Hey, guys, I'm back here. Okay, to those who saw my first attempt at a self insert, well, guess what: I'm redoing it. Well, what I mean to say is I felt it was a failed attempt, and that the character was reacting too coolly to the sucked in a video game phase, and in addition, that she was turning in a Mary Sue. So, here's the result at a second attempt on self-insertism.

EDIT: Alright, I'm putting this as a precaution number one-hundred, I changed the title. I have my reasons for why, and could ramble on for another one hundred words why, but I won't. So, here's the fanfic!

~Fukachi no Rin

RR - Raconteur's Ripple

I almost found the situation at the time ironic. Somehow, I had managed to drag myself into this situation. My fault, my actions that led to this roller coaster ride.

Ah hell with the metaphors. Let me just skip to the beginning.

One day, I was bored. Great way to start off a story, eh? I was bored! Mathematics homework only put me closer to sleep, and any other subject appealed less to me. Deciding to break the horrid boredom, I had picked the lock into my brother's room and stole from his shelves a random game. It was for the Gamecube, thank goodness, and after stealthily leaving the crime scene, I had put the disc into the old system taking residence in my room.

Mistake number one.

After I began playing the game, I immediately became addicted and beat it over that week. In between school and such made it difficult, but I managed. After beating it, I still had a craving for more, and after checking online, I had found out about the eight multiple endings.

Mistake number two.

Tales of Symphonia kept me entertained for hours on end, and after I had finally gotten to the Flanoir scene for the second time, I had dropped the Gamecube controller in surrender for another few weeks. I had decided to read up on fanfiction, on my favorite site, Fanfiction dot net! After browsing through various stories, mostly bonding, I had run across another story, a Self Insert. I had a vague idea what self inserts were: Mary-Sue infested 'works.' I hated Mary Sues with a flaming passion, as I knew many other readers did. Therefore, I avoided the fanfiction for as long as I could until… well, forty-eight hours off from school led to some crazy events.

I was entrapped by this new fanfiction, and could hardly wait to read anymore. I had learned something: that Self Inserts could be written and at the same time avoid a Mary-Sue. With this new information, I eagerly reached for my computer and began to type.

Mistake number three.

After starting my own Self Insert, I found out it wasn't as easy as I thought. As I typed further and continued to update, I realized that the character (aka me) I had created was nothing more than a pain in the ass Mary Sue. Eventually, I got to the point where I had to destroy the disaster, and completely eradicated it from any hard drives I had. And so that ended the beginning of this nightmare, the start of this mess.

I really should've just stuck to doing my homework…

I tapped my pencil against my textbook multiple times, and let out a huge groan. Study for exams was a pain. I pushed my textbooks off my bed, over the side. They fell with a 'plop,' and pressing my chin against my arm, I moaned, "I'm bored!"

Boredom wasn't something uncommon for me; I had waves of boredom regularly. It was something part of my daily life…

I took one look at the homework, now cast away at the ground, and then in front of me, at the small one foot by one foot screen television. Usually, I kept entertained by writing fanfiction on my computer. Unfortunately, I didn't feel much like writing anymore. Self insert were still on my mind, and after my last one had gone up in flames… I shuddered, refocusing my attention to the system next to the television. The Gamecube was still connected, and the game I had played a few weeks ago had yet to be removed.

"Might as well," I sighed. I slipped off my bed, and pacing to the television, I flickered on the screen and tossed the controller onto my bed. Next, I reached to the Gamecube, and placed my finger on the power button. I'm probably going to regret this… I shrugged and pushed down the button. The game began with the introduction, and I reached for my controller to skip past that. After getting to the title screen, I selected "New Game" from the menu. The screen dimmed, and then the prologue began.

"Most people would be studying if they were you." I jumped at the sudden voice, and turning away from my television screen, I almost screamed at the new individual standing two feet in front of me. "Well, that's a reaction I haven't gotten in the past few millenniums."

"Who the hell are you!?!" I shrieked, pointing at the mysterious figure.

"Oh please." The beautiful woman flipped back her waves of blue hair, and her deep violet irises disappearing behind the blink on her gorgeous face, she responded, "If you're going to freak out, please quiet down, Mademoiselle."

"You speak French?"

"French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Latin, a bit Dutch, and English. I'm also educated in the fighting arts, receiving the title of Master in many different styles. Unfortunately, I've always found killing another human being so cruel…" I blinked once, and looked over the stranger in my room. She was incredibly pale, to the point where it gave her a porcelain look. She vaguely reminded me of something… "But enough with that. Do you know who I am?"

