Grope blindly in the dark

What are you standing for?

Why stagger to your feet,

and walk forward:

you'll just fall down again.

The world is black.

You're alone in the bleak night

will you ever find your way out?

There are pictures;

Images dance behind your eyelids.



A smile in a frown,

rain on a sunny day.

But how long can it last?

How long before the pictures fade away?

You step forward,

to what you do not know.

Keep walking.

Perhaps the light lies just ahead,

on the other side of this heavy veil.

The veil is so thick,

yet surely you can lift it,

burn it,

rip it from your eyes

and make it go away.

Another step.

You trip.

You fall.

Cover your eyes;

they're useless anyway.



Blink again.

You stare forward

out into the nothing.

Don't stand up;

you'll just fall down again.