread on his lips. "I could ask you the same question, Fair. It seems you've kept one of my trainees occupied while he should have been with me. Training."

Zack looked down at Cloud. The boy's face was scarlet, his where eyes down. He felt a deep pang of guilt as he took in Cloud's perfectly still form.

"Yes, it was my fault. I will except any punishment, just don't put any of the blame on Cloud." Zack, still naked, swung his legs over the cot and pulled a blanket over Cloud. The boy looked up at him with dull eyes, already to embarrassed to even try covering up. Zack looked away, unable to look at him without feeling self disgust. The least he could to do was cover up his bare body. Even that was more for himself than anyone else, though. Zack didn't want to share the sight of Cloud's flawless, sexy body with anyone.

Sephiroth glowered silently as Zack pulled the material over Cloud's exposed skin, obscuring his view. Zack looked back to him after another apologizing glance at the blond. "You caught us, ok. I'm sorry he missed training, but I don't regret anything. If that's all then you can leave, Seph."

"Your in no position to order others around, Zack." The General's tone was anything but punishing though, it was challenging. Challenging Zack to order him around again.

Sephiroth couldn't keep the excitement out of his voice. Zack, oh-so-naked, still found a way to be so bold. It's always so rare for someone to talk to him so loosely. It can be refreshingly exciting to have to keep them in line.

Both mens' eyes went to Cloud as he stood up, blanket pulled tightly around him. Cloud's usually evasive sapphire eyes where set boldly on Sephiroth. "I have no excuse for missing the training session. Zack can't take all the blame. I'm the one who started it." His eyes fell away from Sephiroth's face, ashamed.

The silver haired man chuckled softly. Cloud looked up reluctantly, surprised to see a carefree smirk on the General's face. The blond's eyes grew even wider when Sephiroth reached to ruffle his hair.

"I think you two getting caught is all the punishment I'll need to inflict," Sephiroth said, turning away from the two confused faces.

Off the hook? Really? Zack didn't believe that. He knew Sephiroth wasn't one to let things go so easily, especially things this humiliating. But for Cloud's sake he held back the witty comment that was on the tip of his tongue.

"Aw, your such a softy, Seph!" Zack cooed with a cheeky grin instead. He grabbed Cloud from behind, pulling him against his chest. Cloud struggled a bit before going still in the big man's arms, all the while muttering under his breath.

Sephiroth turned and watched the look the two Soldiers exchanged. Cloud's eyes where low, but a small smile crept on his lips. Zack, on the other hand, was cuddling the boy openly, a toothy grin on his smug face. They where an incredibly sweet couple. Two men, both sexy as hell, such a waste, Sephiroth thought with a mental sigh.

"Cloud, you'll have to make up all the training missed in you…activities with Fair," Sephiroth said, prying his eyes from the two cuddle bugs.

Zack's grin faltered. "I can teach him all the basics. You don't have to worry about him."

"Oh, I'm sure you could, but it's my mission and I will fulfill it properly. Even if that means one-on-one lessons. I suggest you get ready, cadet. Tonight there will be another session and if you don't make it to that one then I will take it upon myself to teach you."

Zack's lips where pressed in a hard line. "I don't think that's necessary. He will make it to the thing tonight." Zack pulled Cloud closer to him, away from the General.

"I will make it to the training session," Cloud promised, pulling away from Zack.

The dark haired man released him reluctantly. Zack watched Sephiroth with intense eyes, daring him to make a move on his newly found boyfriend. Sephiroth didn't notice though, his full attention was on the delicate boy before him.

"Good. I'll see you there, Cadet Strife." Sephiroth turned on his heel and slipped out of the door silently, just as he'd entered it.

Cloud turned back to Zack just as he heard a rumbling sound, a deep growl. "What?" Cloud asked, quirking a pale eyebrow.

Zack was glad to see that most of Cloud's tension faded after Sephiroth took his leave. He didn't like the way Sephiroth looked at Cloud like he was some kind of rare treat. Well he was, but a treat he wouldn't share.

"Nothing Cloudy." Zack winked and pulled the boy back into his arms and nibbled at his neck.

"Nothing!? We just got caught butt naked by a superior. Not just any superior either, SEPHIROTH!"

