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(Mai POV)

As I walked into the SPR office that morning all I expected was a quiet morning with the demanding of tea from her Narcissistic boss, and for once, that all she wished for but no Karma hated her.

I walked into the office listening to my music hoping to become that cheerful, enthusiastic, optimistic person all her family as she liked to refer to them as, knew her as. When that thought passed through my head I could feel a smile tugged at the edges of my face. I knew that this could never be, when they knew little to nothing about me, and I wanted to keep it that way.

I want to keep it away from everyone even my friends at school. why should they have to know its not like its any of there business, plus they never ask anyways....but even as i thought this i felt in my gut that it was not true that i should tell them but couldnt bring myself to/

My happiness so evaporated like water flung onto a fire when I saw what was in the office….

Everyone was there in the room. I knew what would happen next and waited for the tieddle wave of noises yells and voices, but it never happened.

Are they all dead or something?I thought as I opened my eyes, only to see everyone looking expectantly at her? As if they all exspectated her to know what the answer to whatever problem they were having, but they never resumed talking they kept on staring at her.

What the hell do they want!! I thought in as irritation.

I heaved a sigh maybe they expected one of her "gifts" to be mind reading. God were they wrong. if only!

As I walk to the kitchen to make them some tea I was surprised when I could feel all their stares boring into my back as if they wanted me to turn around and look at them, they were up to something.

I slammed the cup down, (with more force than what was needed and cracked the cup) and turned to glare at the group before her. They all stared back unfazed by the anger in her eyes.

"Well" they all said at once in expecting tones.

Naru pocked his head out, and I snapped.

"What do you want!! We don't have a case yet and I haven't called you. So until then, this office is not a Café!! So leave!" It all came out at once and I knew that I would regret it afterwards, but right then I didn't care. My breath came I'm ragged heaves as they slowly turned back to normal.

Naru raised an eyebrow at her, when he heard this, wanting an explanation for the yelling.

Well he is not going to get one, damn Narcissistic Jerk, always wanting to know everything. Well no one's going to get an explanation.

She turned from them and went back to preparing tea for Naru

(General POV)

While Mia had her inner thought conversation…

Everyone stared at Mia in disbelief all they wanted was a good morning from her like usual, and play a little prank on her.

Naru turned back into his office and started to shut the door, but before it was closed he yell "Mia Tea!"

Everyone expected another explosion, but it never can. Naru's "request" was met with utter silence. Naru poked his head out of the door to look at his petite assistant, and raised an eyebrow at her. While she continued to prepare the tea as if he had not said anything, this was not the usual Mai today. Mai would have usually turned red with anger and muttered Damn slave driver… or something like that, but not today.

Everyone had the same thought going through their mind…What was wrong with Mai?

Before anyone could act one this thought, the bell signaling a customer rang….

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