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and her eyes the shade of honey. God how I missed her.

"whatever uncle told you to reveal is fine with me but choose you words carefully" Mai said in a neutral tone. How I wished she wouldn't look at me like that anymore.

I blinked taking a minute to process what she said. Too wrapped up in my own thoughts to realize that she just gave me the okay. So I started our story.

Chapter 7


" My name is Kenje Sie. I work for the Sakatori Empire and its head family. I live in the Main family house with few other family friends close to the family and Master Kouro. At first it was harmless stuff such as things breaking and objects being moved, this lasted about a year and a half. Then slowly as time moved on it started to get physical about 6 months ago it started to get worse and worse. More Recently the attacks have been getting more violent and more regular. Scratches and bruises would appear on the apprentices and family friends, but since we run a Dojo at the house these weren't that surprising to see on people. Then it suddenly escalated people started being pushed down stairs or being greatly harmed in accidents. But in recent months apprentices and some helpers have started to go missing around the mansion. At first we thought that they were possibly running away for some reason but then we started to discover the bodies of the people missing. Six out of the ten that have gone missing, have been found violently tortured and killed. Messages written on the walls have appear many in different languages saying " you shall suffer as she did" and "too weak to survive the journey you forced upon her""

As Kenje finished his recount of the things happening in the main house, silence engulfed the room. Things were worse than she had originally thought. I was saddened that they suffered such a violent life, but I kept my emotionless mask in place. There was nothing that had been done that they probably didn't diserve.

If Naru takes this case there is no way in hell that I will go. I will quit if I have to. So wrapped up in her own thoughts she didn't see Kenje looking at her, nor the silence stretching on as the tension grew in the room.

Naru POV

It sounded like an interesting case, and he probably would have taken it anyways, even if this Kenje guy didn't have some sort of connection to Mai.

He just keeps looking at her…. He thought in annoyance

" Have you gone to the police with these matters?"


" have you gone to the police with these matters?" Naru asked in a cold icy voice. I could tell he didn't like Kenje.

I couldn't keep a cross between a laugh and a snort escape my lips. Kouro go to the police? Fat chance in hell, but as I looked up, I realized everyone was looking at me wondering what was so funny. I place my mask back in place and face to look at kenje who knew exactly why I was laughing

" An investigation was conducted, but lead nowhere," Kenje said carefully. His wording wasn't lost on me, nor Naru by the slight narrowing of his eyes. They had tried to find out themselves but gotten nowhere was what he was saying in lesser terms.

Well, well, Kouro you have lost your touch, but then again you were never that great to begin with…evil bastard

"We'll take the case you should expect us tomorrow at 1pm, please give me the address and contact info before you leave" Naru said. Called that one. Naru could never resist something that I won't give information on.

To my surprise no one moved to leave. Naru didn't get up to go into his office. He just sat there waiting for Kenje to write down the information.

With slight hesitation and a quick look to me Kenje wrote down the information but made no move to go.

" You may leave now Mr. Sie," Naru voice grew rough with irritation.

"Not just yet Mr. Shibuya," Kenje said absently, as if it didn't really matter what he said. He was only looking at me. Waiting for what I was going to say.

" Naru, I will not be going on this case. I have some vacation days stored up and I would like to take my leave during this case," I just stared straight ahead. Not making eye contact with either Naru or Kenje as they tried to catch my eyes while I was talking. My statement was met with stunned silence.

I watched as Naru's eyebrows knit together in irritation and slight confusion. Kenje's eyes held some sadness at the thought of the possibility that he wouldn't be able to see more of her. That she wished not to come back to him, to them, even for a short time.

"Request denied," was all Naru said.

"It wasn't a request," I replyed in the same final tone as he. Another stunned silence.

" If you do not show up tomorrow, I will be forced to fire you." Naru challenged back. He smirked thinking he had her.

" Though, I do not wish that. It is your decision" with that reply she thought she actually did hear some gasps from the others. I saw Naru's eyes widen as he processed what she had said. Even Lin had stopped typing and looked at me with shock.

Kenje POV

I had to get her to come to the house. I needed her there, I wanted her there. These pass 2 years had been dull and meaningless without her there.

