Hearts of the Night.

Misty P.O.V. Lilycove Letters

"OH MY GOSH, WE DID IT!" one of my best friends, Dawn screeched, holding the letter from Lilycove Academy.

"Geez, do you have to blow my ear drums off? Besides, we haven't even opened it, we don't know if we got in or not," My other best friend May laughed, taking the letter. "Here, Misty, you read it." May gave me the letter.

"Okay, 'Dear Misty Waterflower, May Maple, and Dawn Hikari, you are hereby accepted in to the Lilycove Academy. A plane will come to take you from Cerulean to Lilycove in three days. Please bring four changes of clothes, and a few personal items to make your stay homier. Your school clothes and supplies will be at the school. Thank you and welcome to the Lilycove academy!'" I could feel their eyes on me as I finished. "Oh my Gosh WE DID IT!" May and Dawn and me squealed and hugged one another.

"Wait! We only have three days!" Dawn jumped up. "We need to get ready!"

"You're right!" May and Dawn jumped off the bed and darted to the closet. I heard a bunch of 'we need this,' and 'have to take this' from them. I smiled. May and Dawn have lived in my house since May's dad left for some soul searching journey and her mom and little brother are living with her grandmother, and May didn't want to start school all over again, so somehow my sister got her to stay here.

Dawn is here because she wants to be—and her house is a total danger to be around. You see, a few years back, someone stink bombed the house, only the bomb had super dangerous, linger chemical gases, that make her house uninhabitable. Also, putting her aunt in a coma. Therefore, she lives with me. Cool huh?

"Misty! Stop daydreaming and help us out here! We're going to Lilycove!"


Dawn was wearing a dark blue-black long-sleeved shirt and white and light pink skort, a white hat over her dark blue hair. May was wearing a red short sleeve shirt and dark denim jeans, a red bandanna over her brown hair. Me, I was in baby blue t-shirt, and jeans, my orange hair up in a tiny ponytail. We were trying to find our bags in the airport.

"I think I see 'em," May got on her toes and looked over people's heads. "Yes! I see them! Hey, buddy, let me threw!" May pushed her way to the luggage claim, disappearing in a sea of faces. Seconds later, she reappeared with our bags. "Ted-Ta!" She handed us our bags.

"Thanks," Dawn slipped her clearly over stuffed bag over her shoulders. "Now, we have to find a large white bus with a yellow flower on it!" Dawn began searching around. I rolled my eyes.

"Um, Dawn? The bus is over there," I pointed to a large white bus with a yellow flower on the side.

"Oh, let's go!" Dawn grabbed me and May by our shirts and dragged us to the bus. "Hi!" She said to an old man with a clipboard. "I'm Dawn! Dawn Hikari! And this is May Maple and Misty Waterflower!" The old man looked at the clipboard.

"Maple…Waterflower…Hikari…um. Ah, yes, here it is." he nodded. "Well, on you go." He gestured for us to get on the bus.

"Thank you!" Dawn rushed on to the bus to save us some seats. Which was not very hard, since only a hand full of other people were on the bus. We found three seats near the front.

"Guys! We are on the bus to one of the biggest boarding schools in all of Hoenn!" Dawn and May shook in enthusiasm, causing the seat to shake.

"Guys, if we break the seat they might not let us go," This stop them instantly. I rolled my eyes. These two are the most excitement in my life…You gotta admit that's kind of pathetic. But at least my life was never boring.

"Wow, look at the pretty girls," A voice said from behind us. We looked yup see a boy with browns and spiny white hair.

May flushed, "Oh, um thanks. My name's May, and this is Dawn and Misty." Then another boy popped his head over. This one had brown spiky hair.

"Hi, I'm Gary," The brown haired one said.

"I'm Braden," The other said. "And if you have any question about classes or teachers or anything talk to us."

"Yeah, we've been going here for years," Gary smiled. "And, we know just bout everything."

"Well, um, thank you…" My face got red. Looking away I added, "Um, how long til we get there?"

"Right…about…" Braden started.

"Now," Gary finished for him.