Zack stopped and turned his shoulders to face him. "Cloud, do you regret it?" His voice was barely audible.

"No! I just wished we locked the door or something." Cloud looked up from the place on the floor he'd been staring at. Zack's usually bright, cobalt eyes where pained.

"I don't regret anything, Zack. Well, maybe the getting caught part, but it was a small price to pay for what we have now." Cloud could see his words where sinking in. Zack looked a little more reassured. Not enough though, Cloud thought. He stretched up on his toes to leave a lingering kiss on Zack's lips.

Cloud felt the Zack's lips twist into a smile against his. He couldn't help but smile back. They stood there for a while, holding each other and smiling like idiots.

Zack pulled away to look down at himself. He was still naked, and a bit aroused from Cloud's innocent kiss. "I think I'd better get some clothes on."

A surprised laugh burst from the blond's lips when he looked down, too only to see Zack's cock proudly saluting him. "Good idea."

"Or we could…" Zack broke off, an impish smile on his lips.

"Zack! Get dressed!" Cloud growled in exasperation.

"O…k." Zack's smile feel like a rock.

Ohhh, not the puppy eyes. Nu-uh. Cloud looked away from the tempting invitation. He heard Zack chuckle and the rustle of clothes being pulled on.

"I'm decent. Promise."

Cloud turned. Zack was halfway there. At least he had some pants on.

Zack hid a grin. Cloud's eyes where hungry on his exposed chest.

"I think your missing something," Cloud reminded him huskily.

"Oh, am I?" The question was challenging.

Cloud just pulled his blanket around him tighter, trying to conceal his growing arousal. He bent down to pick up his clothes that where scattered about on the floor from their earlier urgency.

Zack sighed dejectedly, turning away to let Cloud have his precious privacy. I sucked you off and liked it and I still can't see your hot body. The disappointment wasn't as strong as he let on though. Cloud's bashfulness was one of the things he loved most about him.

The two got dressed and cleaned up. Zack had to go for a mission. After a long, sweet kiss he closed the door behind him, leaving Cloud already missing him.

Cloud tried not to worry about the whole incident. Sephiroth's passive expression was so hard to read. What could he have been thinking? Disgust? Surprise?

He sighed. There's no knowing.

He laid back down in the cot and buried his head in the pillow. It smelled like Zack, a comforting smell. He focused on that, willing his mind to not wander to more troublesome thoughts. Before he realized it he drifted into sleep.

The waning sunlight that filtered through the small window in Cloud's room shined in his eyes, waking him from his deep sleep. The first thing he did was look at the digital clock on the small table beside the head of his cot. The boxy numbers read 4:49 P.M.

Cloud gasped, ripping off the covers and jumping up. He had eleven minutes to get ready and be in the training gym. He grabbed at his standard uniform, dull gray cargo pants with the matching shirt. All the cadets had to wear this when they had to do anything SOLDIER related. He jumped into the shower, forgetting completely to turn on the warm water. He washed and dried just as quickly. Even after he'd pulled on his fresh clothes his skin was prickled with cold goosebumps. He grabbed his duffle bag, thanking the goddess that he hadn't taken the time to unpack it, and ran out the door. He arrived at the gym and pushed the door open, gasping for breath.

The other cadets didn't even seem to notice him. They stood there, chatting and laughing with each other.

I made it. Cloud sighed, relieved beyond measure.

He looked at the clock that was high on one of the blank walls. The spindly hands told him he still had two minutes to calm down before the General would arrive.

Cloud found himself watching the clock, the tick, tick, ticks, making his nervousness grow. When the clock struck five the gym doors opened. As if on cue Sephiroth walked through them, the same bored expression etched on his face. He looked around immediately, expectedly. His eyes fell on Cloud and he barely, but just enough to be visible, smirked.

Cloud fidgeted and shifted his feet. He was a little used to the General paying more attention to him now, but it still always made him feel self-conscious. The handsome man was walking towards him now.

"I'm glad you could make it this time." Sephiroth chuckled. "I was sure Zack would keep you away," he added more quietly.

"He's on a mission," Cloud mumbled, dying inside from embarrassment that Sephiroth had brought up the situation from earlier that day.

"I guess that makes you lucky. He can be a handful sometimes."

