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BPOV, Eleven Months Old

I winced as the needle hit my bone, hissing through my teeth. "Sorry." Edward murmured, using a rag to collect the pooling ink. "You doing okay?" He asked, and I nodded, scratching my nails gently across Gavin's back.

"Yeah, I'm good." I said, moving my foot slightly.

I was getting a tattoo of Gavin's name on my foot, and it hurt worse than I remembered. Gavin was sitting on my lap, because he had refused to let go of me when I attempted to hand him off to Alice. So I was sitting down and had my foot in Edward's lap while Gavin sat on my lap, watching with wide eyes as Edward carefully tattooed my skin. "Da." Gavin said excitedly, looking to me and then back down at Edward.

Laughing, I kissed my son's head. "Daddy." I nodded, pointing to Edward, who smiled up at us and then resumed his work. "You're my smart boy." I said proudly, and Gavin clapped his hands excitedly.

Gavin was such a happy baby. He loved watching himself in the mirror and holding his toys. And he was very smart, too. He understood if I gave him something and said 'bring this to daddy', and he knew what 'no' meant. Edward and I marveled every day at our son and the joy that he was bringing to our lives. I loved being a mother more than I could ever really express. I loved nearly everything about it, and each day brought something new.

Every morning, Edward woke up before me, took a shower, and got Gavin out of his crib and into the kitchen, at which point I would wake up to make them both breakfast. After 'family breakfast time', Edward would kiss each of us goodbye and Gavin would wave 'bye-bye' as his daddy left the apartment to go downstairs to the shop. Then Gavin and I would play for a while, then he'd go in his playpen while I did stuff around the apartment. It was such a wonderful, comfortable routine.

Parenthood has changed both Edward and I so much. Looking at Edward, with his sleeves of tattoo's, tongue ring, and laid back attitude, other people would never expect him to be such an amazing father. But I knew him, and I adored the way he was with our son. Jasper laughed his ass off the first time he heard Edward say 'bye-bye', but it was all part of the entire experience. Being a parent meant changing, at least in some ways. Edward and I had gone through changes, without a doubt. We could no longer have sex in the middle of the apartment, stay up too late at night, go out and get drunk, have dinner out all the time, or anything like that. We were different.

Thirteen Months:

"Ma-ma!" Gavin called, and I whirled around with my hands on my hips. Gavin was holding onto the counter triumphantly, opening and closing the cabinet doors with a grin on his face.

"Hey!" I shook my finger at him, scooping him up into my arms. "Don't do that." I scolded him, walking around the kitchen anxiously. I had a lot to do today, and I couldn't really have him underfoot. So I slipped my shoes on and headed downstairs, walking into the shop. Edward was nowhere to be seen, but Alice was standing at the desk and there were customers waiting on the couch. "Alice, can you watch Gavin for a little bit?" I asked, as Gavin molded himself to my side, afraid of all the strangers around him. He was just fine with Alice, but strangers scared him.

Alice looked up skeptically, but I set Gavin down at my feet and clasped my hands together. "Are you sure you want me to watch him?" She asked.

"Alice, come on, it'll be fine." I urged her. "Just watch him for a little while until Edward finishes up, and then have him take Gavin." I said, leaning down and kissing the top of Gavin's head. He shook his head frantically and clung to my legs, but I had to make myself step away. I needed to learn how to be away from him. I was with my son so often, and I was worried of becoming a little too attached and clingy.

Nervously, Alice picked him up and balanced him on her hip. "Is this okay?" She asked nervously, and I nodded with a small smile on her face. Alice glanced at the clock and her face lit up. "Oh, honey, Emmet will be here in ten minutes so I can leave then. I'll bring Gavin up and watch him for you while you work." She promised.

"Sounds great. Thanks, Alice." I said easily, and then waved at Gavin. He smiled and waved back, and I headed upstairs.

I really didn't like being away from him, but I knew that it was important that we not get too attached. I took my time alone to tidy up the apartment, and just when I finished picking up Alice walked in, holding Gavin. "Hey, Ali." I said, emerging from the kitchen with two bottles of water. I held one out to her, and she took it gratefully. "We can sit and talk for a little while." I offered, and Alice and I plopped down on the couch. Gavin extracted himself from Alice's arms and crawled onto my lap, smiling preciously and putting his arms around my neck. He buried his face in my chest and I laughed, playing his the curls on the nape of his neck.

"How have you been?" Alice asked curiously, taking a drink of her water. "We haven't talked in ages!"

"Oh, I know. It has been a long time…but I'm doing good. What about you?" I asked, leaning back.