"Mai, may I talk to you for a minute" I asked with some uncertainty. I glanced around the room as I asked this.


Finally I turned my head toward Kenje. I just nodded my head.

"We need more tea," I said as I got up and collected the cups and made my way to the kitchen with the tray and Kenje in tow.

After I put the water on, I leaned against the counter across from the door way in order to keep an eye on where everyone was. While Kenje was off to the side so he was out of view.

"Speak Kenje because I'm running on empty in the patience department"

"Listen, I can see that you spent a lot of effort to distance yourself a ways away from us for a while. I can see that you put a lot of effort into shielding them from what we are, what you are. I know that you don't want them to find out right now, but you might have to tell them. Its better to come from you in that event. Even if it doesn't come out, wouldn't you want to be there to ensure that they don't get that info. Info That you don't want them to know, or keep them out of danger and any traps Kouro might lead them into if he finds out that you are connected to them" Kenje finished slightly out of breath." I just want you to be happy Mai, I'm on your side"

I could see that Kenje was worried about me. This was the person I knew, the person I grew up with, and seeing him like that I couldn't help but hug him.

He stiffened at the contact but hugged back with some hesitation. I was still pissed as hell, and I know that once I got to the house he would change back to what they are trying to mold him into, but for this second, I had my friend back.

I let go and proceeded to walk out of the room without looking back. I knew that everyone in the lobby saw the hug and were either shocked or angry, but I really didn't care at this point. I've had a hell of a day and all I wanted to do is go home and curl up on the couch with a book. Mai has given enough today, there is no more of her to go around today, so suck it up was all I could think.

" Fine, I'll go." I met Naru's cold gaze with an even one of mine "what time do you want us here?"

"7am" came the short curt tone from Naru, but you could tell he was surprised and confused through his mask., but I still wasn't willing to give them answers. I've gone through enough today.

"Fine, see you then boss" I said over my shoulder as I walked over to get my coat.

"And, where do you think that you are going?" the cold voice came from behind me.

"My work is done, I'm going home, but I'll see you tomorrow at 7" I threw over my shoulder as I reached for the knob.

"Did I say you that could go home? There is still work to be done, baka" I know his response came out of habit. Something to rile me up, but I didn't really have it in me right now to play his game.

I turned around to give Naru a even glare and leave, but when I turned around I was met with a semi- comical scene. Okay, it's not so much as comical, as those times when you're just so tired of the day and you don't think that anything else can happen and then it's like yes yes it can. Which just kinda makes you want to laugh.

Monk, Yusa, and Masako all look bumbfounded with mouths slightly ajar, just not quite sure what just happened and not quite sure whether they what to be there for what will happen next. Ayako and John had the sense to be scared and look like they might just head for the nearest exit. Now here is where things get a little more interesting. Lin was standing straight up, pulling himself to his fullest height, standing threateningly. Naru was sitting down glaring up at Kenje, who had his hand casually on his shoulder preventing him from getting up. Kenje was glaring down at Naru with such anger and ferocity that it didn't even compare to Naru's. Now, this wouldn't be quite so bad if Kenje didn't have a six inch knife in the other hand. Silence seemed to be a theme today, it was SPR's quietest day on record.

" Don't you dare ever insult her, you know nothing of what she is capable, nothing of who she is. You know only what she allows-" Kenje was cut off

"Kenje" I said in an authoritive tone that commanded respect. Which got Kenje's attention, " leave it be."

"but Mai, he-"

"Kenje" I said a little softer." Please" Kenje lowered his hand off of Naru's shoulder but did not put away the knife. I knew he wouldn't hurt them. He wants me to come to the house, and that wouldn't happen if he hurt them we both knew that.

"See you all tomorrow" I turned around ready to go home, but just as I was at the door I threw over my shoulder just for a little fun "If my boss is dead tomorrow when I come in, I'm going to be upset Kenje, remember that" With that I left. They had enough to think about so whatever, that last comment wouldn't have done much and Kenje knew I was joking.

After Mai left the Office

Kenje POV

I knew that Mai was joking and I couldn't help but smirk after her as she left the office, the door clicking softly behind her.