Cloud couldn't believe the jealously he felt at the note of adoration in Sephiroth's voice. Adoration directed at his Zack.

"Yeah, that's Zack." Cloud stifled the unreasonable feeling. Everyone loved Zack. He could handle that. But when Sephiroth says something like that he can't help but feel intimidated. There's no way he could ever dream to rival him, not his godly looks or impossible fighting skills.

"Time to get started." Sephiroth sighed, turning away from him, towards the other recruits. "Enough talk. Get prepared to spar. We're doing one-on-one training today to sharpen you individual styles."

"You'll be my partner, Cloud." He practically purred his name.

Cloud couldn't help but love the sound of it on his lips, those sexy, shapely lips. A blush, for once not from bashfulness, heated his face. He looked away from Sephiroth's distracting face. "Okay."

"Get a partner and get started," the silver warrior announced to the other men. He laid a hand on Cloud's shoulder, chuckling inside at the men who had already went for Strife and turned immediately when they saw who he was taken by.

Sephiroth went to the nearest weapons rack and grabbed two wooden swords. He tossed one to Cloud, who caught it effortlessly. He smiled approvingly as the blond settled into a defensive stance, one of the stances they'd gone over in the last training session. "Looks like you did learn something."

Cloud chuckled, feeling more confident with the familiar weapon in his hands. He dashed at Sephiroth, sword raised high. He was determined to focus only on training this time.

Cloud tried to slow his breathing, it was coming in shallow gulps as he dodged and blocked as many of Sephiroth's blows as he could. Maybe telling the General not to hold back had been a mistake. His relentless strikes, one after another, left Cloud little time to defend himself, much less an opening to attack. He could feel the bruises forming where he got hit. He knew full well that the other man wasn't using even a fraction of his true strength, but still, the blows that he landed made Cloud wince.

After a particularly strong hit that Cloud managed to block with his wooden sword he fell backward, onto the cement floor. He sucked in air and tried to get up, but his legs wouldn't let him. He crumpled to the floor before he could even make it halfway up.

"You should watch what you say. Your lucky I do hold back." But Sephiroth's voice didn't hold the cockiness Cloud would have expected, instead he sounded concerned. Sephiroth offered a hand to the boy. He was surprised when Cloud laughed darkly and simply shook his head.

"Would an enemy offer me a helping hand?"

"I'm not you enemy, Cloud," Sephiroth said in almost a whisper. He didn't withdraw his hand, he just waited.

Cloud looked from his hand, to his face, and back, contemplating. His sapphire eyes looked reluctant but he accepted the hand. Sephiroth couldn't contain a smirk and pulled him up effortlessly.

Cloud's eyes lost focus and he stumbled forward, into Sephiroth's chest. He caught the blond and held him up against him, not trusting his wobbly legs. Cloud's clothes where drenched in sweat. His spiky bangs stuck to his forehead.

He's dehydrated, Sephiroth thought worriedly. He pulled the boy up into his arms and carried him to the edge of the big gym, where Cloud's duffel bag was laying . He sat the blond down, propping his back up against the wall. He rummaged through the bag until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out the bottled water and unscrewed the cap to hold it to the boy's lips.

Cloud's eyes fluttered open. "Sorry," he croaked.

"You can always tell me if you need to take a break," Sephiroth reminded him, sounding more calm than he felt. He took a seat beside the boy on the hard floor.

"You where working way harder than me and you don't need a break, so why should I?"

"I have mako enhancements. Not to mention, I've been doing this for a lot longer than you." The silver haired man chuckled at Cloud's sour expression. "Drink."

It was annoying to have to be carried around and treated like a rag doll. Cloud couldn't fight now though, he took the bottle from Sephiroth's hand, unwilling to make himself look any stupider by being bottle fed like a toddler. He drank quickly, emptying the bottle in no time.

Sephiroth brushed Cloud's pale bangs out of his eyes. Cloud couldn't contain a shiver at the feather light touch.


Sephiroth and his trainee looked up, along with everybody else in the room. Across the gym Zack stood there, eyes wide, mouth gaping. The two didn't have time to respond before the dark haired First was in front of them.

"Um, what's going on here?" he asked urgently. His eyes kept darting to the hand that was on Cloud's head.

"He passed out during the training," Sephiroth informed him coolly.