"Um… A weirdo that I'll be calling the cops on any second from now?"

"No." The elegant person bowed gracefully, and I remember what she reminded me of. A Mary Sue. "I am your Muse."

"My what now?"

"You muse," she replied, frustrated. "Or at least I used to be. I was the one who gave you inspiration in your latest story, the one where a human is brought into the world of Symphonia."


"Oh? Oh?" The girl's eyes flashed red, and a dark atmosphere suddenly surrounded her. "Is that all the thanks I get, for all the assistance I granted you?"

"Sorry. I'm actually waiting to wake up. I guess that darn Chemistry textbook put me to sleep again…"

"You are not sleeping!" The woman crossed her arms in front her chest, her eyes slanting. "I am very much here, as your Muse, and I am here to tell you-"

"Hey, do you think when you return to muse land, you can tell the Study Muse I need a bit of inspiration?"

She gasped. "Well, I never have been so offended!"

"Listen-" I began. "I honestly don't care. I hated writing that story. The plot was clichéd, the story itself boring, and the main character was a total Mary Sue. I was a Mary Sue and I don't regret deleting that menace!"

"You honestly think that my hard work is allowed to be trampled on so easily? Do you think I'll allow this to go unpunished?"

"Well…" I shrugged. "You aren't really here, so…"

"I am very much here," she warned darkly. "And I am now here to prove it. I will not allow you to insult me so freely." Something began to pick up, a breeze around me. The screen to my left flashed, and the prologue to the game restarted.

"What the hell?"

"You, Alexa, have misused my inspiration. You have insulted it, and now it is time to meet your punishment." The wind began to pick up, throwing my hair up in awkward directions. "I hope you enjoy this, Alexa."

I looked around me – the surrounded had changed very much. It was like I was being surrounded by many events, and they were being played out in front of me. They were scenes from Tales of Symphonia – one was of Lloyd and Colette with the coffee, another was of Yuan telling Lloyd Kratos was his father. I saw Mithos kicking the asses of the entire party for the first time, and even Sheena's duel. There was a sudden white light, and it began to surround me, as the room's spinning continued on.

"Ackkk…" I let out the stupid sigh. "Weird dreams, huh? Goodness, I really should try harder studying…" I lifted my head, and gaped. Where was the Chemistry textbook I usually kept in front of my eyes while studying? My goodness, where was my bed?

I sat up, and looking around me, I found myself surrounded by trees and grass. To my right was a leather bag, and I took in a deep breath. Okay, maybe I just slept walk.

I took one look at myself and noticed something. My outfit had changed. Instead of the flannel pants and a black tank, I was dressed in tan shorts, white ankle boots, and a wide sleeved green shirt. The shirt had white square imprints around the edges, the shorts were loose and had multiple pockets, while a bag resided over my shoulder. I checked my hands: black fingerless gloves covered both of them, and on the back of my right hand was a golden mount and a red gem glowing faintly.

A bush to my right rustled, breaking my daze, and I stood up on my feet. "Uh, hello." A friendly voice came from the teenager clad in red in front of me. He had messy brown hair, a boyish face, two swords at his side, and brown suspenders. From behind him, a white haired child stepped forward, and looking at his blue clothing, I immediately recognized both of the game characters.

Why are there realistic game characters standing in front of me? "Oh, I get it. I'm still dreaming!" I was part of that dream still, and these two were just a continuation of it. I smiled at my brilliant deduction, and confused looks from both 'Lloyd' and 'Genis' were given.

"Dreaming?" Genis replied. "Can't you tell you're awake?"

"Well, that's what I thought at first but I guess I was wrong. Sorry guys, I'll be ending this dream really soon. I've gotta study that Chemistry still…"

"Um… We're not part of your dream. You're awa- Look out!" Lloyd pointed behind me, and I turned around. I saw it too late – the generic wolf stalked from behind me, and lunging into an attack, its mouth bit into my leg.

I yelped, and the wolf withdrew its teeth stained from my own blood. I scrambled onto the ground, and Lloyd put himself in between the wolf and me. "I got this."

I wasn't concerned too much about him. Lloyd Irving, well he could easily kick the butt of a measly wolf. But something else concerned me…

There was pain. A lot of it coming from my leg. I watched the blood trying to clog the wound now left by the teeth of the animal. I began to recall the countless experiences I had. No matter what happened in a dream, you never felt pain. That was a given fact. But still, the wound here in front of me hurt, hurt like a bitch, as a matter of fact.

The reality of the situation came onto me as I fainted.

Ironic, eh? Longer chapters to come... after I finish studying for exams....