Alice shrugged her shoulders, watching as Gavin wriggled off of my lap and slid to the floor. He crawled over to his toys and started putting all of them in their containers, causing Alice to giggle. "Ha! He cleans for you!" She laughed, and I held up my index finger, gesturing for her to wait and continue watching. The two of us watched Gavin as he placed all of his blocks in their container, and then turned to us with a devilish smile on his face. Giggling, he picked up the box of blocks and dumped it over, scattering the blocks all over the living room floor.

"That's what he does." I laughed as Gavin restarted the whole process. Alice shook her head, laughing.

"Aw, Bella…he's so adorable." She said serenely. As she spoke, Gavin stood up shakily with a block in his hand, grabbing onto the edge of the sofa and using it to stand upright as he made his way back over to Alice and I. Instead of going to me, however, he held his arms out to Alice. She looked at me in surprise, but pulled Gavin onto her lap. "Hi." She said softly, and Gavin thrust his toy out towards her with a charming smile on his face. "Aw…thanks!" Alice said, accepting the block.

I snickered and watched as Gavin's smile turned into a pout and he grabbed the toy back from Alice. She rolled her eyes and turned back to me. "Did I tell you that Jasper asked me my ring size?" She asked me, waggling her eyebrows.

"Oh my god, he did?" I asked, staring at her in shock. "So…is he going to propose?" I asked, and Alice grinned.

The smile on her face was bright, and I was truly happy for her. "I think so. I'm excited." She said nonchalantly, softly touching Gavin's arm. "And I think once we get married, I'm going to want one of these…babies are so cute." Alice said, and I laughed.

A lot of people underestimated what it was like to have a child. Yes, Gavin was adorable, but he was also a lot of work. "Why don't you spend the day with Gavin and I?" I suggested. "That way, you can get a feel of what it's like to be a mommy."

"Sure, sounds good." Alice said, and I stood up from the couch, walking towards Gavin.

"Come on, let's go for a walk." I suggested, picking up Gavin and handing him to Alice. She nodded and started for the door, but I quickly stopped her. "Alice, its January. He needs a coat and a hat, plus some shoes." I said gently, taking her elbow and guiding her into the nursery. "Put him down on the changing table, and you can get him dressed."

Alice did as I said and I handed her Gavin's coat. As fumbling with it for a few seconds, she managed to get one of the sleeves ready. Gavin watched her silently with a curious expression on her face, but dutifully held his arm out as she tried to jam the coat on him. "Sorry." Alice apologized as Gavin shirked away from her as she accidentally yanked on his arm.

"It's fine." I said softly, stepping forward and helping her out. "Gavy, give me your foot." I cooed, and Gavin giggled, kicking his foot out towards me as I slipped his shoes on and then his hat. As I started to pick him up from the changing him, he grabbed for his stuffed turtle, the one Edward had bought me during my first pregnancy. Gavin loved that turtle, and took it with him whenever we left the house. I tried to hand him another stuffed animal, but he pushed it away and held tightly to his stuffed turtle. "Ugh." I rolled my eyes and turned around to put the toy away, Alice laughed.

"Uh, Bella…" I turned around and saw that Gavin had yanked off his hat and dropped it to the floor, and was now looking at me with a proud smile on his face.

"You little rascal." I grumbled, bending down to pick up the hat. "Keep it on." I said firmly, putting the hat back on his head and then pulling him into my arms. As we passed the mirror in his room, Gavin cooed and clapped as he saw his reflection, and I glanced at Alice. "He loves his reflection." I explained. "He must know how good looking he is!"

Alice laughed again as we left the apartment and headed down to the shop to let Edward know we were heading out for a while. I peeked my head into the back room where he was working, and rubbed his shoulder. "Hey, babe, Alice and I are taking Gavin on a walk." I said. "We'll be back later."

"Okay, have fun. Love you, B." Edward said, pecking me quickly on the lips before resuming his work.

"Love you too." I said easily, and then left the room. Alice and I headed out and I held Gavin, trying to ignore him as he squirmed and whined in my arms. Alice watched us, grimacing when Gavin grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked hard. "No." I said firmly, batting his hand away and giving him a disapproving look.

He dropped my hair shamefully and looked in the other direction, taking in the bustling surroundings. When he saw a billboard for his favorite television show, he gasped anxiously and bounced in my arms, pointing happily.

Luckily, Alice saw both some fun and challenging parts of being a parent. As much as I loved my son, I had to admit that sometimes I got overwhelmed, and I knew that Edward did too. I'm not saying we regret becoming parents, because we definitely loved it even more than we thought we would. My son and my husband are the best things that have ever happened to me, and it's hard to take in all the amazing moments of my life.

One thing I am especially looking forward to is the birth of our second child. I haven't told anymore yet, not even Edward, but when I went to the doctor yesterday for a normal check up, I discovered that I am almost two months pregnant. I touched my stomach fleetingly, smiling down at my son and thinking about our next child.

Edward and I, we could do this.


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