Author: slashburd
Pairing: Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase
Disclaimer: I do not know of any of this to be true, I don't know or own these people (but I'd secretly love to!)

Summary: M/M Slash, bad language, angst

~Shadows fill an empty heart
As love is fading
From all the things that we are
But are not saying
Can we see beyond the stars
And make it to the dawn?~

Ted claws at the door, the last thing Cody touched before he left. Desperate to feel close to him, Ted can't bear to be this lonely anymore. Every sinew knows without him this is over.

Whispers escape his lips. "Without you I'm nothing."

The glass presses through his jeans, piercing his knees, blood spotting through the fabric. His hands next, he feels the pinpricks and his head starts to swim. Warmth in his hands feels good. So good. Like touching Cody's skin. But Cody's gone.

Beautiful Cody. This fight as familiar as breathing.


Cody starts the car. Closing his eyes he rests his head against the cool glass of the window. The pressure and the chill against his temple feels good. The hot tears still come, his cheeks sore from the salty streaks that mark him.

Bloodshot eyes like Teddy's. Like every night he gets home off a long flight and his heart breaks when he walks through the door, everything exactly as he left it.

Teddy as he left him. Broken, alone.


~Change the colors of the sky
And open up to
The ways you made me feel alive
The ways I loved you
For all the things that never died
To make it through the night
Love will find you~

Out in the yard Teddy stood over the fire. It was warm. Like touching Cody's skin. He pressed his hands out towards the flames, the reflection lighting up his eyes. For the first time in years he smiled when he was alone.

The fire spat. Out into the air flew a charred photo. There was daddy's face, burned at the corners. Smile half gone. He poked the fire with a stick and there was a clang of metal. The buckle glowed red with heat. The leather cracking and catching light with as the flames raged. Time to say goodbye.

A moment of clarity came when he least expected it. The edge of the glass felt good against his wrist. He pressed a little harder but nothing happened.

The disappointment of being a failure washed over him again. He was still here.

There was no trace of blood running down towards the shining golden band. Inside it said "All my love, Cody." Still here. Inside Teddy's head the message read "All my love Cody."


Jamming his foot to the floor the car roared and raced away. The quiet moonlit open roads were perfect, peaceful and serene; all the things life wasn't.

Picking up speed Cody felt the adrenaline coursing in his veins. His heart soared and he was carefree for those precious seconds. Life should always feel like this; soaring, epic, incredible. Smiling widely he turned to grin at Teddy. Teddy wasn't there.

Where was Teddy? So many reasons why he wasn't there. Things had to change. Move on.


~What about now?
What about today?
What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love never went away?
What if it's lost behind words we could never find?
Baby, before it's too late
What about now?~

Turning his back to the fire Teddy walked back towards the house. Their home. He knew he was home. He was sorry.


~The sun is breaking in your eyes
To start a new day
This broken heart can still survive
With a touch of your grace
Shadows fade into the light
I am by your side
Where love will find you~

Sweeping the glass into the dustpan Teddy headed into the utility room and dumped the shards into the bin. He pulled the lid back on with a purpose, slamming it down hard. Casting his eyes out to the yard he saw the fire still burned brightly into the murky dawn that was fast approaching.

Every trace of who he was formed smoke that surged into the clear sky. Photos of him as part of a happy family, certificates he'd won, trophies he'd been given, the clippings his daddy collected of all the victories, his release letter; every trace of his legacy.

All that remained was the photos he could remember being taken, the love letters he cherished and the cards that Cody had sent him for birthdays, Christmas and Valentines while they'd been together. 'Be Mine', 'I Love You', 'Forever', 'At Christmas and Always'.

"I love you Codes." Stroking inked signatures, feeling closer now.


He stopped the car and put it into park. Never more sure than now that his journey was over. It had been over before it even started.

Cody's heart raced. A challenge lie ahead that he didn't know how to handle. An opponent that he'd lost every time he fought. He jumped out of the car and grabbed his bag, lowering his head and striding confidently towards this challenge. The only challenge he'd yet to conquer.

He stalled for a minute outside the entrance, wondering whether or not this time he'd emerge victorious. Closing his eyes he imagined his hand raised above his head, his name called as the winner. He swallowed hard, puffed out his chest and pushed the door open, heading inside.


~Now that we're here
Now that we've come this far
Just hold on
There is nothing to fear
For I am right beside you
For all my life
I am yours~

Ted heard a knock at the front door. The neighbours probably weren't too happy about the smouldering fire in the yard.

As he walked towards it he began speaking, trying to pacify the visitor.

"Sorry, I'm just having a................."

In the doorway was not their neighbour.

"No need to be sorry Teddy. No need at all."

"You........ you came back......."


Dropping his bag on the floor Cody was shaking. The man he loved was stood before him, so vulnerable. He reached out a hand and cupped it around Ted's cheek, brushing the soft skin with the pad of his thumb, He waited for his hand to be knocked away or the voice telling him not to be so blatant or the sad look to cross the handsome face he adored with all his heart.

Instead he was treated to the sight of Teddy's eyes staring straight back into the blue pools that had witnessed his sorrow more times than either man would care to remember. This was finally beginning. The electricity flowed between them, drawing them into as deep a kiss as they'd ever shared.

As he dropped the belt into the fire that night Teddy had promised himself and an absent Cody that he would change. He would continue to forgive but only himself for taking the blame and for never seeing what had been so clear all along. He promised that if he ever got the chance he would look into those eyes and see that the love that Cody had promised him but he'd never had the courage to believe in was there.

Teddy couldn't explain just how his final failure had been the catalyst for the change he'd needed to save his life. "All my love, Cody." Cody couldn't explain why he'd turned that car round and headed home. "All my love Cody."

As their tongues twisted there was common ground in both minds.

~What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?
What about now?~


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The songs are High and Dry - Radiohead, Black Star - Radiohead and bizzarely, What about Now - Daughty or Westlife, depending on which version you like best.

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