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A green-eyed boy of about fifteen years trudged through a weak sandstorm. He was accompanied by a dark-skinned little boy, probably half his age.

"Have you found anything?"


"Me neithe- WHOA!

The little boy jumped up and down and pointed, making squeaks of excitement. There was a lump in the middle of the sand.

At first, the other was startled by the small ones sudden burst of energy, then looked in the direction he was pointing. He ran up to the lump, then wiped the sand off it. He nearly jumped back to see it was a person.

Female. Well-groomed. Donned a thick brown coat and and black boots. Seemed normal. But...

Her hair was long and... white? And how in the hell was she so pale?

Suddenly, she got right up.

"Augh, my head..."

She turned to them, a dazed look in her eye. Then, looked at the sand.

Quickly, her head spun around to them again, and she screamed in terror. As she flailed, her foot went flying...

...into the older boy's face.

He toppled over.

"Ugh, my nose!"

The girl stayed back, frightened.


"Who are you?"

"You tell first!"


"FINE! I'm..."

Suddenly, she looked confused.

C'mon, you know who you are! You're...You're...

She began to panic.

Eek, come up with a fake name! K...D...K...i...y...


They stared.


"That's weird." The older boy said.

"W-well, what's your name, Mister...WHATEVER?"



Suddenly, the two looked horrified.

"Hey, what are you staring at? You look kinda...scared?"

She turned to see what they were looking at.


It was a woman, and judging by her confidence, was probably the leader.

"Hello there..."

She winced as she felt a blow to the head. From then on, all was black.

Kiyuko opened her eyes and saw the metal frame of a bed as she looked up. She shifted her eyes to the side and, to her surprise, saw the little dark skinned child she saw earlier holding a gun.

"Act up, I shoot." The little boy said, holding the gun in his shivering hands. She was alarmed. "Whoa, kid, hold your horses. What did I do?". The door flew open and Nabuca came into the room. "So, you're finally awake," He said nonchalantly.",put the gun down, Boo. I got this under control."

"I have a teensy-bitty little question."

"What is it?"

"Where the hell am I?"


"What the hell is Hellywood?"

"...A training facility."

"For wha-"

"Soldiers. Would you shut up already? My head hurts."

"...Ok...one more thing, though."


"Why am I here? And why was I in the middle of a huge desert?"

There was a short pause and he nervously looked around, then, lacking certainty, spoke.

"You showed you had the ...competence to be a soldier by beating me up with... a tremendous... amount of... power...? So..., now you're a... soldier."

"And the desert?"

He shrugged.

"I'm going to make sure if this is a dream or not. Buh-bye, dream people!".With a quick pinch to the arm, she only let out a yelp, as the two boys simply stared at her. Disappointed, she whined.

"Do I have to be here?"

Nabuca turned to her, glaring at her as if she was the dumbest person he ever met and had said the stupidest thing he ever heard.

She got the message and shut up.

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