"Okay, I think I can take care of him now. You should try paying attention to the other cadets for once," Zack suggested.

"Your mission is done already?" Cloud tried to get up, using the wall for support. His head spun though, the dull colors of the gyms danced around him as he plopped back to the floor.

Zack watched as Sephiroth made a move to put his arms around the boy. But the First didn't wait to see what he would really do. Zack snatched up Cloud from the floor.

Cloud was flying. The room did that annoying spin and he had to close his eyes, willing the blood to pump to his head.

When he opened them again he was sure he'd died. The two most gorgeous faces where above him. He was in a soft bed. The walls, everything, in the weird room was bleached white. The only thing was, the two angels where bickering, their faces where contorted with rage. That made him sad. He wanted them to stop fighting.

The sable, spiky haired one looked down at him first. The other one looked down at him with empty serpentine eyes.

Cloud wanted to reach up and touch the pretty faces. Then the wolfy face spoke. "Chocobo! Are you okay? You look woozy."

The archangel spoke next. "Do you still feel weak?"

The wolf's face went back to the angry mask as before. "Why do you care?! You should have let him take a break. Are you trying to kill him!?"

"Stop," Cloud growled. He was already feeling better. His head didn't pound and the surroundings didn't do flips around him.

Zack visibly struggled to hold his tongue. Instead he reached down and stoked his boyfriend's hair. The soft strands tickled his fingers. He smiled down at the adorable face. "I'm glad your okay, Cloudy."

Sephiroth sat on the opposite side of the bed, silently watching the two. His goal looked so promising at the moment: To take both of these sexy men as his lovers. He was secretly pleased when the blond boy looked up at him with appreciation on his face.

"Thanks you for bringing me to the infirmary you guys. In the future I'll let you know when I need a break," he vowed, a familiar color heating his face.

Apparently both Zack and Sephiroth found the boy too adorable at the moment to resist, because they both stroked his cheeks with their fingers, loving the heat under them. Both men caught the other's eye. Sephiroth offered a crooked grin. Try as he might, Zack couldn't deny the General a grin of his own.

"Is the training over?" Cloud asked.

"No. I left Angeal in charge of the other recruits," Sephiroth informed him with a smile.

"Then lets go." The cadet tried to climb out of bed. The room didn't turn around him so he was pulling the sheets off in no time, determined not to waste any training time.

Zack and Sephiroth acted as one, pushing him back down in the comfy infirmary bed. Their eyes where stern and determined.

"Your staying here for the night," Zack ordered.

"Not leaving until morning. For anything," Sephiroth added for him.

Cloud was taken off guard by the random bout of teamwork on his superiors' part. "Fine." He crossed his arms across his chest, pouting.

Zack and Sephiroth mirrored an adoring smile, both of them reaching down to stroke his soft, spiky hair. Zack looked up into Sephiroth's unusually soft eyes. He didn't like sharing Cloud with anyone, but how could he push the General away when he looked like that.

He and Sephiroth sharing Cloud. How would it be? He always though the silver warrior was beautiful, but his cold demeanor never let things go farther than physical attraction. With Cloud though, it was different. He was far from cold now, with his hand tenderly on the boy. Hands that have cut down so many enemies without even a second thought.

Maybe these thoughts where just him though. Maybe he wanted Sephiroth too.

"Can I talk to you?" Zack asked the man across from him, standing up from his chair.

"Alright." Sephiroth's eyes reverted back to cool and calculating as he stood up to walk to the door.

Cloud just watched the two curiously, hoping they weren't going to start fighting again.

The two men walked out of the long room lined with white beds, out in the hallway.

"Zack, I'm sorry about his condition. But-"

"I'm not going to bite your head off, if that's what you think," Zack interrupted. "I wanted to talk about something else actually."


Zack shifted uncomfortably. Sephiroth's blunt, to the point manner could be unnerving, even for him. "You like Cloud, don't you?"

"How is this relevant-"

"Don't you?" Zack repeated firmly.

"Yes, I like him." Sephiroth chuckled.

"Enough to try and put the moves on him?" Zack's voice was mischievous. He quirked a dark eyebrow.

