Misty's POV

It was September, and I was sweating in my sweater. If you think it was from the sweater, you're wrong. It was from the cramped bus ride from the airport to the my school, the Lilycove Academy, compressed into a leather bus seat, in the middle of my two best friends, May and Dawn.

"Wow, look at all the freshmen," May, who was by the window, swiveled her head from side to side after boosting herself up. "There's so many of them!" There was, last year the bus had only a handful of people riding.

"It not so bad," Dawn leaned and looked at a pair of freshmen boys—at their necks actually. "I think some of them look partially tasty."

"Dawn, your fangs are showing," I teased, elbowing her. Her hands flew to her mouth. "I'm kidding!" I laughed. She glared at me, and for a half a second I thought she was going to rip my head off.

Now, I bet I know what you're thinking. It was just a joke, it's not like Dawn's a vampire. Well, that's were you're wrong. Dawn is a vampire, for real. You see, last year we found out we had been attending class with three vampire—Dawn was human at the time—named Ash, Drew, and Paul. To make a long story short, after being hit by a bus—we still don't know what happen to that thing!—May and I would either let Dawn die or let Paul turn her into a vampire. Clearly, you know what we choose.

One of the many things one should know about vampires is that young vampires are super temperamental with their emotions. So, Dawn is always having mood swings. It was worse last year, but now we can tease Dawn and she wouldn't burst into tears.

"Misty, let Dawn have her fun," May turned out the window, then gasped and quickly pulled Dawn and I over. "Look!" She waved out the window. The bus was at a stop sign. I peered over May and grinned. Stand there, chuckling, smirking, or scowling, were the vampires—Ash, Drew and Paul.

"Hey Paul!" Dawn had stuck her head out the window and was waving like an idiot to the vampire. Ash and Drew waved back. Paul glared at her.

"Dawn!" May and I chorused and pulled her from out the window as the bus started moving.

"I knew it!" She laughed.

"Knew what?" I grumbled then hissed so no one would hear, "That getting hit with a stop sign at thirty mile an hours wouldn't decapitated you?"

"No, that they were following us! I smelled them at the airport, but only faintly, so I wasn't sure if they were there or not." Dawn explained.

"Who's following you or not?" A girl with short blonde hair poked her head over the seat to look at us.

"Hey Allison, nice hair," May said to our friend.

"You like?" She fluffed it. "I got it done over the summer. Cute, no?"

"Cute, yes!" May agreed. May, Dawn, Allison, and I chatted about our summers until we came to one large building and five slightly smaller building around it.

"They finished the new dorms," I observed looking at the new buildings beside the girl and boy dorms.

"I wonder which dorm we get," Allison smiled.

"Maybe we all share one," A new voice said slyly. The four of us looked up to see a another friend, Gray. "Wouldn't that be great?"

"Share a dorm with you, no," Allison laughed.

"Gray, I didn't know you were there," May smiled.

"I did," Dawn chuckled to herself. Then a boys with white hair popped up beside Gray. Brendan.

"Gray, do you really want to share a dorm with girls? I mean," He smirked. "they have coodies!" He stuck his tongue out.

"You to are so childish!" Allison grumbled.

"You better believe it!" Gray laughed as we all got our stuff and bustled off the bus. "Well, see ya!" The two boys walked off.

"Okay, this thing says all Freshmen and Sophomores go to the new dorms," Allison read the sign in front of the old dorm. "So, we have to carry all our stuff over there! Not fair!"

"I could hold it for you. I've been working out!" Dawn grinned and flex her muscles—which did not look any different from spaghetti noodles, pale and thin. "Look at these pecks."

"What pecks?" A voice asked. Dawn grinned, then set her stuff down and hugged Paul all in one move.

"Paul I haven't seen you in like, a month!" Dawn cheered. I blinked, something was not adding up.

"Don't you mean three months, Dawn, because that's how long we've been home," May pointed out.

"Um," Dawn looked at us over her shoulder. "…Sure, that's what I mean." May and I both had on a look that said 'You-will-explain-all-later' on.

"Oh, boyfriends at ten o' clock!" Allison laughed. "I'll leave you two—four … five … six?—alone with a bunch of freshmen around." Allison giggled and wandered off. I smiled. This time last year, Allison might have never spoken to Dawn ever again. You see, Allison was Paul's admirer—a admiring vampiric slave that Paul could bent to his will at many time—but after we found out Paul's secret and all the stuff had unfolded, we made Paul stop using her as an admirer, thus she now longer was one.

"Hey, Misty!" Ash said from behind me and made me jumped. "How was your summer?" I spun around, glaring.

"Don't sneak up on me!" I snapped. He frowned like a scolded child. I sighed. "I had a great summer, and yours?" Ash perked up then.

"It was fun!" He said. "I did absolutely nothing most of the summer!" I smiled, picking up my bags.

"Well, you're going to do something now," I shaved the bags into his arms. "Here, help me takes these to my dorm."

Also, I thought of a name since the time I wrote this, it'll be called, 'Stakes of the Night'