All her co-workers stared after her in shock, not knowing that it was a joke. After a few short minutes everyone turned their expectant gazes on me waiting for what's next. Hoping I would give them answers. Her boss was still staring at me angrily but I didn't really care. He had insult Mai, and I would have made him pay for it if Mai hadn't stopped me.

" I think that you have some answers for us Mr. Sie" Mai's boss said as her tried to stand up to even the ground between us. In a flash my hand was back on his shoulder forcing him back down in the chair. The tall man that stood earlier moved slightly at this action. My eyes flickered to him for a second before returning back to the "boss".

"Don't think just because Mai has said not to hurt you for now that you are off the hook for insulting her" my voice filled with venom as I thought of the conversation. He treated her as if she was beneath him. I hated him. She deserved respect after everything she went through and whether he knows about it or not he will pay for his conduct. I really hated him, this is what Mai had been around for the last year. I think I need a little talk with Kouro.

" If you insult her again I will not hesitate to bring what you did back tenfold" My face was right in his. I let most of my anger show, though he didn't show any fear that my threat should have afflicted, that was his mistake. I hit him square in the jaw not to hard it will just bruise. " don't worry it's just a little bruise on your pretty little face"

I started to walk out I was ready to get out of here. My job was done and Mai wasn't here anymore, so there was no reason for me to stay around any longer than I had to. But as I walked towards the door I found my way blocked by the boss man I had just hit in the face and that tall dude from earlier.

Well they recovered faster than I thought.

"Move," these people were really starting to get on my nerves.

" We want answers" Mai's boss said tightly. I could tell he hated me also. Strangely I was okay with that.

" Listen I can't tell you anything more than what I said early" I said as I made a move to go past him he threw up his arm to block my way in the door frame. I just couldn't help myself. I took his hand and twisted, I didn't break or anything, it just caused a little pain.

"I say this again" I tightened my hold a little more to get my point across this time " I cannot nor will I, answer your questions. Even if I wasn't bound by code not tell you, I wouldn't. I'm a lot more intimidated by her than I am of you guys, not even close. So if you can't get it from her then I would suggest you drop it" and with that I dropped his arm and looked at the other people still on the couch.

"Mai? Scary? Sweet innocent Mai? That was just in here a couple of minutes ago, with long brown hair, brown eyes, a little short for her age, Mai?" was the only response to my statement from the man with mid length brown hair in a ponytail.

I scoffed, who did they think she is? I don't have time for this, I'm leaving, I'm going to go home, get some good rest before I see Mai. I didn't say anything I just left.

When I finally stepped outside into the cool night breeze I couldn't help but feel excited and relieved. I was going to see Mai tomorrow, maybe even get her to stay if I can show her she should be there with us, with me.

After Kenje left the office

General POV

"Seriously? He was talking about short little Mai, who cant even kill a spider?" monk said in exasperation

Naru turned to Lin as he walked back to his seat "Lin, what do we know about the Sakatori Family"

Before Lin could respond, Monk spoke up " well, they're an ancient Martial arts family with deep bloodlines to some serious psychics" everyone looked at him.

"What? I grew up in a temple remember, these guys were like gods to us" Monk said in his defense.

"Monk," Naru said telling him to continue.

"They're old blood Naru, you can find them in many different retellings of history. And in all of those stories they've always had serious power. In the history I was taught, they are the direct descendants of the first Miko and Monk. They're descendants usually hold the most power as psychics. And they are fierce warriors. These people are powerful and secret," everyone just kind of stared at Monk. "what? These people were my idol back when I was a kid."

" What do we know of Kenje Sie? or the head family? or how Mai is connected with them at all?" Naru look back at Lin

" I don't know, these people keep very well hidden records, but i'll do some digging" Lin responded shortly . He too wanted to know how Mai knew these people. Though he did enjoy the shock it cause Noll today.

" How is Mai evolved with them how does she know them at all?" was all Yusa said voicing what everyone was thinking.

" Well, I suggest that we go home, I will see you all tomorrow at 7 am" That was all Naru said after hearing the information provided. He got up and left heading into his office.

After Naru left Lin soon followed. And slowly everyone got their stuff and headed home. None of them really feel like talking. Everything wit Mai weight heavily on their minds.

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