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Assassin of the Night

Prologue-The Right Hand of Justice

The pub was busier tonight than it had been in a long while.

But there was only one man that hadn't come to the pub for its alcohol or the marvelous brawls that continued through the night.

This man sat away from all the rest, transparent in the dim light. On several occasions a waitress meandered over to the table where he sat but as quickly as they came they were shooed away.

Waiting for someone had never been one of the mans favorite things to do. But then again, it was his own fault for coming to the bar as soon as it opened; he wanted to be here if the man was early, he didn't want to annoy his… friend…

The man eyed his watch and sighed as he saw it was near the meeting time.

Five minutes later, a young male walked through the bars entrance and without hesitation made his way over to the man.

"Right on time as usual Eugenides."

"If I am always on time then why do you come so early?" Eugenides asked before sitting down opposite the other man.

Eugenides didn't get an answer.

"If you aren't going to answer me why don't you tell me what you wanted to speak to me about Lacrosse?" Eugenides asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

Lacrosse took in Eugenides appearance for a second.

The young male had smooth brown hair that matched his chocolate brown eyes and Eugenides body, although thin, was not at all boney, add the sculpted face, perfect angels and velvet skin and one could say that Eugenides was the most beautiful person one could see in a lifetime.

Too bad they wouldn't know how smart or vicious he was.

Damn thief.

"Eugenides, I was able to gather a little bit of info on your fabled Assassin." Lacrosse said quietly.

Eugenides motioned for him to continue.

"Many people believe he is fake or murdering people without just cause, most just believe him to be a mad psycho out for blood." Lacrosse sighed.

"Those who believe him real shudder in their homes whenever his name is mentioned, however there is a rare few that actually know something about him." Lacrosse paused to take a breath of air before continuing.

"Nachtarbeiter, or the Assassin of the Night as they call him here, is often spoken of as the 'Right Hand of Justice'. Some men side with him thinking that his view of Justice is correct and wish to over-throw the original justice system in his favor. Only one thing is clear in my opinion, and that's the fact that he mustn't have agreed with the justice system at a very early age before he decided to take up his post as an official judge of right and wrong."

Eugenides nodded slightly before thanking Lacrosse for the information and making a move to leave before Lacrosse caught his arm.

"Just one question before you leave, Eugenides."

Eugenides turned slightly before sighing and speaking.

"What is it Lacrosse?"

"Why are you so interested in him? Thief though you are, I can't even imagine you to be afraid for your life."

Eugenides smirked.

"I'm interested because I am too nosey for my own good."

Lacrosse shook his head slightly before letting go of the boys wrist and watching him leave.

After a half hour, Lacrosse stood from the booth and left as well.

Their conversation seemed to have never happened.

Little did they know that their seemingly uninteresting talk had reached the ears of someone who knew Nachtarbeiter, or that that person was going to report the curiosity of the younger man to the Assassin.


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