"You two are together, so I wouldn't dare make a move on a guy that's already taken. Especially not a guy that's taken by my friend." Sephiroth smiled at how surprised Zack looked. He considered Zack more like one of his best friends, actually. When everyone obeys your every whim without a single question, it's nice to talk to someone that treats you as an equal instead of a superior. Zack was one of the few people that treated him like a normal guy and not always as "The General".

The surprise didn't last long before fading into a dreamy smile. "I didn't know you thought so highly of me, Sephy!" Zack swooned. He reached jokingly to embrace his new best friend in an overjoyed hug. He was taken off-guard when Sephiroth grabbed his outstretched arms and pulled him swiftly into his chest.

"Huh?" He didn't have time to gather his wits before Sephiroth lowered his lips to his in a bruising kiss. His eyes went wide and he tried to push away, but the animated lips against his did nothing to help his escape. He felt his strength bleed away, all rushing to his face, leaving an uncanny blush on his cheeks. He reached around to the back of Sephiroth's head in a last attempt to free himself, before he got to caught up in the exciting kiss, and yanked at his long hair. Sephiroth groaned loudly, the sexiest sound Zack had ever heard. Instead of pulling away in pain though, the General delved his tongue into Zack's mouth.

Zack did a mental shrug, feeling his last logical thoughts float away, and kissed the other man passionately. Sephiroth was one of the most skilled kissers he'd ever met, that was for sure. He dominated Zack's mouth fiercely groped his tight butt.

Zack pulled away first, gasping. He looked into lustful emerald eyes, feeling his pants grow tighter. Sephiroth's wet lips panted slightly, they looked so delectable to Zack at the moment. He couldn't deny himself the need and pulled Sephiroth's face to his in another kiss. Zack ground his hips against Sephiroth's shamelessly, a moan escaping his lips. Zack felt deft fingers unbuttoning his shirt. Finally the first coherent thought popped into his head. Baaad. No, Cloud is in there. He is my lover. This is very baaad. He looked down at his obvious arousal and frowned. Crap, this is becoming a problem.

Sephiroth was confused as the dark haired man stopped his progress of undressing him. Zack pushed his hands away and hastily worked to button up his shirt. He kept his eyes low but the telling blush on his face was from something more than passion. Embarrassment? Sephiroth wondered. Sephiroth himself was surprised at how strongly he'd reacted to Zack's reciprocation of the kiss. He had expected the man to push him away in disgust, after all the boy Zack had got caught with was just around the corner, waiting for them to return.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to force you or…" Sephiroth straightened his jacket and shifted, cursing mentally at the bulge in his pants.

"Haha. I wouldn't say you had to force me or anything. I kind of got a little excited. How are we going to explain this-" Zack looked pointedly at Sephiroth's erection "-to Cloud?"

Sephiroth was at a loss for words. Hiding it would be such a dull way to do it. His plan was finally coming together, there was no way he planned to stop now. "Can't we just be honest? Would it really be that devastating for the boy to be caught up in a relationship like this? To be loved by two men?"

"Er…" Zack said dumbly. That sounded far from devastating. But would Cloud go for it? The blond's shy demeanor told him he wouldn't. "We won't know until we ask," Zack concluded, against his better judgment.

"Then lets ask him," Sephiroth suggested, already walking towards the door of the infirmary.

"Seph! Wait!" Zack growled. But the General kept walking, into the doorway without even a glance back. He followed quickly, worried that Sephiroth's blunt manner would make Cloud nervous. Sephiroth would, no doubt, inform Cloud about the situation instead of asking him if it would be ok. But just like Cloud's bashfulness, Zack liked that part of the General.

He walked in the long room to see Sephiroth beside a sleeping Cloud. He walked to stand beside him silently, not wanting to wake the young boy from his adorable sleep. The two men chuckled silently. Cloud must have been more tired than he'd let on. Too cute, they both thought.

Sephiroth slipped a hand into Zack's, a small smirk on his otherwise blank face. The sable haired fighter quirked a brow but didn't object. How long has he been planning this?

Sephiroth's thoughts where that of victory. This turned out well. The wolf has been tamed, now it's the chocobo's turn.

Zack tried to think of reasons why this couldn't work, how it's wrong. He couldn't think of any. If everything turned out well, this could be an amazing relationship.

If the two Firsts had been paying attention they might have noticed the tiny smile on Cloud's pale lips.

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